Imagine your OTP in a domestic relationship:

- trying to share the kitchen and tripping over each other
- fighting over the tv channel
- stealing blankets from the other
- accidently pushing the other out of the bed cause they wanted more room
- arguing about whos turn it is to clean the dishes
- cleaning the house/chores in general and how they each have their quirks of how they do it
- house decor and taste in fruniture
- trying to figureout where all their money is going and oh god the bills but we need that $30 chocolate we both enjoy
- making coffee for eachother
- not giving a fuck and using the bathroom at the same time

Like just imagine your otp living a normal life togehter

The Rescue

*Livingroom of Everglen, middle of the night. The fruniture is pushed back to the walls leaving a large enpty space. Blankets and tea cups are scattered about as quiet whispering fills the air.*

*After @foster-the-fierce had learned about Fitz’s lack of contact, chaos ensued. Soon everyone was crowded around @dexiedex as he attempted to track Fitz’s location.

Even as talented as he was, it was near impossible. The computer Fitz had used was beyond outdated, even for humans, and his wrist bands were some sort of new technology the Neverseen must have developed themselves. Dex didn’t even know where to start, having never even seen them. The bits of wires and cogs and oddities scattered around him were… confused.

But everything changed when @linh-the-cinnamon-roll told him about the ipod Fitz had managed to keep hidden. It was his backup plan, a way to track the hideout after he had gotten back to safety. If he was… no, he was there.

The pile of junk and contraptions screamed awnsers at Dex. He listened to them, his fingers twirling and grabbing as something beautiful came into existance.

Meanwhile the rest of them either watched Dex intently, forcing their worries down, drank Linh’s tea, or helped solidify the plan.

If any word fit their ragtag group right now, it was orderly chaos. Now if only they could keep quiet enough to not awaken @keefe-plus-keefe-equals-awesome, who was sleeping in the bedroom nearby, unaware that Fitz hadn’t shown up yet.*

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