watasiwaluis asked:

Well, it's just a bad time, just relax and calm down, amm... why did you kiss him? you like him or something?

I didn’t even like the kid. He came onto me and I was just surprised and when he went in to kiss me, I didn’t stop him. The lights were off, so I kinda imagined he was Josh. He’s like the same body shape, but he doesn’t have Josh’s personality or ginger hair. :3 

I know what I did was horrible, but I think a kiss that didn’t mean anything isn’t THAT bad. It could have been worst. I don’t expect him to ever forgive me and I don’t blame him if he asks for his stuff back, but it just hurts. You know? People make mistakes and I feel like we had an actual future together and I would hate for him to throw that all away because I was a stupid fucking teenager once.