frustrated to the point of tears

  • White Person: *watches Family Guy, South Park and other shows that constantly have a white protagonist make racially stereotypical jokes* "You don't get it, they are just pointing it out, they don't believe in that stuff, it's for laughs. "
  • White Person: *watches Blackish and Fresh Off The Boat where POC characters express their frustrations in a world catered for white people* "Uh white people are portrayed in a very negative light here, I'm so offended. We need more positive white characters."
I mean, I can remember — when you’re a smart kid, or you’re just a very sensitive kid, and you have a lot that you need to say that’s very important to you, people don’t really take you seriously — I can remember being so frustrated, just constantly to the point of tears. I think the thing that I said most in my life for the first ten years was ‘Just listen to me. Listen.’ And even when I say that now, I always have a little flashback from those years, because I had so much trouble being taken seriously. I can remember people saying, ‘You’re twelve, Fiona,’ and just disregarding everything I had to say. All of my very deep, intense, serious worries and fears and wonders were just kind of disregarded because I was a kid and I was crazy and I was weird.
—  Fiona Apple

One week at camp, I pretended to not know what music was. It made the kids f u r i o u s. They’re at that age where they know I’m kidding, but part of them doubts it, so it tears them up with frustration. A few of them were really fixated on it and kept desperately trying to explain what music was and would point it out whenever it was playing.

“Oh, you mean those noises?

Little moments

Standing in your room wondering “When did I take off my shirt?”

Having a little panic because you’ve misplaced your phone only to find its in a different pocket than usual

Listening to your music on shuffle and hearing a song you don’t remember adding

Misplacing tiny things to the point where you’re in tears frustrated unable to find them

“Who turned the heater/AC up so high?”

“Did I really lock the door?”

“Why am I wearing mismatched socks?”

“Who decided not to wear deodorant today?”

“Who ate all the leftovers?”

The little, annoying, inconvenient things in life

Stomach Kisses

(A/N): I was feeling self-conscious and so I wrote this ^.^

Warnings: Reader is a bit self-conscious

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   You sigh as you look in the mirror, slowly tearing yourself apart. Your skin was too oily, your hair wasn’t straight enough, your arms were too big, you had mass thunder thighs but the worst of it all was at your core, your stomach. You hated it with a fiery passion to the point you’d done almost anything to get rid of the chub that clung to you like a lifeline but unfortunately it refused to budge, it stayed there, making you look like a disgusting cow. 

   Tears of frustration and disgust well within your eyes and you furiously wipe them away, refusing to allow your eyes to get red and puffy. You sniffle softly as you continue to stare at yourself, primarily your stomach. God you just hated that thing, the way it clung to your hips and even a bit to your ribs, the way it would roll up when you would sit down, making you even more self-conscious.

    It didn’t help that you were surrounded by The Avengers for God’s sake, the most physically fit people on this earth and here you were….most definitely not even close to being as ‘fit’ as they were. Nor would you ever be for that matter, even if you trained your hardest and ate the best you could you couldn’t shed these pounds. It was disheartening to say the least, to work so hard towards something and then not have it pay off. 

  You sniffle once again as one of your hands come down to pinch at the ‘fat’ on your stomach and you nearly break out into sobs right then and there. You hated it, you hated looking at it, you hated having it on your body, and you most definitely hated having to touch it. 

    “(Y/N)?” You immediately perk up at the voice, Bucky’s voice, your entire body going rigid as you realize you had completely forgotten to lock your bathroom door and because of your stupid mistake he had now discovered your secret. You don’t know how to react, you can’t just turn around and answer him and you felt as though leaving the bathroom to grab a shirt would be inappropriate at a time like this so instead you fold your arms over your form, closing your eyes so you don’t have to see the look on Bucky’s face. 

   “Fuck,” You curse quietly, tilting your head back as you realize just how stupid you had been and now how much trouble you were going to be in.

   “(Y/N)? What’s going on?” Bucky’s voice is warm and nearly soothing but it has that underlying tone of concern, a tone that you don’t deserve. 

   You could lie, say you were fine but Bucky knew better, after all he did just walk in on you sobbing as you had touched your stomach so there was, essentially, no reason to lie or hide. 

   “Nothing,” And yet you are lying, the word just spills from your mouth, out of habit of course. Bucky stares at you for a moment longer before he sneaks up behind you, slowly wrapping his arms around your waist. If there was anything you hated more than touching your stomach yourself was when others would touch it. 

   “You’re lying to me,” Bucky states rather calmly as he buts his head against the back of your neck. “You don’t ever lie to me,” Your heart aches a bit as you think of how you must be hurting Bucky right now, he was true, you never lied to him so it must have stung for him to suddenly be lied to. You sigh shakily as Bucky’s thumbs begin to absentmindedly draw circles into your flesh, only making you feel worse about yourself. 

    “Buck-” You sniffle, bringing your hand up to your nose to wipe at it. “It’s complicated, I don’t mean to lie to you-” 

   “Just tell me the truth then,” There was no harsh or cold tone to his words, if anything they were soft and more of a beg than anything else. You sigh once again, you couldn’t lie to him but you couldn’t tell him the truth, after all he’d probably think it was stupid anyways. 


   “(Y/N),” Bucky emphasizes the word by pressing a tender kiss to your bare shoulder, nearly making you shiver. “Please…please just tell me,”  This man was going to break your heart if he continued this, with this sad begging so instead you swallow your pride and gather the confidence to confess. 

   “I just- I hate myself okay? I hate my skin and my hair, I hate my arms and my legs, and I hate-” You grab at your stomach, showcasing the ‘wonderful’ roll you had going. “I hate my stomach,” You drop your hands to your sides, feeling thoroughly exhausted by your little speech there.

   Bucky remains silent for a bit and your nerves are set alight. What if he was realizing that too? Maybe he hated you just as much as you hated yourself? Maybe he hated your- 

   Your thoughts are interrupted as Bucky, quite suddenly, lifts you up, carrying you out of the bathroom and to your bedroom as though you were a princess. Bucky gingerly sets you down, as though you were made of porcelain, before he settles above you, just hovering above you as he stares down at you earnestly. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky leans forward, placing a kiss to your forehead. “You are,” A kiss to the top of your head, “The most,” A kiss to your arms,” “Beautiful person,” A kiss to both of your thighs, “I’ve ever,” Bucky begins to kiss his way back up, not even lingering on your clothed sex. “Met.” Bucky finishes his little statements by pressing a kiss to your stomach, letting his lips linger there for a moment before he pulls away just to lean back down and kiss your stomach once again. And again. And again. And again. Each time murmuring some words of affirmation or of love, 

   “You’re so beautiful (Y/N),” 

   “I love you so much,” 

   “I love your stomach,” 

   “I’m so lucky to have you,”

    By the time he resurfaces you’re sure you’re crying, tears effortlessly slip down your cheeks as Bucky leans forward, wiping away every last one of them before he presses a kiss to each one of your wet, salty cheeks. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky begins as he settles down beside you, one hand settled upon your stomach almost comfortably. “I don’t want you to feel this way, you don’t deserve to. You’re so kind and beautiful and no one as amazing as you deserves to feel this kind of pain, this kind of hatred,” You sniffle softly, nodding your head in somewhat agreement. Bucky presses against you a little more, pressing a number of kisses to your forehead. “I don’t care what you think, I think you’re beautiful, every last part of you. Including this,” Bucky’s hand runs over your stomach a few times before settling back down comfortably. “Okay?” You nod your head, sniffling again as Bucky gives you a small smile. 

   “Yeah okay,” Bucky hums as he nuzzles his nose against your own, smiling like a huge dork. “Um…can I ask something?” You question as you wipe away at your severely runny nose. 

   “Sure thing Doll,” 

   “Can you- can you…can you please kiss my stomach one more time?” You murmur in one breath, hoping the fast wording and quiet tone would make it harder for Bucky to pick up on. 

   For a minute you think maybe you did, his face etches what you think to be confusion but in the next second he smiles at you before sliding down your body, his lips already leaving a number of kisses along your skin. 

   You watch him for a moment, the movement of his lips slowly pressing against your skin before you close your eyes, the overwhelming feeling of comfort radiating off Bucky leaving you feeling even more exhausted than before. 

   You hum contently as you reach down, threading your fingers through Bucky’s hair as he presses one last kiss to your stomach before he too closes his eyes, allowing his head to slump against your now kiss covered stomach. 

   “G’night Bucky,” You murmur tiredly, only half paying attention to his quiet response. 

   “Good night beautiful,” 

Regrets Part 1 of 2

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Warnings: Swearing, Violence

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Y/N - Your name

REQUEST:  hi! if requests are open, could you possibly do angsty - reader is in accident after ugly fight w/Sebby (takes her for granted/says something mean/you choose) & realizes after almost losing her & fluffy fluffkins?

A/N: Thank you for the request. Feedback is appreciated

This will be two parts. The point of view transfers between reader and Seb

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4

Y/N stared at the illuminated clock on her nightstand. The bright red numbers making her anger increase more and more as the minutes changed. 3:00am. It was three fucking o’clock in the morning and he still wasn’t home. She rolled onto her back and closed her eyes as tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks. Normally she wouldn’t care what time Seb got home, he could stay out all night and it wouldn’t bother her. Tonight though was different. Tonight he was supposed to be with her. 

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Niall Blurb: The After Party

Anonymous asked: Can you do a quick and dirty Niall smut blurb??

I felt a set of eyes on me as I sat quietly on my bar stool sipping a vodka tonic.  The noise level in the pub was deafening but I had tuned it out for the most part. All I kept looking at was the text message I had received not two hours ago.  Simple and to the point.  Five words. Five devastating words.

I don’t love you anymore.

How fitting that five little words would tear apart the life that we had built over the last five years. Fuck it. And fuck him.  I knew Matt had been cheating on me.  I had always known but I had shoved it aside in hopes of preserving what we had made together.  Pathetic.  I sighed as I shut the phone off in frustration, determined to drown my sorrows tonight and deal with my mess of a life tomorrow.

The nagging feeling that someone was watching me persisted.  I glanced around the bar trying to be as subtle as possible.  At the far end of the bar, in the midst of a huge crowd, I found a pair of stunning blue eyes staring back at me intently.  Blue eyes belonging to one Niall Horan.  As in THAT Niall Horan, the famous one. I laughed lightly, and finished the rest of my drink in one swig.  Liquid courage propelled me out of my seat and straight towards him.

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hey everyone!!! Okay so I too am pretty frustrated with the virtual silence regarding a GMW renewal, and I can understand why everyone is annoyed with Bizardvark (or however tf that’s spelled) getting picked back up. It is, undeniably, an awful show. However, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about that, and I just think it should be made known that you can argue for Girl Meets World to get renewed without tearing the channels other shows down in the process. From the little I’ve seen of Bizardvark, it’s stars seem to be all young children who are still learning the finer points of acting. Put yourselves in their shoes- they’re probably over the moon to find out they’ve gotten renewed! And then to eventually see nothing but angry fans tearing their show down because another one is still being decided on? That’s not very fair to them. You don’t have to like the show, but it’s also not their fault about this whole mess, and it’s disrespectful to them to keep ranting about how awful something they work hard for is. They’re kids. And considering it did get renewed, I’m sure fans of it are out there somewhere. All the hashtags and drawing attention to GMW that you guys are doing right now is great as it is, but PLEASE reconsider tearing down other programs in the process. Actual, real people with feelings are behind those shows, and they can’t help whether or not GMW gets a fourth season, so there’s no real need to drag them into it. Just focus on getting it across to Disney how much you want GMW to get renewed. (this wasn’t meant to sound lecture-y but I just feel bad for those kids okay please have a lovely day don’t forget to keep up with your hashtags and whatever else you have planned)

Treat You Better

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“Please show me your face” Shawn said whilst sliding down on the wall opposite of you, now making him sit on the floor. You didn’t answer, nor show him your face, which made him grow even more frustrated with the situation.

“Please Y/N, just show me your face” Shawn began. “Just let me see how bad it is.”

“To what point?” you asked, still not showing him your face. You didn’t want for him to feel sorry for you, and that he would do if he saw how badly beat up you were. The wounds in your face stung as salty tears ran down your cheeks. “Just leave me alone” you almost whispered.

“Y/N” Shawn croaked. His voice was sore in a way you had never heard it before. It was filled with such passion and love, yet also such sadness and anger. You knew he was angry with you, but mostly at the man behind this whole mess, your boyfriend. Shawn had hated his guts from the start, although you had never figured out why.

Shawn suddenly reached out to touch your shoulder, which made you flinch. Shawn dropped his hand quickly and mumbled a silent “sorry”. You instantly felt sorry for him, but you couldn’t bare anyone touching you at this moment, not even Shawn. It only brought back memories of what had happened to you just hours before.

After a few minutes of silence Shawn scotched closer to you, and this time you didn’t flinch when his hand came in contact with yours. His hand was warm and big, unlike your small one which were cold as ice.

“Y/N, I love you. God I love you Y/N. I’m your best friend, and I know you, I know everything about you, every bit of you. But this I don’t understand” Shawn said whilst rubbing your hand in his big one.

“What is it that you don’t understand?” you said with a confused look.

“Why you’re still with that douche of a guy. He doesn’t love you, why can’t you see that?” Shawn said, this time with much more anger in his voice, making you flinch from his grip.

“He love-” you began but got distracted when you met his gaze for the first time since he arrived, and a gasp escaped from Shawn’s lips as he saw your face. You had forgotten how you looked, and how you had promised yourself to not let him see you like this.

“Oh dear God” Shawn mumbled as his hand reached his mouth. He desperately tried to understand how this could’ve happened, how someone could hurt another human in that way. Your face was banged up in a way he had never seen any face before, and he reacted how any sain human would’ve reacted - he cried. All of a sudden tears streamed down his face like the world as he knew it had come to an end.

“I hate him” Shawn sniffled, and you could barely make out what he was saying. “I hate him, I hate him, I hate him”

Seeing Shawn so vulnerable made you weak, and your previous soft cries turned into tears streaming down your face like it had no ending. You cried for everything and nothing, for Shawn and your boyfriend.

“Please let me hold you” Shawn mumbled once your crying petered. You nodded and curled up in his big arms, feeling more safe than ever.

“I would treat you better, you know?” Shawn said as a planted a kiss on your forehead.

“I know”


This pairing is everything. So here’s one of my hc: Mitch HATES when Jo cries. They have their 1st argument as a couple (maybe something about dean) and Mitch says something hurtful because he sucks at properly expressing emotions sometimes and tears start to form in Jo’s eyes and his face twists up in pain. Like,I just imagine him trying to turn around to hide it while he rubs at his face, silently cursing himself for being weak and there’s a deep blue light slowly curling around him. Mitch, who started to walk away in frustration, hears Jo’s tiny sniffles and freezes before run-walking back to his bf and scooping him up into arms, apologizing and peppering his freckles with kisses.



GOSH MITCH HATES IT WHEN JONAS CRIES, ABSOLUTELY!!! Ohh my gosh just thinking about them… arguing and being mad at each other makes me so sad… like please…… no….

The thing is!! There fights wouldn’t last right because you’re right!! The moment either of them start crying IT’S JUST!!! THEY DON’T WANNA FIGHT!!! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!

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Roman Reigns Blurb - The Bar

Anonymous asked: Quick and Dirty Roman smut blurb???

I felt a set of eyes on me as I sat quietly on my bar stool sipping a vodka tonic.  The noise level in the bar was deafening but I had tuned it out for the most part. All I kept looking at was the text message I had received not even two hours ago.  Simple and to the point.  Five words. Five devastating words.

I don’t love you anymore.

How fitting that five little words would tear apart the life that we had built over the last five years. Fuck it. And fuck him.  I knew Mike had been cheating on me.  I had always known but I had shoved it aside in hopes of preserving what we had made together.  Pathetic.  I sighed as I shut the phone off in frustration, determined to drown my sorrows tonight and deal with my mess of a life tomorrow.

The nagging feeling that someone was watching me persisted.  I glanced around the bar trying to be as subtle as possible.  At the far end of the bar, in the midst of a huge group, I found a pair of stunning grey eyes staring back at me intently.  Grey eyes belonging to one Roman Reigns.  The WWE was rolling through town this weekend, so it was no surprise that many of them were here. The Bar was a well known haunt of WWE talent.  I laughed lightly, and finished the rest of my drink in one swig.  Liquid courage propelled me up out of my seat and straight towards him.

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Janthony - You, My Shirt, and Our Secret

imagine this!!!: anthony bein all “yo idk where my fav shirt is” and like looking all around his apartment, looking around the theatre all like where tf is that shirt and then thinking its gone forever and seein jazzy walk in and he’s like “wtf why are you wearing my shirt” and shes all like “bruh you left it at my place” and everyones like WTF YALL ARE DATING and them bein like “aw shit” - anon

this was the cutest thing ever

Pairing: Janthony
Word Count: 863 Words
TW: None :)

Where is my shirt? Anthony thought to himself. He was getting frustrated, tearing up nearly his whole apartment just to find it. It was a very important rehearsal for the show and he absolutely needed to wear his favorite shirt. It was the shirt he wore to his photo shoot, and he loved it for dear life.

“I can’t believe I can’t find it!” At this point, he was just going to have to check the theater. He knew it was a long shot, but he left a lot of clothes in the dressing room.

Anthony’s apartment was a complete mess. Random articles of clothing were strewn all over the bedroom, his bed, you don’t even wanna talk about that! His kitchen even was in ruins, and that was completely on the other side of the place.

Rolling his eyes at the destruction that was his apartment, Anthony tidied it up a little bit and promised himself that he’d fix it later. He wore an army green collared shirt with two breast pockets, one on each side. Hopefully that would be enough. He still felt very frustrated and not satisfied with himself, where was it? It couldn’t have gone very far, and he was right.

He walked through the theater stagedoor, going immediately to the dressing room that he shared with Oak, Daveed, and other men involved in the musical. Not everyone was here yet, they weren’t busy trying to find their favorite shirt in theatre.

“Has anyone seen my shirt?” Anthony announced to the group of men currently in the room.

Daveed expressed a groan. “It’s on you, stupid.” He made a poor attempt to suppress his undying laughter, which soon the rest of the guys joined in on.

“Come on guys, please help me. I’m looking for this purple tribal shirt, you know, the one I wore for the photo shoot? You know.” He almost pleaded. Keyword was almost. Anthony tore through some of his things in the corner of the room. The rest of the male cast members decided it would be best to control the mess there instead of all over Anthony’s vanity. That was one of the important parts of the dressing room.

“Maybe it’s backstage, might be there,” Oak suggested to him. Anthony hadn’t thought of that before and he would’ve kissed Oak on the cheek if he weren’t so pressed for time. He instead exclaimed his gratitude for the suggestion. It was an hour to rehearsals, but seeing that he needed to find his shirt, it would only be a snap away to being on that stage and practicing the numbers with the rest of the cast.

Anthony searched all over backstage. He searched in the wings, he checked in all the rooms, he walked up and down the stairs. It didn’t pop up at all. He was really sad. It was his favorite shirt, and it possibly was gone forever.

When Anthony decided enough was enough and he might as well give up until later, the clock showed 12:00 in the afternoon. Everyone began piling into the theater, taking refuge in the red seats of the Richard Rodgers theater. He decided he should do the same.

Anthony’s gaze averted all over the room, before his eyes landed on the shirt. His shirt…on Jazzy? She was wearing a tan jacket, but the tribal print peeking between the two sides was recognizable to his eyes anytime, anywhere.

“Jazzy! Uh, why are you wearing my shirt? I’ve been looking for it!” Anthony exclaimed, walking up to her where she stood by one of the aisles. He resisted the urge to hug her; she looked great in his clothing. More than great, gorgeous actually.

“Anthony, you left it at my place, remember?” She eyed him weirdly. “I had to put in the washer, because of the pasta sauce, obviously. Don’t worry, it still smells like you.” She joked with a playful wink. A sheepish smile made its way onto her face, knowing that he probably created a mess of himself trying to find it.

“Woah, woah, Old Man Miranda coming through!” Lin cut through the two of them. Anthony glanced to the side; the whole cast and more were watching them with shocked faces. “Since when are you two together?!”

“Ah, shit.” Anthony muttered under his breath, biting his lip briefly. At the same time, Jazzy looked over somewhere else, trying to escape before her face became a tomato for everyone to see.

“Well?” Alex Lacamoire gave them the eye, the suggestive eye that was. Just like Alex, everyone was on the edge to hear the answer from one of them.

“Yeah, so about that,” Anthony started to say. His hand reached up to scratch nervously at his neck. Then, a light bulb went off in his head. “Gotta go!” He grabbed Jazzy’s hand and hastily led her onto the stage and into one of the backstage rooms that could be locked.

“You better be ready to tell us…Janthony!”

Royals Pt. 9 (Michael)

PART 1| PART 2| PART 3| PART 4 | PART 5| PART 6| PART 7| PART 8 

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|| in which you are royalty but Michael is not. || 



“What do you mean pregnant?” 

Your eyes focused on the carpet underneath you. 

Sophie’s eyes widen in realisation. “Y/N, you didn’t.” 

You nodded in shame. 


You nodded again. 

You heard Sophie’s groan of frustration as she throws her head back on the couch.  “Y/N,  I swear you are one of the most reckless individuals I have ever had the..” 

She stopped when she noticed the silent tears that were making  its way down your cheeks. “ Hey, hey, I’m sorry. I’m just really surprised.” 

You shook her head, sitting beside her gently. “It’s not that Sophie, it’s just, you need to help me.” 

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57+18+13 hoshi please~~

Night + Stress +  “I’m tired but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.”

Your eyes were scanning the same page for the fifth time that day. You pressed your fingers to your temples as you read the text in your mind, definitely understanding the content better than you did in the morning yet you still felt like you hadn’t quite grasped the key points.

Soonyoung placed his hands on your shoulders, startling you. You let out a questioning sound without moving your attention away from the book.

“You’ve been studying that book all day, won’t you finally call it a day and come sleep?” he asked pleadingly and massaged your shoulders lightly. You worried your lower lip between your teeth.

If it only was that easy. You were stressed and sleep-deprived to the max, and as a result you now felt tears beginning to sting in your eyes. Tears of exhaustion; tears of frustration.

“I need to finish this book,” you muttered and swept the tears away. Soonyoung pouted with a yawn, continuing the slow massage he was giving your tense shoulders. For once, you tore your eyes away from the book and turned to look at Soonyoung. “Shouldn’t you sleep, though?”

He smiled brightly and shook his head before taking a seat on the chair next to yours. “I’m tired, but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.”

You gave him a short laugh and squeezed his hand in yours. “I’ll try to be quick.”

“Don’t rush it,” he said and yawned again, putting his crossed arms on the desk and resting his head on top of them. You smiled and turned your attention back to the book.

By the time you had finally reached the last page of the book, you were too tired to move, so you turned the desk light off and mimicked Soonyoung’s position, drifting to sleep in no less than a minute.

However, when you woke up, you were surrounded by the softness of your bed with Soonyoung’s arm loosely around your waist. When you stirred, he kissed your shoulder lightly.

“How did I…”

“As I said, I’ll never go to bed until you come with me,” he whispered with a smile audible in his voice as he pulled you closer.

A sleepy smile spread across your lips and you put a hand on top of his on your stomach. “Thank you.”

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Tyler tearing the house apart trying to find his beanie all day and at this point he's pretty frustrated bc he knew where he had left it but now it was gone. He was to yell for Ethan when suddenly Ethan peeks around a corner wearing the beanie -✨


ethan always fuckin steals em and stashes them somewhere okay


I sit in here in my tears. Knowing that people think I’m always a happy person. But when the sun goes down I ask myself if I have a true best friend. The person I tell my deepest darkest secrets too. I did at some point but I got left in the dust because she had found a new lover. I also sit here in frustration because I’ve always been there for her. Broken promises, I think so. It breaks my heart that someone can be so selfish. It also breaks my heart how that one person can bring you so much happiness. I’m not talking about a boyfriend I’m talking about a true girlfriend that’s always fucking there for you. How do I this. I don’t.