frustrating but fun

writer problems

  • fighting with a sentence for literal hours before realizing that it works fine enough on its own
  • asking advice for pieces you will probably never publish, leaving your readers hanging, wondering why the hell you needed to know what getting your ass squeezed felt like
  • realizing you have no less than three fics/updates complete but can’t publish any of them for various reasons
  • dialogue
  • just
  • fuckin
  • dialogue
  • blank word documents
  • babbling excitedly to yourself about new aus that will never see the light of day
  • getting really invested in these aus but not having a plot with which to bring them to life
  • crippling self-hatred and doubt
  • rediscovering really old documents that are literally just one or two lines of dialogue and wondering where the fuck your past self was going with them
  • rediscovering really old documents that have entire scenes in them and realizing you still really like the concept of those fics but being unsure of how to continue them from there
  • redundancy
  • knowing you should edit your pieces but being unable to bring yourself to give a fuck
  • deciding that your 20 wips can totally take a backseat to the shiny new idea you just got like 5 minutes ago
  • forgetting your entire vocabulary
  • sitting down and writing 2k of your new idea before you realize the internal logic doesn’t work
  • wondering if you can find enough fucks to care
  • finding enough fucks to care
  • digging through 2k of brain-excretion to find the specific phrases where the logic falls through and trying to fix them
  • failing
  • giving up and jumping to the next shiny new idea instead of working on any of your now 21 abandoned wips
what type of sunny fan are you? part 2

The Charlie Fan: You will rescue your precious rosebud from the depths of the sewers and give him a bath and a comfy sweater and some abuse survivor therapy and nothing will ever wTF he bIT ME.

The Dee Fan: Dee is a rock-hard magical glowing goddess and she’s too good for this earth, which is why you made that aesthetic post one time and then went back to reading all those MacDennis fics.

The Mac Fan: You are overjoyed your warm bashful lovestruck boy can be gay in the open, where he’ll immediately make a ‘no fatties, no Asians’ Tindr profile and embarrass us all.

The Dennis Fan: You are stalked to a dark alley in the dead of night. Your footsteps increase in speed as you sense a presence behind you. You trip on a loose brick, and ten thousand pictures of Glenn Howerton crying fall out of your jacket. You can’t even be ashamed.  This is who you are now.

The Dennis Fan (alternate): You are sitting in a burning Range Rover. 'This is fine,’ you say.

The Frank Fan: No one believes you exist. You are comforted by how Danny Devito is an immortal troll and thus will transcend death itself.

The Filthy Casual: “It’s this wacky 'Seinfeld on crack’ shock comedy about five sociopaths, lol, I bet they’re drunk on set all the time.”

The Overinvested: “It’s a dramedy about how substance abuse, mental illness, and toxic kyriarchy create a poisonous and self-defeating system.”

The Really Overinvested: “It’s a dramedy about how substance abuse, mental illness, and toxic kyriarchy create a poisonous and self-defeating system that can only be overcome by the proper combination of people kissing each other. Would you like to read my zine about - where are you going?”

Critical role has really taught me how to be a better dm, basically make up the rules as you go, make maps for literally everything, and lead with half truths, even if the player roles a 20 never give them 100% of what they want, make them want to look throughout the map you created for them, give out minor hints, and details about what they see, make then afraid to explore, but also curious, and frustrated about what they want to do, and finally reward teamwork. Especially if you really see the player trying their hardest to succeed


[Connor]’s the kind of player that coaches like to coach, and players like to play with.

Me either -right now, I never want to see the inside of a ship ever again.  Damn you, wood paneling!

  • me: *purposefully avoids one of my rituals/obsessions bc I don't feel like doing it*
  • OCD: no
  • Me: *mentally whines and throws mini tantrum* but wHY
  • OCD: bc you gotta, you dont make the rules, i do
  • Me: but it takes so much time i'd really like to not just this once
  • OCD: aha, cute, you think you actually have a choice
  • Me: but-
  • OCD: no buts, if you dont that bad thing you've been thinking about lately will most definitely happen
  • Me, as i reluctantly begin to do the ritual/compulsion: uGH

Finally got my big orange dragon, I’m so happy. :)