The signs and emotions

Aries: shows all of them as soon as they happen (doesn’t sad cry tho, only has tears on anger)

taurus: overplays their emotions to make u feel bad and get what they want 

gemini: tries to hide them, ends up looking hella awkward

cancer: crying/whining but not for no reason

leo: bottles emotions, blows up after 4th shot of vodka

virgo: emotions manifest as stress and frustration

libra: hide emotions soo well until physically incapable of holding them in anymore.  Usually brought upon by multiple shitty things in one day.

scorpio: literally cries once a year about the most serious thing ever. strong as hell

sagittarius: cries about not being able to do the things they want to do.

capricorn: does not have emotions

aquarius: only cries about serious things. Doesn’t let u see them cry unless they love you

pisces: mostly happy cries, but will ugly cry when they have issues with family members

You’ll encounter a lot of frustrating situations in life. But I struggle to think of one worse than falling for someone who doesn’t believe they deserve to be loved.
—  especially when you’ve fallen this hard