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Snarry friendship had so much potential !!! I like to imagine them bonding and Harry could have been a healthy support for Severus. :(

god i KNOW like harry and snape are rollinginthedeep.mp3 bc they have SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL (we could have had it alllllll)

harry could have learned so much from snape if either of them had managed to give even just a little. it’s frustating to me now to read the occlumency chapters bc it’s like…. the potential is THERE. it’s there but both harry and snape squander it. snape is too caustic, too wrapped up in who he thinks harry is bc of who he looks like; and harry doesn’t trust snape and doesn’t want to listen to him or even pretend to listen to him. if harry showed some respect snape might have responded - if snape had treated harry even an ounce more kindly, harry might have responded. but neither of them give, so their relationship dies. 

snape would have been an excellent mentor for harry and it ruins me AGAIN that we see this so OFTEN - in the occlumency chapters particularly, but also at the end of hbp (hell when harry works with snape’s book in hbp! see how harry learns from snape when he doesn’t know it’s snape teaching him?) when snape is giving harry all of these super vital lessons? teaching harry via dueling the way harry learns best? (he does that with occlumency too! at some point snape notices that harry is a physical learner - or just doesnt have much faith in his ability to learn from a book lmao.) he’s arguably the best versed in dark arts and their defense, he knows so much about voldemort, he’s obviously excellent at sabotage and strategy…. harry could have learned so much

and what snape needs, more than anything, is compassion. love. he is a plant withering and he needs some goddamn water and if there’s any character who could provide that, it’s harry j potter the most compassionate and kind character in the entire goddamn series. dumbledore’s relationship with snape is far more distant, too entrenched in war leader and spy to really blossom - so snape needs a relationship with someone, anyone, who can give him appreciation, sympathy, acceptance. and since they share so much history, since their backgrounds are so similar, is there anyone better suited than harry to give that to him?

perhaps snape could have healed, even just a little, by having a willing ear to listen to his past. god, look at how outraged harry is on snape’s behalf when he sees the marauders bullying - and that’s when he doesn’t even LIKE snape! can you imagine what kind of good that outrage could have done snape, who carries those seven years of humiliation with him like an open wound? how much that might have closed it, to have someone, anyone, acknowledge and even feel anger about the wrongs done to him?

listen there’s a reason harry and snape’s relationship comes up in fic again and again. there’s a huge amount of potential between them and it’s so frustrating to me that it’s so wasted in the books bc of the actions on both sides. 

@jimmy-mckill you know what’s ironic about Chuck’s loneliness though??? Jimmy would stay! Jimmy desperately wants to stay! He wants to have a brother! But Chuck has this pathological need to make sure that there’s a balance of power in his favor in order for a relationship to occur. Like Jimmy knows how fucking lonely Chuck is – that’s why his only response to that sidewalk talk is to fucking point out that Chuck is going to die alone!! But it’s so preventable that it makes me want to scream!!

All the guy literally has to do is fucking ask and Jimmy would be there! 100% as doting as ever! without the need for Chuck to place him in servitude!!

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Do you really think the Legends writers are misogynists? I mean Sara seems to be their favorite character this season. She's the most competent and praised and has been called the heart of the team. She's the one who could handle the spear and saved everyone. Amaya hasn't gotten a great storyline beyond being a love interest, but most of the guys don't really stand out either.

I don’t mean that the writers themselves are all misogynists, though I think they’re more than capable of writing misogynistic storylines despite that. Misogyny is a mentality but it’s not always “I hate women” so overtly; sometimes it’s subtle and unconscious and sneaks out in ways we don’t intend. 

But I do think Marc Guggenheim is a misogynist, whether he knows/acknowledges it or not. Dude shows how much respect he has for female characters in his own words: link. And of course, it comes out in the writing of Arrow and Legends. It comes out in how many female characters they’ve killed or used for manpain and cast aside on Arrow, how it’s the women in Oliver’s life who are constantly threatened to hurt him, how these women are de-powered, or how their deaths are used to prop up Oliver or another romance instead of being about themselves.

You can ‘like’ women but still be a misogynist, and write an interesting female character and still be a misogynist. Guggenheim might like women, but he doesn’t respect women, and he doesn’t respect femininity. He doesn’t think women are interesting unless they eschew feminine norms and stereotypes or else unless they’re being used to further a man’s storyline. Like, Lisa Snart isn’t worth even mentioning in the narrative after Len’s done trying to change his own life, not unless she’s in danger and being used against Len, right? 

I’d give more examples, but you already hit the nail on the head with Amaya not getting as much exposition as she deserved into the rest of her storyline this season. That and the fact that Amaya and Kendra before her had storylines that ended up looking so similar over season 1 and season 2. Romance is fine and they absolutely deserve to be in love and romanticized, but each of them had a lot more going on during the seasons than just that and the show focused heavily on fast-pacing their romance (first grieving their dead love, and then falling for the new cute nerdy white man in the space of a few quick episodes). I don’t think there was anything wrong with their arcs, really, I just wish we had had more exposition on some of the other intense stuff each of them had going on, like their grief, or Amaya’s decision of entering/leaving the timeline, learning to get along with a team from a different era, etc. We got bits and pieces though, and I was glad for that, and ultimately I do love both of them as characters. But yeah, this show doesn’t often pass the Bechdel test, you know?

But then, it wouldn’t be as much of an issue to have a similar major romance arc for one of the female characters each season if the show didn’t have a 4-1 ration of men to women (that ratio is worse if you start counting villains). And if the only woman of color didn’t have an almost identical arc across those seasons? And if the other woman, Sara, didn’t have a characterization that went from “i really hate that word” to calling herself a “bitch” instead?

Idk dude. I’m sure people could put it more elegantly than me. I’m not saying the show writers hate women if/when I say they have issues with misogyny, I’m just pointing out… men and women aren’t treated equal in the DC CWTV verse, especially when Guggenheim is writing for the show.

Why Keith and Lance belong in Gryffindor

a.k.a. “watch Kayser spend three hours on an AU theory post that will never be relevant to canon and then resume to regret their life.”

So, let’s do this.

While there’s been a fair amount of discussion regarding the House placement of all of the Paladins, Keith and Lance have certainly been the most debated. They are both very complex characters and I figured that without a huge fucking theory post, no one could ever come to a conclusion on this. And that’s why I’m here, because if there’s anything I do best it’s spending hours compiling evidence for something that won’t matter in the long run.

Without further ado, let’s start with the Sorting Hat and its process of determining the house that students belong to.

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Umm what Calvert did was way worse and much more dirty than what Sid did.

Okay allow me to break down for you what happened, as you are obviously jaded.
Matt Calvert, in a moment of frustration, cross checked a dude across the back and shoved him to the ground. Was that unsportsmanlike and wrong? Yes. But Kuhnackl is expected to play despite the “aggravated assault.”
Sidney Crosby, for no apparent reason, skated up on Marc Methot, and instead of checking him or aiming for his stick, hit him right across the hand to stop a play. Crosby lacerated Methot’s finger, leaving him unable to play at all. Was that unsportsmanlike and wrong? Yes. Especially given his nonchalance afterward.
Now, did Calvert deserve a suspension? Yeah. But Sidney Crosby definitely did too. The only reason he didn’t is because he is the NHL golden boy and they would never do anything to possibly hurt his career. And he’s been doing shit like that all year.
So was Calvert wrong? Yes. But Sidney Crosby has done much worse without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Alec and the Mute w/ Alec Lightwood x Reader

Request: Can you write an Alec x reader where she is a Shadowhunter but she is mute and is dating Alec. Then during a mission she gets hurt badly and almost dies and after she recovers she finally talks and Alec like cries because he’s so happy to hear her voice and can you make it with lots of fluff please?

A/N: At the anon who requested this, I hope it does match your expectations

I am a loner, not because I don’t like people, but because I am afraid of losing them. This is not an unreasoned fear, I lost my parents when I was little and I had to stand by and watch it. They died protecting me and my older brother, but no one knows that, because I don’t talk. With no one, not even my own brother, I just forgot how to. After witnessing my beloved parent’s death I shut down completely and stopped talking. And because now everyone thinks I am a mute, I don’t bother to change that, at least no one forces me to talk. I and my brother Jonah were both sent to the New York institute after our parent’s death, due to our uncle working there. Life was hard, but we had to learn to cope with it, a Shadowhunter never shows weakness. At least it brought something good, the Lightwood siblings whom were now my best friends, even without verbally communicating we understood each other perfectly, especially me and Alec, there is such a strong connection between us, that I sometimes wonder if we are really just friends or if there’s more to that. Anyways how you can probably guess, I am not really a fan of working together with other Shadowhunter on mission, not that I don’t think they’re not capable, but not talking makes some situations difficult, so I only go on solo missions, no talking more doing. Well, and that is exactly the reason why me and Alec are fighting at the moment. “Y/N, you are not going on this mission!” Alec said a bit aggregated, I pulled my eyebrow up, as if to say ‘and why’s that?’ “You know exactly why! It’s a suicide mission even with a partner, I wouldn’t let you go, it’s too dangerous and you can’t even shout for help, so my decision is clear and as the head of the institute you have to obey or else it will have consequences even for you!” HE said getting louder and louder towards the end, trying to bring his point of view across of me. Reacting to Alec’s outburst I threw him a sarcastic smile, turned around and left. Alec knew me well and understood that I was beyond pissed. This was definitely not the first time this happened, he knew that I was one hell of a fighter and had my priorities set, so why wouldn’t he let me do my job? Even Jonah, who was more than skeptical to let me off alone, accepted it at one point and let me do my own thing, but Alec wouldn’t get it in his head that I can take care of myself, sure I may not talk, but that doesn’t mean that I am weak, who does he think he is. My thoughts making me angrier than I already was, I didn’t consider Izzy’s words of wisdom, maybe Alec liked me and doesn’t want me to get hurt, but I consider that bullshit, Alec doesn’t like anybody, at least in the romantic way, “Shadowhunters’ don’t show feelings, or else it gets them hurt” those were Alec’s wise words. While my mind was running wild with angry thoughts I geared up for the mission I was not supposed to go one, indeed it might be a suicide mission, but I know I can handle it, there’s a reason I didn’t die on any of my hundred solo missions. Sneaking past Alec who stared intently at one of the monitors in the main hall, I quickly made my way out of the institute and of to find the rouge demon clique. As soon as I got there I understood why Alec wouldn’t let me go alone, there were way more demons that I thought.

Meanwhile at the institute

Alec was focused on one of the monitors in the main hall, at least it seemed like it. “What’s going through your head, bro?” Jace asked his Parabatai, who experienced a near heart attack from the sudden noise. “Don’t do that, Jace!” “Well than, what’s going on with you?” “I and Y/N fought, again… and now she is pissed and I don’t know how to fix it. She just doesn’t want to understand why she can’t go on this mission!” Alec said frustrated. “Dude, you know that she didn’t listened to you, right?” Alec gave Jace a questioning look “Alec, she went on that mission, I saw her gear up like an hour ago” “What?!? Why didn’t you tell me this earlier??” “How the hell was I supposed to know that you told her not to?” After that being said Alec dashed out of the room, went to grab his bow and quiver and went to find Y/N in the fastest way possible.  Jace was right behind him, not letting his Parabatai do this alone.

As the two Shadowhunters arrived at the fight scene, it was already a big mess. There were at least twenty demons and Y/N was still standing strong at least that’s what the boys believed, the second Alec cried out Y/N name, she got distracted and missed the demon she was supposed to slay. From this moment on everything went downhill. The demon took advantage of the very moment and got Y/N bad and Alec watched in slow motion how the silent girl he adored so much cried out in pain and made contact with the asphalt ground. In this moment of blind rage Alec took nearly every single demon out and the ones he didn’t kill he left for Jace to take care of. As soon as the area was cleared out of demons Alec kneeled down next to Y/N and his heart died a bit. His mind was still working in overdrive, he drew a healing rune on her body and took her in the quickest way possible back to the institute.

33 hours later- Y/N POV

Darkness was surrounding me and I didn’t understood why, I don’t remember going to sleep, so why is everything so dark? I tried opening my eyes but they wouldn’t budge, was I dead? Is this how being dead feels? Weird, it feels kind of nice, sure my body hurts, but it’s so comfy and warm, my hand is a bit sweaty too. As I try to wipe my hand off, I fell some pressure there and suddenly hear a voice. “Y/N?” it calls, still trying to force my eyes open the voice keeps on talking “Come on, I know you are in there, please just wake up, I can’t live any longer if you are not here with me. I love you, please wake up!” The voice actually sounded a lot like Alec, but why would he say such things? What the hell happened? Having enough of the darkness I pulled all my strength and will together and pried my eyes open, only to see white blinding light and a tearstained Alec. I groaned, trying to get his attention, him still holding his monologue. The second he looked me in the eyes a grin slit across his face, but vanished as fast as it came. “Y/N, I am so sorry this happened, I was the reason you got hurt, if I hadn’t distracted you none of this would have happened…” I waved a hand in front of his face again gaining his attention and pointing to the water on the bedside table. Man, was I thirty. Alec, being the sweetheart he is holding the cup to my mouth and enabling me to drink, clearing my throat I spoke my first words since at least 10 years “I love you too” The look on Alec’s face was priceless, he looked so shocked, either because I talked or because I told him I felt the same or maybe both, but I didn’t care. Those were my first words ever to him and I don’t regret them. “You… you can talk, I mean you just talked… and you love me” Alec was flabbergasted, his one true love was feeling the same way.  His dream finally came true. What happened next, I would’ve never thought that mister shy-pants would ever make the first and final move. You wouldn’t believed me if I told you that he kissed me, like in on swift unexpected move his lips where on mine and we were both moving in sync. And let me tell you this was definitely not my first kiss but it was by far the best, there was so much passion and love in just this one simple kiss. As the oxygen got less we both pulled away and it was as if the time stopped moving, we were just staring at each other and trying to realize what just happened and while doing so it happened again and again, it was like some magnetic force was pulling us together. In the end I scooted over to make room for Alec in my infirmary bed and all we did was cuddle and talk, well Alec was talking and I was listening, because you can’t just go from ten years without even muttering a word and then suddenly hold long conversations, so I stuck to listening and even sometimes answering, which still is a weird feeling. But with Alec by my side I would master this mission of finding myself again too. There sure was a lot more to come for me.

The End

Just as Bad as Me

Villain!Reader x Barry


“i’m glad you are back to writing!!! could you do more barry smut?” -anon

“Dom! Barry Allen smut pls. One like not so platonically but longer and no interruptions.” -anon

A/n: I’m obsessed with villain!reader. Requests always accepted for this prompt.

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(Sheith anon) Thank you for the answer! I know that I don't have to like the ship, but it seems that everyone who isn't an anti ship it? And most of my frustration is that it's EVERYWHERE, like, I think that at least half of the fic tagged shance in ao3 are actually Sklance? Sorry I'm just bitter that a ship that I see as platonic has more fic that FIVE of my otp take together (H/L H/K L/S M/S H/S 1760 fic, K/S 2098)?!? Sorry for the rant, your answer was lovely, I'm just frustrated.


You think that’s bad?  Try not shipping The Pairing That Shall Not Be Named.  AKA good luck finding Gen that doesn’t feel the need to have them obligatory pining in the background.

My sympathies, but there are worse things out there.


Ghoul Grumps AU

The AU that inspired me to do this story is by @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight

Sorry the first chapter is so short. I’ll try to make future chapters longer if I can! All chapters will be tagged with ‘#ghoul grumps fanfiction’ as to make them easier to find.

Chapter 1: The Beach

Everyone knew that sirens and sharks never got along. Once a year, without fail, the sharks would initiate a feeding frenzy. The amount of siren casualties varied from year to year, but one thing had always remained the same. The sharks wanted souls. For what reason, no one knew, but every year the sharks would choose different times to attack as to surprise the unsuspecting sirens before they could prepare. This year was no different. Arin’s ears were pressed to his head. The sight before him could be described as many words in the range of anything but pleasant. The beach was littered with the bodies of deceased sirens, either washed ashore by the tide or beached while trying in a desperate scramble to get away from their attackers. It made Arin shiver at the thought. 

“It must’ve been another shark feeding frenzy.” He heard Suzy’s voice beside him, one or two of her snakes letting out a quiet hiss.

Arin nodded sadly. “It came a lot earlier than normal this year, too…” 

He rubbed his arm awkwardly as his eyes drifted down to a body directly in front of him. Their face still captured the fear they felt right before they had died. It made him feel sick. 

“Jeez, man… They didn’t stand a chance…” 

Suzy’s voice suddenly cut into his thoughts. “Arin… Do you see that?” 

The concern in her voice made Arin’s head quickly turn to where she was looking. The sight made anger begin to boil in his blood. Leaning over one of the siren’s bodies was what could only be described as two large, grey wings. 

“Is that… A vulture…?” It was the only hybrid Suzy could think of off the top of her head that would match what little they saw of the creature. Arin’s brows knit together with frustration. 

“Dude, that’s fucked up…” Arin quickly took in a sharp breath before calling out to the bundle of feathers. “HEY!” 

Suzy jumped a little as she saw the thing shift. “Arin…!” 

He didn’t care. “HEY! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! Fuck off! Don’t you have any respect?!” 

Suzy placed her hands over her mouth as the creature sat up. Okay that definitely wasn’t anything of what either of them expected. A wave of guilt suddenly washed over Arin. 

“A-Another angel? Like Ross…?” He quietly muttered to himself before Suzy noticed something. 

“Arin, that siren is still alive…” 

Arin looked at the aquatic creature being cradled by the newly identified angel. He had beautiful brown, curly hair and incredible blue fins, gills and tail. If it weren’t for the large amount of bleeding cuts on his body, Arin would have thought he was gorgeous. It’s rather hard to find beauty in graphical gore. Arin knelt down and spoke, his voice wavering slightly out of nervousness. 

“Look, I don’t know you, and I don’t really know what happened to you guys… But I’m gonna feel like shit if I just leave you two here.” 

The angel nodded, watching Arin with the eye on its forehead while its only other good eye watched its friend. 

“Can you walk on your own?”

It shook its head as to say ‘no’.

“Okay, Suzy can you help him while I carry the siren?” 


 Arin held out his arms to the angel as a silent request for its friend to be passed to him. It complied after what felt like a minute of hesitation. Arin stood and backed up a few steps so Suzy could move beside the angel and help it. Once it was standing they began to walk back to their car and Suzy turned her head to Arin. 

“Holly should be awake right now, right?”

Arin nodded slightly, instantly knowing what she meant. “Yeah, I’ll give her a call when we get in the car.” 

As the angel limped beside the two hybrids, it thought to itself. It thought about the events that had transpired. How it was the only reason that his friend was alive. It felt… Nice. If it had a mouth in this form, it would most likely be smiling.


Can you do an imagine where the reader tries to teach Stephen Strange how to ballroom dance and he is basically not complying because he can’t grasp the concept of having his feet take over. Cue his cape constantly pulling him so he could not step on the reader’s feet. -Requested by anon

A prestigious gala was being held to recognise famous doctors, and Doctor Strange happened to be invited. There was one problem, however. He didn’t know how to dance for the ballroom dancing part. You reluctantly agreed to teach him. But Strange was known for being skilled with his hands, not his feet. He many things, but he was not a dancer.

“I’m a world-renowned surgeon,” he grumbled. “I have a PhD. I graduated college early. I’m a master sorcerer, for crying out loud!” With every other word, his foot collided with yours. He was so bad at this it was almost comical.

You tried not to grimace as he stepped on your foot for the 40th time. “And yet you can’t grasp the complexity of ballroom dancing,” you pointed out. “Just move to the flow of the music. One, two, three, and one, two, three…”

But no matter how hard he concentrated, he could not avoid tripping over his own two feet. “This is hopeless!” he groaned. He dropped his arms from your shoulder and waist and stomped his foot in frustration.

“Dude, relax,” you said. “We’ve only been at this for ten minutes. You’ll get the hang of it, eventually.”

“That’s ten minutes of my time wasted,” he huffed. “I think I’d rather skip the gala. I’m done learning this nonsense!”

He tried to storm off, but halfway across the room he suddenly yelped. He jerked backwards, like an invisible force had tied a rope around his neck and pulled. No, not an invisible force- it was his cape! The Cloak of Levitation struggled to pull him back towards you to continue the dance lesson. But no matter how hard Strange resisted, the cloak was too powerful. Who knew magical fabric was so strong?

Eventually the cloak managed to drag him back to you. He could squirm as much as he wanted, but one thing was clear: he wasn’t getting out of this dance lesson so easily.

“Back so soon?” You pressed your lips together to refrain from smiling. You did your best to not laugh at him out loud.

Strange sighed in defeat. “Let’s just get this over with.” He put one arm on your shoulder, and one on your waist once more.

You both waited a moment to move to the right beat of the song, and once the violins picked up again you took a graceful step backwards, leading him into the dance. You started out slow, then picked up the pace. Strange had a hard time keeping up, but he was doing noticeably better than before. It was then you noticed that it was really his cape doing all of the work, yanking him backwards every time his foot came close to stepping on yours. When the song ended, you had to admit that he did a pretty good job for a beginner.

“At least you didn’t step on my foot this time,” you said optimistically. “That’s an improvement, at least.”

Strange let go of you and rubbed his sore neck. “It’s mostly the cloak, (y/n). You don’t think they’ll let me wear the cloak over my suit at the gala, do you?”

man, I would pay some gd cash money to be able to draw like I was just mere months ago. Seems so far out of my ability right now. Super frustrating, my dudes. Stress is a bitch.

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[groans] People who don't bloody *ask for help they need* are so *frustrating!* It's like.. dude. I know, *believe me I bloody well know*, that asking for help makes you feel vulnerable and scared and weak. But dude.. *we want to help!* [borrows a pillow and muffles frustrated low scream in it] [takes a deep breath] Okay. I'm better now. [replaces pillow]


*pats your back* I feel you, fam

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Omg I'm Sam too and I'm not really fond of being called Samantha. I always get irritated when some jack wagon thinks he can be "romantic" by calling me by my whole first name. Noooo. I am Sam. That's it. So yeah lol I know our frustration.

Haha YES wrt dudes trying to be romantic by calling you Samantha. Like romance isn’t possible unless your name sounds “feminine.”

Winchester Sister- Crash

Originally posted by bandss-and-youtuberss

Title: Crash

Parings: reader!sister x Dean Winchester, reader!sister x Sam Winchester

Words: 1127

Summary: After reader accidentally crashes Sam’s computer, she tries all she can to not give it away that it was her who messes up his computer

(A/N: I’m literally writing this at 2:30 in the morning so you already know this is going to be a sucky come-back-to-tumblr post. But anyways I’m not dead! YAY!!! I’ve just been hella busy and I’m really sorry that I haven’t been on but hopefully since I’ve already been on my vacation, the rest of my summer I’ll have time to write these. Anyways that’s about it and also remember that REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. It seems as if people don’t remember that bc I am still getting requests and I already have a buttload to do, so just please do me a favor and don’t send me requests until I get all of these I already have done thank you:))

Love you all!!

xoxo JC


You are on Sam’s laptop in the library trying to download music from a random website, when all of the sudden the screen freezes and the computer begins to make sounds as if it is about to explode. Your eyes widen and your heartbeat quickens as you press all the buttons on the keyboard, trying to make it go back to normal. After you press the power button several times and the screen still holds the picture of the websites you have up, you decide you flee the crime scene and slam the laptop closed before running to your room.

A pit forms in your stomach as you lie on your back on your bed, waiting for your brother to kick your door down and tear you a new own for destroying his laptop. You hear a knock on your door and you swear that your heart stops, but to your relief, it’s Dean.

“Hey it’s laundry day, get a move on.” Dean says quickly before shutting the door.

 You are putting clothes in the dryer when you hear him. A mix of shouts and irritated sighs come from the direction of the library, and it is Sam. The pit in your stomach grows once Sam yells a very vulgar word following the sound of his fists hitting the table. You decide just to peek into the library, he may not even be yelling about the laptop, maybe he broke his phone or lost his wallet. But you know that’s not the case as you hesitantly poke your head out from the wall and see Dean trying to calm Sam down, who is glaring at his computer screen.

“I don’t fucking understand! It was working fucking fine this morning!” Sam screams and types away on his keyboard but he stops and leans his head back in frustration.

“Dude just calm down! It’s probably just working slow and-“

“Working slow? It’s been stuck on this fucking page for three hours!” Sam was about to say more but he noticed you in the doorway and stopped. “(Y/N) do you know what happened to my computer.”

Shit, you’ve been caught! You start to panic when you step out a bit more and look at your two brothers who are staring back at you. You do the most logical thing you can think of: lie. “What? No, why the hell would I be on your laptop?”

Sam huffs and turns back around to the screen and presses more buttons. You let out a breath and your shoulders relax, but they tense up again when you catch Dean watching you intently. You try to put on your poker face when you look back at him, but you can tell that he’s not buying it. You slowly back out of the library and go back to the laundry room to hide away there while Sam is throwing a fit about the laptop you broke.

Soon enough you see Dean walk in the laundry room and lean against one of the washers. “So you seemed to run off in a rush back there, I had to come check and see if you were okay.” He asks you suspiciously.

“Oh… I had to check on the clothes and start a new load.” You say, trying to make whatever lie you can come up with sound realistic.

“Mhm, so you’re sure that you know nothing about Sam’s computer being messed up?” He gives you a look telling you that he knows, but you won’t let him win.

“What is this 21 questions?” You respond curtly.

“Hey no need to get all defensive, it was just a question: Do you know anything about the laptop.” Dean repeats, his eyebrows raising as he waits for a response.

You tilt your head down and look up at him, there’s no point trying to hide it from him, he’s going to get the answer he wants. You whisper, “It was an accident.”

“God, (Y/N), Sam’s been worrying his ass off about that computer. What the hell did you do?” Dean asks, rubbing his temples.

“I don’t know, I was just kind of messing around and it… froze.”

Dean shakes his head and looks at you sternly, “I want you to go tell Sam what you did and apologize right now, understand?”

“Yes.” You say.

“Alright, now get out of here.” He says and swats you out of the laundry room.

You reluctantly walk down the hall until you are in front of Sam’s room. You knock before entering his room, and you see him working on his laptop on his desk. “Hey Sam, I have to tell you something…”

“What, I’m kinda busy.” Sam responds harshly without turning around to look at you.

“I was the one who messed up your computer…I’m sorry, I was trying to download music-“

“You fucking broke my laptop trying to download music?” Sam spins around quickly so that he can give you a hard scowl, “I’ve told you (Y/N), I’ve told you so many damn times to not touch my stuff, but here you are doing whatever you want because you think just because you’re the youngest you can get away with anything.”

“I do not!” You defend yourself.

“Oh please, you do it every damn day, you trick us in doing your chores and buying you things, and I’m just sick of you being so conceited and not caring about anyone else but yourself.”

“Hey, I’m trying to tell you I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to mess up your freaking laptop, it was an accident.” You say, glaring at your brother for saying those things about you.

“Sorry doesn’t fix my laptop, (Y/N), now I’m going to have to spend the next two days trying to figure out what you did to it!” He spits back.

“Look Sam, I just came in here to apologize for what I did, okay? I shouldn’t have been on your laptop in the first place and I’m sorry I screwed it up, if I can help in any way I will, so please don’t give me the damn attitude.” You say as you fold your arms and stare back at your brother.

Sam looks at you for a while before he just shakes his head, “Okay whatever, just don’t do it again. And I’m sorry about what I said, I’m just pissed.”

“It’s okay I get it, but I am still sorry for making your laptop crash.” You say, watching as Sam eases up on you.

“It’s fine, I’ll let you know if I need your help with anything okay?” He says before he turns back around and starts to type away at keys.

“Okay.” You say as you open his door and walk to your room.