Malec-what else

A little OS after episode 1x13

Huge thank you to my lovely girlzzz @everydayisonfire and @sarcasticlightwood <3<3<3<3

“I can’t believe this! Camille replaced the real book with a copy and we didn’t even notice!”

Clary let out a sigh and sat down on the steps of the room where they were all gathered, her shoulders slouched while she forced back tears. Magnus gave her a sympathetic smile and took a step back from the Jocelyn’s hovering body, still fast asleep.

“I guess she saw the chance and took it without hesitation. I’m sorry,” he said with a soft voice, trying to soothe Clary.

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Frustratingly no gym today😑🙄

Full of cold and while I wouldn’t mind pushing my body for that hour in the gym, I know it’s not gonna help me get better (and I don’t wanna be that guy that spreads his germs in the gym).

Instead I’m swapping out dumbbells and sweat for a cup of tea and toasted sesame bagels with strawberry jam✌🏼️💕. Have a good Sunday everyone!

awsmazinganimexd  asked:

“just… come back alive, okay?” for the 5 word prompt thing (and HideKane please XDDD)


for… how long has this been in my inbox? wtf?? 

I’m sorry this is short but holy fuck, what the hell? (honestly, after this you can request me everything, I feel so sorry).

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Let it Rain

A short 00q fluff dedicated to @boredpsychopath-jc and a token of thanks to @nicooleewww for her patience and useful advices.

Vauxhall Bridge at a chilly midnight was quiet until it started pouring and the lighting began to flare.

Not a single soul was spotted on the road except a soggy quartermaster in his now all-wet parka.

Q usually loved rain because the soft pitter-patter could often manage to sooth his turbulent mind. Yet this time, the rain was battering.  All he could feel at this bitterly cold moment were loneliness and a sense of discomfiture caused by the merciless downpour.

The dense droplets of water was still pelting down , showing no signs of stopping. Frustratingly, the thoroughly soaked quartermaster who was desperately looking for a shelter in the heavy and unexpected rain just speeded up and sighed.

All of a sudden, the boffin felt a large hand had landed on his waist and the furious raindrops had ceased tapping on his messy mop of hair.

Startled, Q jumped a bit before realizing it was Bond, who was holding s black umbrella over their heads.

The younger man let out a slightly surprising gasp. Then, his lips curved into a broad and genuine smile.

 “ But why are you here, aren’t you supposed to be back tomorrow morning?”

 “  I took an earlier flight. What date’s today?”, a smirk appeared on Bond’s face.

 Flummoxed, Q murmured,  “ Well today’s … Shit! Today’s-.“

 His words were interrupted by a sneeze. After assisting 005 for 36 hours non-stop on her perilous mission and a deluge, it was indeed not unreasonable for Q’s body to become unusually sensitive to frosty wind .

 Bond made a little worrying frown, and gently pull away Q’s glasses, took out handkerchief to carefully wipe off the water on his fringes and eyelashes . He pulled Q even closer to himself , rubbing his hand on the boffin’s side in attempt to make him feel warmer.

The rain kept spattering but somehow the weather was now less intolerable for Q. Shoulder to shoulder they walked on the way back home. Both Bond and Q didn’t say much, enjoying the comfortably silent company of each other, or occasionally exchanging chaste kisses under the black umbrella.

London at a rainy midnight was wintry. Yet, their hearts were warm.

Soon, the rain became a drizzle. Q was no longer freezing and Bond’s hand had never left his side.

And this was how they began the day of their first wedding anniversary.

Never Too Far Away | Chapter 17

Gene couldn’t stand to see Judy walk away after the tumultuous fallout from one of the most crushing losses in either of their lives. He clenched his hand in a fist and returned to his trailer to find a telegram waiting on the other side of the door.

Please come home. Something significant has come up.

- Betsy

He crumpled the letter and pulled out a box of cigarettes from his back pocket. After bringing one to his lips and lighting it up, he looked at the message once more, blowing smoke frustratingly at the paper. He couldn’t possibly imagine what would have prompted Betsy to send a telegram at such a late hour, but figured the right decision was to return home and find out what the problem was.

The entire drive home was anxiety-ridden and filled with uncertainty. Gene couldn’t stop replaying the conversation with Judy in his head. He wasn’t sure when he would ever see her again and Betsy does little to take his mind off of her.

“Baby?” Gene called, closing the front door slowly behind him. Betsy was curled up on the sofa with a book on her lap.

“I’m in the living room, Gene,” she answered. Gene walked in cautiously, sensing the testy tone in her voice and the strange expression on her face. He knew that something was off.

Does she know about Judy? He thought.

“I really didn’t want to have to tell you this,” Betsy began.

“What?” Gene asked obliviously.

Silence. Betsy closed her book and straightened herself.

“I’m expecting a child.”

“What?” Gene repeated. He blacked out briefly, shaking his head to regain his vision. All of this stress in one day had plagued him physically as well as mentally.

“I know you and I have had our issues over the last month but I think it would be to our mutual advantage if we tried to work this marriage out. A baby changes everything, Gene…”

“You’re not wrong.” He muttered.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing. That’s wonderful news, Betsy.” He feigned a smile.

“So… Does that mean you’ll come home or am I to raise this baby all by myself?”

Gene’s heart ached at the thought of raising a family with anyone other than Judy. The sheer pain he was still feeling was only accentuated by the news Betsy had just shared with him but knowing he had no other choice, he agreed to work at his marriage.

“Yes… A fresh start might be all we need.”

While Gene was busy reconciling with Betsy, Judy was doing quite the opposite with David. Sitting in the living room by the fireplace with a blanket tucked underneath her, Judy stared at the flickering flames.

“Judy, your supper’s getting cold.” David flatly called from the kitchen.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You haven’t eaten all day. Come on.”

“What the hell do you care?” She snapped.

Emerging from the kitchen, David held his hands on his hips.

“What’s that?”

“I said ‘what the hell do you care’?!” She hissed.

“I care because you’re wasting away right under my nose! Look, I know you’re still upset, but—“

“Still upset? You think all that’s wrong with me is that I’m upset?!”

David stood back as she leapt up from the chair.

“David, I hate you with every ounce of my being! You ruined the one good thing I had going in my life and for what?! To save a marriage you had no interest in in the first place?!”

“Judy, calm down!”

“No! I will NOT calm down! I want you to get the hell out of my house! I’m done with you, I’m done with being your wife. I know what it’s like now to be loved by someone and you sure as hell are not that someone. I made a terrible mistake submitting to you and throwing away the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“You don’t mean that…”

“Oh, I don’t, huh?”

Judy stormed up the stairs and David tore up after her. She pounded into their bedroom and pulled out one David’s drawers from the dresser. Trudging towards the window, she opened it and tossed his clothes onto their lawn.

“Judy!!” David shouted, grabbing her.

She threw the empty drawer on the floor and stood up to him.


*Written by @ohmygarlands and @fansofjoots.

P Anon

Thanks Anna Yes that was the interaction I meant between SH and a blonde woman,and I meant SH in my last post which gets autocorrected to AN unless in change it back ( v annoying !! ) and not to Labour the point but Droopy moved VERY deliberately to block SH from the camera,he moved PRECISELY to block,the guy is always scanning around which is of course his job.

Very frustratingly the ET video of the RC (  including the bit where Droopy blocks the camera from focusing on SH when she is having quite the conversation with the blonde woman ) refuses to load and play for me again On other blogs this blonde lady has been recognised as Tracy Jacobs from UTA and she was with SH all the time from what I could see ( including standing on SH Right when she kissed BC ) .His “usual” UTA person Tara was apparently with Tilda.

So why does his wife even need a handler ? and a big wig one at that ? Security Yes, handler ??? No.. all she has to do is stand there in the background and keep quiet,not exactly rocket science.

Sometimes I almost feel Sorry for her ( I know ) that her every move and word is scrutinised but then I remember the pap walks and that both her and BC opened Pandoras box no matter how much he “blames” other people..

What a balls up this London NOT premiere for Dr S is, as it stands..

“Fan” screening in Odeon Leicester Square tomorrow,how do you get tickets ? Who knows ? Are the actors attending ? Who knows ?

Fans already camping out God knows where Leicester Square ? Westminster Abbey ?…unclear..freezing in London now overnight.Yes fans choice but solid info would be helpful.

“Security” saying WA not accessible to fans,actors and VIPs get driven in and out of a private area,no chance of fan interaction,no “outside” RC ….you think this will stop fans from gathering outside ??? Westminster chaotic anyway..

Yo Marvel,have you got a balls up department ??


P Anon, do you really need to ask why she needs a handler?  Seriously?!!?  :P

On another note, I’ve been checking the London weather frequently these days and it’s now 11(o) C in London.  NOT particularly balmy, and certainly not a good idea to camp out in hopes of seeing a Unicorn Prince up close and personal for 3 seconds…

By comparison, it’s 18(o) C where I live, I’ve been wearing a leather jacket and I’ve been out all day today.  I was freezing by the time I walked into my house…

Pun #14
  • Gold:Alright Super Serious Gal, there are a lot of Zubats in this cave. So make sure to "Whismur".
  • Crystal:...Did you just say "Whismur"?
  • Gold:*smugly* No, no! I said whisper.
  • And then they are attacked by many frustratingly low-levelled Pokémon.
  • The end.
  • what a great story

Ha ok, this is based off of this joke from Gravity Falls, the idea just came to me while I tried to fall asleep one night and wouldn’t leave me alone so!

Also bonus morning after:

Yes. Yes he did. And it’s all your fault, Missy.

I have read Hosea more times than I can count. 

I hate it, because it stirs deep frustration, hurt and confusion in me. The call to continually love someone so frustratingly unfaithful and rebellious makes me uncomfortable. And yet I love this book, because it reassures me that God will relentlessly love me no matter what. That He will come near in my mess, allure me to Himself, and speak tender words of forgiveness and love to me. 

These last two weeks away He has been drawing me into a wilderness of surrender, and it’s the driest land I’ve ever seen. But the longer I spend over here, the more He’s opening my eyes to the infinite Fount of living water right in front of me. Hosea is a book ultimately about thirst, and how relentless, faithful love satisfies us fully and deeply. 

I think Libra is the most misunderstood sign. I don’t mean this in a hate meme context or a Mercury detriment / retrograde sense – I think Libra, as an archetype, is frustratingly, fundamentally misconstrued. The seventh house & Venusian parts of their personality are over-emphasized to the point of overshadowing everything else. People forget that they’re also an air sign, they’re masculine, and they’re cardinal. They’re not all that sensitive and sentimental the way people make them out to be, as if they’re a water sign. The other two signs that share some level of rulership over Venus, Taurus & Pisces, are much more that way than Libra is. Libras initiate for themselves: they seek (as an air sign) and create (as a cardinal sign) the peace & harmony they desire instead of passively waiting for it to just happen. I don’t think they’re very passive at all. They compromise, but that doesn’t make them submissive. They compromise to achieve what they want. Libra is Aries’ sister sign, meaning Libra & Aries have a lot in common. I’ve never met a weak Libra.

inktober day 1 (more sketches on twitter) ~ semishira! after these two were requested so often, i really came to like this pair (//ω//) besides all the sass and banter, i picture semi to be frustratingly crushing on him

A few memories from Metlife while I can still remember them:

* Harry is back to finding dads in the audience! He called out two specifically that were not clapping when he told them to, and we all had to wait until they complied. It was hilarious.

* The crowd, or at least the people in my section, were Louis AF. Definitely the loudest screams and cheers for him. Was the same at GMA. 

* Harry and Louis were absolutely wearing the purple wristbands and Liam and Niall absolutely were not. Dunno if that means anything, since Liam and Niall don’t always keep them on for long when they do get them, but I do love the idea of the spouses quietly doing their own charity events behind the scenes.

* I never talk about it, because I can’t prove it and people will justifiably accuse me of wearing Larry-colored glasses, but I’m convinced that Louis and Harry very occasionally do this very oblique flirty-flirty thing in each other’s peripheral vision when they’re walking by each other. I saw it again tonight during No Control. Other than that, they ignored each other as far as I saw.

* Liam bugged Harry to talk about his latest tattoo (the thigh tattoo, I’m pretty sure), but frustratingly, Harry was not playing ball with him!

* The WMYB formation ended in tragedy for Liam’s dignity. I see the gifs are already out there, so enough said.

* I’ve seen people saying Louis was sad tonight, but I didn’t see that. He was subdued compared to Liam and Harry, sure, but that’s pretty normal for him. He smiled and laughed and blew kisses and goofed around with Liam and Niall. Yes, he literally sprinted offstage at every opportunity, but whatever, his bladder’s probably as tiny as the rest of him.

* Had a nice chat with some younger fans who felt very strongly that WMYB doesn’t need to stay on the setlist much longer, as most fans have outgrown it at this point. Several others around us agreed. I was happy. 

* I’m a little disturbed by how hot Niall has gotten.