It may look the exact same, but actually i ripped off, redrafted and recut the waistband because… just because, which was hours and hours of work. It’s the same but better.

every old person i interact with has been frustratingly nonchalant re: the 60-70 degree february days like “yeah very nice weather my generation is doomed”

I’m loving how we’re all discussing that Dean and Cas act hella married this season, but it’s also a constant reminder of how frustratingly close to canon they are, like how little would have to happen in order for it to actually be canon.

Take the “Good morning, sunshine” scene; Dean greeting Cas like that, asking if he wants coffee, Cas saying that he has to go. Sam and Dean rushing after him like they did, and Cas explaining himself like he did. And then Sam wishing him good luck before making his way back to the kitchen, but Dean lingering just a little longer and saying something along the lines of “Fine, whatever, but just be careful, okay?” before briefly pecking Cas on the lips as a goodbye gesture, and THEN Cas leaves.

Fifteen extra seconds, one innocent kiss, the rest of the entire episode could’ve been EXACTLY the same, and it would fit in perfectly without the need to add huge chunks of Dean/Cas screen time or softcore gay porn. Yet it would still be canon.

‘Canon Destiel would ruin the entire show because it would immediately change everything and it would become the Cas and Dean show!!!’

Ehm no… No, it wouldn’t.


Ha ok, this is based off of this joke from Gravity Falls, the idea just came to me while I tried to fall asleep one night and wouldn’t leave me alone so!

Also bonus morning after:

Yes. Yes he did. And it’s all your fault, Missy.


Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Here’s Vegas 3, enjoy this banter, sin, and fluff. I enjoyed writing it. I love this series so much, actually. Oh yeah, and this is only halfway edited, so don’t kill me if there are careless mistakes.

Word Count: 2293

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. quickie, mouth covering, trying not to get caught sex

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

“Daveed!” You yelled frustratingly from his kitchen. It was the morning after the concert and you were sore, frustrated, and most of all energy-deprived, so when you realized that you couldn’t reach the coffee mugs in his kitchen, you were already fed up.

You felt a warm pair of bare arms snake themselves around your waist and a body press itself against you from behind.

“Hmm?” Daveed’s breath was hot against your neck, creating goosebumps on your body.

You sighed, subconsciously leaning back into him. “Why do you put your coffee mugs so damn high on the shelf? You know I can’t reach them.”

“My bad,” he murmured, reaching up to grab a mug for you and set it on the counter. You knew he was smirking even though you couldn’t see him. “But it’s not my fault you’re short.”

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inktober day 1 (more sketches on twitter) ~ semishira! after these two were requested so often, i really came to like this pair (//ω//) besides all the sass and banter, i picture semi to be frustratingly crushing on him

Vernon/OFC: Jealousy is pretty ugly, but you’re just pretty

Genre: university!AU, fluff/romance/humor

Word Count: 4206

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua, Jeonghan 

@svthansols: bff!Vernon, “I swear I didn’t see anything!”/“I won’t tell anyone. I swear.”/“What if I kissed you right now?”

She sipped furiously at her iced green tea, the sharp tang of lemon assaulting her tongue, but she paid no mind.

“Are you back on Earth yet, or,” Joshua trailed off lightly, twirling idly at the plastic straw of his thai milk tea.

“Depends, has Earth finally created a pathway to heaven?” she exhaled, nibbling at the edge of her straw. “Because that girl is practically a Goddess.”

In the middle of the student center entrance, stood Vernon and yet another girl. Not that she was counting (two in the past week) but this new one was so frustratingly good looking, coupled by the fact that he was so frustratingly good looking as well. Together they were incredibly beautiful. She had meticulously dyed ash blonde hair, with her roots freshly treated and her style had that lowkey “City Swag” vibe Vernon was crazy about. In other words, the perfect girl.

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Imagine Sam and Dean slipping sleeping aid into your coffee.

Word count: 339 (sorry if it’s kinda short).

Slight Dean x Reader pairing

Request by anon : Hi! I was wondering you are taking are taking requests? If so could you do one where you haven’t been sleeping because you’ve been researching ways to fight the darkness and Sam and Dean slip a sleep aid (like NyQuil) into your “coffee”?

A slight yawn escaped your lips as you checked the time on your phone. 3am. You debated in your head whether or not to get sleep and came to the conclusion that Sam and Dean was more important so you continued to flick through the pages of the book in front of you, desperate for anything that may give you a lead.

Frustratingly, you reached the end of the book, turning over the last page before slamming it closed on the desk. You were no closer to finding out anything about the darkness but you so desperately needed to.

You reached over to grab another book as the door to the library opened and in walked Dean and Sam holding mugs of coffee.

“Hey guys,” you murmured barely paying attention to them before starting to read the next book.

“Hey, Y/N,” Dean replied with concern lacing his voice. He placed the coffee down on the table in front of you and shot a worried look at Sam.

“Thanks…” you trailed off sleepily.

“Y/N, Dean and I are worried about you. You’re not getting any sleep and it’s not good for you,” Sam pointed out.

“Guy’s I’m fine,” you muttered realising how truly tired you was, gulping down half of the coffee Dean had given to you.

“Fine, but we’re helping you,” Sam added before sitting down to read a book – reluctantly followed by Dean.

Around ten minutes passed when your eyes began to slowly close and you rested your head down on the table. Dean shared a look with Sam before shutting his book, walking over to you and gently picking you up in his arms.

“I can’t believe that worked,” Dean whispered, careful not to wake you up as he placed you down in your bed.

Dean moved a piece of hair out of your face as you leaned into his hand. He softly placed a kiss on your forehead as he got in bed and pulled you into his arms with a smile on his face.

Random Podcasts to Check Out:

>Welcome to Nightvale
Related Podcasts: Alice Isn’t Dead, Within the Wires, The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air
[All brilliant and surreal; there is no description for WTNV, it just IS.]

>King Falls AM
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>The Thrilling Adventure Hour
[Podcast set in the style of an old-timey radio show. It’s HILARIOUS. They have different series they run continuously, but my two favourites are:
1) Beyond Belief - featuring the married millionaire mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle (never sober, fear of bees) who basically started a feud with a demonic clown + are best friends with an obscene amount of supernaturally-inclined friends, also there were singing animals at one point.
and 2) Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. It is just… imagine cowboys, with robot fists and alien sidekicks, and at one point a talking horse. Never be over that.
But there heaps of others as well; all brilliant and kooky.]

>The Bright Sessions
[Dr Bright is a clinician who provides for clients/patients of the strange, unusual and sometimes paranormal variety. Sessions are recorded for research purposes, of course. The cast of characters are certainly fascinating.]

>Archive 81
[Daniel Powell has gone missing; but before he does, his friend suddenly receives hours upon hours of confusing tapes, all filled with the various audio recordings Daniel had collected. What does it mean?]

>The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Story
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[300 people disappeared without a trace from Limetown. An investigative series.]

>The Penumbra Podcast
[Enter the Penumbra Hotel, set in a place that does not exist and slightly outside what you can conceptualise as time with your limited human narrative. The stories vary, but are perpetually engaging/entertaining, and it’s definitely a wild ride.]

>We’re Alive: A ‘Zombie’ Story of Survival [M15+]
[The main character is an Army Reserve Soldier/College Student called Michael Cross, follow him as he and others attempt to escape/survive the apocalyptic hellpit of Los Angeles. From the 'We’re Alive’ universe, which apparently encompasses a series of other, well, series.]

- - - -

List compiled for various reasons.

Okay, so inspired by this, imagine Harry and Draco in eighth year, finally realizing their attraction to each other.

Draco can flirt like the best of them; innuendos, suggestive glances, lingering touches. But Harry, poor Harry, is struck with an awful case of the stutters and finds himself constantly blushing.

The Boy Who Lived, Savior of the Wizarding world? Ha. He can’t get a straight sentence out to Draco (let alone a gay one.) But they get together nevertheless, to everyone’s relief.

Harry is crazy attracted to Draco. Their dates go amazingly and it seems like everything is perfect, but Harry still finds himself (frustratingly) going to bed alone. 

He confronts Draco about it, as he is prone to do, and Draco hears a challenge as he usually does. Harry and Draco sneak off to the room of requirement that night.

Harry is excited. He shows it in his enthusiasm, the fervor of his kiss, his hands hastily reaching for clasps and buttons. Draco is not so much. Tentative, but romantic, and in no hurry to derobe.

Harry pulls away in confusion. “You do want this, right?” He asks, worried.

Draco scoffs, but Harry can’t help but notice the bright pink spread over his features. “Of course I do, Potter. It’s just-” he gestures his hands, which had been undecidedly switching from gently brushing Harry’s sides to hanging limp. “-I don’t have much idea of what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Harry raises his eyebrows in suprise. “You mean you’ve never done this before?” he asks in shock.

“And you have?” Draco snaps back.

“Well, ah, yes.” Harry responds a bit sheepishly.

“Oh.” Draco looks more embarrassed than ever.

Harry rubs a hand across his face. “Look, Malfoy-ah, Draco, it’s not a big deal. Everyone has their first time at some point.” He chuckles. “Don’t think I’m anything but pleased to be part of yours.”

Draco side-eyes him. “And I never would have guessed that you of all people were capable of ever getting this far with anyone. But I suppose it’s better to learn from someone who actually knows what they’re doing anyhow.” he smirks.

Harry returns it with a blinding grin full of sincerity, and pulls Draco in close.

“We’re always flipping expectations, aren’t we?”

Spoilers! TFP. Sherlolly moment

I really want to add some screenshots but it would be more difficult to unsee pictures for those who has not seen the episode yet.

Just a bit of transcript from the Sherlolly moment. I added the Eurus’ statement at the beginning because really…”So many unsaid words.” She knows it. She knows Sherlock’s heart.


(Spoilers starts here)

Eurus: Now back in the matter in hand. Problem? Coffin. Someone is about to die, it will be, as I understand, is a tragedy…so many days not lived…so many words unsaid…etc, etc, etc, etc…
Sherlock: Yes, yes, yes, and this, I presume would be their coffin?
Eurus: But who’s coffin, Sherlock? Please start your deductions. I would apply some context to the moment.

(Sherlock started deducing the coffin. Then Mycroft cut in.)

Mycroft: Yes very good Sherlock Holmes. You could’ve just look at the name on lid.
Sherlock: *sighed frustratingly*
Mycroft: Only it isn’t a name.
John: So, it’s somebody who loves somebody

Mycroft: It’s for somebody who loves Sherlock. This is all about you. Everything here. So, who loves you? I’m assuming it’s not a long list.
John: Irene Adler?
Sherlock: Don’t be ridiculous, look at the coffin…unmarried, practical about death, alone…
John: Molly?
Sherlock: Molly Hooper.

(The phone conversation. Word by word.)

Molly: Hello, Sherlock. Is this urgent? Cause I’m not having a good day.
Sherlock: Molly, I just want you to do something very easy for me and not ask why.
Molly: Oh god, is this one of your stupid games?
Sherlock: Molly, it’s not a game. I…need you to help me.
Molly: But I’m not at the lab.
Sherlock: It’s not about that.
Molly: Well, quickly then. *waiting* Sherlock? What is it? What do you want?
Sherlock: Molly please…without asking why, just say these words.
Molly: What words?
Sherlock: I love you.
Molly: Leave me alone.
Sherlock: Molly? Molly! Please no! Don’t hang up. Do not hang up!
Eurus: Calmly, Sherlock or I will finish her right now.
Molly: Why are you doing this to me? Why are you making fun of me?
Sherlock: Please, I swear, you just have to listen to me.
Eurus: Softy Sherlock?
Sherlock: Molly, this is for a case. It’s all of experiment.
Molly: I’m not an experiment. Sherlock.
Sherlock: I know, you’re not an experiment, you’re my friend. We’re friends, b-but please. Just say those words for me.
Molly: Please, don’t do this. Just…just…don’t do it.
Sherlock: It’s very important. I can’t say why. But I promise you it is.
Molly: I can’t say that, I can’t…I can’t say that to you.
Sherlock: Of course you can. Why can’t you?
Molly: You know why.
Sherlock: No, I don’t. Know. Why.
Molly: *sigh* *sniff* Of course you do.
Sherlock: Please…just say it.
Molly: I can’t…not to you.
Sherlock: Why?
Molly: Because…because it’s true. Because…it’s true, Sherlock. It’s always true.
Sherlock: What if it’s true then just say it anyway.
Molly: You, bastard.
Sherlock: Say it anyway.
Molly: You say it. Go on. You say it first.
Sherlock: What?
Molly: Say it. Say it like you mean it.
Eurus: Final 30 seconds.
Sherlock: I…I love you. I love you. Molly? Molly, please!
Molly: I love you.

(The call ended and Sherlock started talking to Eurus.)

Mycroft: Sherlock however how that was–
Sherlock: Eurus, I won. I won. Come on, play fair, the girl on the plane, I need to talk to her. I won! I saved Molly Hooper!
Eurus: Saved her? From what? Oh do be sensible, there were no explosives in her little house. Why would I be so clumsy? You didn’t win. You lost. Look what you did to her. Look what you did to yourself. All those complicated emotions, I lost counts. Emotional content, Sherlock, it destroys you. Everytime. Now please, pull yourself together. I need you at peak’s efficiency, the next one isn’t going to be so easy. In your own time.

(Ends here.)

PS: Sherlock broke down so terribly, he violently destroyed the supposed coffin for Molly, not without looking and touching it gently first. (The last part might be due to my shipping goggles hehe~)


So…what do you think? Many says, this scene sunk the Sherlolly ship but the words uttered, the lines were carefully picked. Sherlock loves her. The “I love you” might have been forced the first time but the second time he said it, his face expression showed realization. He loves her. My ship SAILS!!!! *evil laugh* And of course, the end scene, Molly looks so happy, TA!

Some Thoughts On Sherlock

because I am annoyed. ((SPOILERS.))

- Moriarty explicitly said things that were queer. Eurus explicitly said things that were queer. No one else did so. This is called queercoding. It is insidious. It should not have happened.

- The plot holes were gaping all over the place. John climbs out of a well, somehow managing to escape his chains with a rope. Sherlock has water-related trauma, but he didn’t even know about the well until John told him he was trapped in one, so he couldn’t have even had repressed traumatic memories about it. John is a doctor but can’t identify a bone beyond “small”, even though it’s human.

- Characterisation was all over the place throughout the episode, most notably and frustratingly with Eurus. Her ‘fear factor’ was amped up by her inability to feel - or rather, demonstrate the emotions she was feeling - and she’s played as a quasi-deity throughout, omnipotent and emotionless. But at the end of the episode she snaps into being an emotional wreck. There was no lead-up or foreshadowing of this moment. It could have worked, but written as it was, it felt jarring and stupid. She felt suddenly stupid. The idea that Sherlock would hug her as anything more than a ploy to get John back is OOC. The idea that she wouldn’t see through any such ploy and despise it is OOC. It was lame and rushed and badly done.

- References were made to Freddie Mercury, to Oscar Wilde - queer icons, both. Given the aforementioned queercoding, this just felt like being laughed at, like a bully taking a favourite book and reading out your favourite lines in a silly mocking voice. Hands off.

- The Three Garridebs, the men dangling outside the window. This is the Holmes story which, in the Doylian canon, contains these lines from Watson, after he’s been shot and Holmes rushes to his side: “It was worth a wound — it was worth many wounds — to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of revelation.” This is well-known as one of the most explicitly queer moments in the original literary canon. The show literally dangled the possibility of this story in front of the viewers - dangled it, visible through glass but untouchable, there but not there - and then dropped it into the sea. For queercoded villains, glass disappears. For potential queer stories, the glass stays firmly in place. Three hooks were baited with the potential for queerness, and then the bait fell to a pointless death, not coming to mean anything more than just a little experimentation, a little shock value. Symbolically, for those who would understand the significance, it was just cruel.

- What infuriates me is that all of these slights and digs are in the tiny details; in the subtext. In short, in the places where queer people are used to looking: where the queer viewership finds its hope. The writers knew queer watchers would have their eyes on the references and on the details, and they twisted so many of those details into a decidedly upraised middle finger. 

- “P.S. I know you two, and if I’m gone, I know what you could become.” This - this was the moment that could have changed everything. I admit I felt a little shocked leap of hope. I could even possibly have forgotten it all - the queercoding, the mocking references - if this final message from Mary had gone the way that I initially thought it would. But no. The message devolved into some overstated silliness about Holmes and Watson, the bros who solve crimes. I can’t remember a word of it. It was, frankly, some typically Moffat-esque self-insert self-love, and it only seems darkly appropriate that he was using a dead female character as his rhapsodising mouthpiece. “What a good job we’ve done with this story. How excellent these characters are. Look at this set. Look at them running. My god. We are good.” Enough. Give me something real and unpretentious or else leave Mary the hell alone.

Overall, I’m more than a little disgusted.

Hummingbird Pattern

Hi!  I got a request for the pattern to my hummingbird, and I definitely think the world needs more hummingbirds in it, so I’m going to give it a go! Unfortunately, I did a lot of guesstimating as I went, so this is not the best pattern I’ve ever written up :-/. As usual, if anyone uses this pattern, please link back to my page, and also send me a picture! I’d love to see what people make!

 I used a 3mm hook, and the pink and white were just scrap yarns I had lying around (probably Red Heart Super Saver). Frustratingly, I can’t find the green yarn that I used! I think maybe… when I bought it the lady kept the label when she wound it? (I am definitely outing myself as a yarn noob, I mostly buy the cheap stuff and getting it wound up like that was a new experience for me!)

If anyone recognizes it, help me out because I’d like to know too! It’s a very pretty green/brown that looks a bit glossy, frays easily, and is a little thinner than Red Heart Super Saver yarns…

Okay on to the pattern!


The idea behind the body is that I made a small dome for the head, then unevenly added increases to the back and decreases to the front to make the body arch backwards, then decrease so that it came back down to a point. For the color changes, I didn’t end up having it look perfectly smooth, but I just made the change each time as I saw it lining up. Also, I made mine a key chain, which is totally optional, the only thing I did was after starting the magic circle, I used the excess yarn to tie through the metal loop.

  • green yarn: 6 sc in a magic circle
  • green yarn: (1 sc, 1 inc) x 6 to make 12 stitches
  • green yarn: (2 sc, 1 inc) x 6 to make 18 stitches
  • green yarn: (3 scs, 1 inc) x 6 to make 24 stitches
  • green yarn: 24 sc 

From here on out, almost all the rows have a color change in them - I just picked one side to be the front and always aligned the colors to each other, to me it didn’t matter if it was at the start of a row or in the middle, as long as the changes match up.

  • green: 13 sc, pink 11 sc (24 stitches)
  • green: 13 sc, pink 11 sc (24 stitches)

After these rows, it starts to feel a bit complicated, but again it was just increasing on the back and decreasing on the front to make the back sweep away from the head - I know that seems counterintuitive, but it’s just the way crochet works, it basically makes the tube shear instead of curve, if that makes sense. - I usually spaced each increase and decrease out with one sc in between.

  • decrease 2x on pink, 2x on sides, increase 3x on green, and have one more pink on each side (23 stitches total - 13 pink, 10 green)
  • decrease 2x on pink, 2x on sides, increase 3x on green, and have one more pink on each side  (22 stitches total - 15 pink, 7 green)
  • white yarn same as pink row, increase 2x on green (24 stitches total - 15 white, 9 green)

at this point, i inserted two 6 mm safety eyes between the row of green and the first row of pink, about one stitch in from the start of the pink. I also just used a black sharpie marker to draw the black line at the green and pink division between the eyes. Here’s the head so far compared to a Google image search picture - the beak is just a toothpick that I’m using as a placeholder, I’ll put the stuff for the beak under the rest of the body pattern, but importantly, DON’T COMPLETE THE BODY BEFORE ADDING THE BEAK - Continuing with the body:

  • white same, increase 3x in green (27 stitches total - 15 white, 12 green)
  • white same, increase 3x in green (30 stitches total - 15 white, 15 green)
  • replicate above row: (30 stitches total - 15 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 in white  at the front (29 stitches total - 14 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 on each the side to make it more symmetric (i needed on in green, on in white (27 stitches total, 13 white, 14 green)
  • decrease 1 w on each side, (25 stitches total, 11 white, 14 green)
  • decrease 1 w on each side, (23 stitches total, 9 white, 14 green) 
  • decrease 1 w on each side, inc 1 in green (22 stitches total, 7 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 white on each side (20 stitches total, 5 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 white on each side (18 stitches total, 3 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 3 green, crochet completely in green (12 stitches)
  • (1 sc, 1 dec) x6 to make 6 stitches
  • end in a point by skipping stitches until closed.


Okay, you should probably add the beak in around row 10ish, but I just kept all the body together for continuity. I experimented a bit with the beak, trying for different looks. Eventually I used a ~ 2in scrap of black yarn and painted 1 inch of it with clear nail polish so that it became stiff - I’m pretty sure there are better methods for stiffening yarn, but this worked ok for me. I then threaded the unstiffened bit into the piece and tied it tightly before stuffing.

^Wings (make two!):

These were tough, I will definitely admit that I didn’t get them to look quite even, and took terrible notes on how I managed it. One piece of advice is to make both before attaching, so that if they end up way too different, you can make a third and choose which it matches the most closely to!

  • 6 foundation sc (foundation single crochets are great and look up a tutorial if you don’t know them, they changed my life!)
  • This got a bit weird: I turned the piece and then did 5 foundation sc perpendicular to the first 6 - basically instead of going back across the fsc’s after turning, I pulled a loop through the first stitch, then foundation sc’d and continued outward as if that was my first stitch…

 This made that wide angled underside of the wings. Now each time I crocheted a row, I sort of messily hooked in the first row of fsc (the one that is perpendicular to the row you just made) until I couldn’t any longer… I’m sorry this isn’t the best explanation, but crochet is a magical wonderful art that is very lenient to fudging, so please go at it bravely!

  • turn, sc 6 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 5 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 4 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 3 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 2 (leave one off at the end) 

I sewed the wings on at where the white met the green, attaching it at least several stitches so they weren’t too flimsy - for me the wings curl a bit but I suspect with different yarn or with some blocking they’d stand out straighter.


Similar deal with the tail as the wings I’m afraid - I fudged this a lot, and it isn’t symmetric, but when I sewed in onto the body I curved it around so that any asymmetry was basically hidden.

  • foundation sc 5
  • turn the piece and foundation sc 8 perpendicular to the first 5
  • 10 rows of 8 hdc - the half double crochets make the more undulating shape, and each time I came to the other row of 5 I messily hooked them in, which is why the shape turned out slightly narrower at the top than at the bottom. The narrower top is what I wrapped around the point of the hummingbird body and sewed it on, again it was a bit curled but I think it looked better that way.

And that is it! I think the biggest thing is that with each part I didn’t aim too much for perfection, the body can be squished and the wings and tail aren’t perfect, but I think overall it gives it some character! Good luck, and please feel free to message me if you have questions on the pattern, I know this one is not the most straightforward…


Derek x Fem!Reader

Requested By Anon

Momma Hale Prequel

As Derek spoke you couldn’t help but roll your eyes as he spoke down to the rest of the pack. His stupid smug smirk that had you wondering whether you wanted to punch him or kiss him.


“Why don’t you shut up Derek.” You snapped making him jerk his head back.


“Why don’t you go home (Y/N), this isn’t witch business.” Derek snapped back.


“Someone has to take care of your pups.” You retorted as you walked from the room and into the kitchen of the Hale mansion.


“Wow.” Isaac muttered to the others.


Derek found you cleaning up his living room after the Beta’s had left for school, he was used to you being around but he found you frustratingly attractive and he wasn’t about to admit it, opting to push you away than admit how he felt.

“What the hell was that back then?” Derek grunted when you ignored him and continued to clean.


“I don’t know what you mean Hale.” You said quickly as you attempted to side step around him only to find a large hand on your waist stopping you.

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Cool Idea To Make Tezzeret Interesting:

He’s not even that great of an artificer compared to the best of Kaladesh, he’s purely coasting on the wow factor of having alien technology. He remains aloof and intimidating to ensure nobody calls his bluff.

(The whole idea of “they’re not notably more powerful, they just have access to way more stuff” is frustratingly underused among Planeswalkers in general.)