frumentarii asked:

I have an idea for an animal form for myself; a combination of black leopard and xenomorph. I've already created a very detailed design. If you could accomplish changing me into that, I would be more than happy to hunt visitors to your world. Of course, I like to cause FEAR before I strike...


       of course, you would have to be a benefit to me. if i can see that you will be an asset to my realm, i will perform multiple experiments on you to craft you into a demonic creature worthy of any name i grant it. ”

frumentarii asked:

Have you ever heard of Herbert West? If so, what do you think of him?

“ yes, i am familiar with many of H. P Lovecraft’s work, and ‘Herbert West- Reanimator’ is no exception- although it has been such a long time since i have read it that i don’t remember much about him.

     i appreciate any form of science, even if his methods seem extreme of dangerous. he and i have that in common. 

i like that he has no moral alignment- yet somehow people still perceive him as a villain, apparently. ”

“Once this Caesar’s Legion nonsense blows over, Halloween is going to be FANTASTIC! I better start saving up red cloth for the first orders! I can see it now; Sexy Frumentarii! Sexy Centurions! SEXY LEGATE LANIUS! I’m gonna make a fortune!”

fionainculta asked:


1.  Sometimes you are not bothering me.

2.  You are loyal to the Legion.

3.  The frumentarii will be after me, providing some form of excitement in my life.


1.  You’re kind of married.

2.  Also I don’t date during war times.

3.  Also you’re married, did I say that?

fionainculta asked:

A thought about them that they’d never share: ‘Maybe Vulpes would talk to me more if she wasn’t around…’

First impression of them: ‘A woman that could satisfy the Fox? Hm.’ 

Favorite thing about them: Is worthy enough to incorporate the attention of his boss somehow.

Least favorite thing about them: She prevents Vulpes from noticing the without a doubt second greatest Frumentarii ever. (Picus maybe.)

Hopes for their future relationship: Idle chit chat. Acquaintances.

actualmattmiller asked:

oh shit how about facts for that curtis guy at camp mccarran

• His shoe size is a UK size 4
• Curtis’ favourite food is jalapeño chilies
• He wasn’t even a frumentarii Vulpes just ran out of people who were free so he grabbed Picus and sent him off to the NCR called him Curtis
• When he radios legionaires at night he eats pot noodles too
• He knows Silus is captive but Silus called him a crunglefuck once so he’s going to leave him to suffer

fionainculta asked:

A thought about them that they’d never share:  I want her to stop bothering me but I don’t know how the frumentarii would respond.
First impression of them:  Why would the leader of the frumentarii need a wife?
Favorite thing about them:  She’s Legion.
Least favorite thing about them:  She wants to fight in the arena.
Hopes for their future relationship:  I hope she learns her place around me.