anonymous asked:

can you recommend some inception blogs?? or Arthur/eames or literally anything inception? I want some on my dash!

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: ♥ arthurandeamespornstars​ ♥

A whole bunch of inception fandom blogs (i apologize in advance for how many people i’m inevitably going to leave out but this was all i could scrounge up off the top of my head!!!!! If you should be on here, shoot me an ask and I’ll add your tumblr to the list!)

tom hardy blogs:

JGL blogs

some cool recent arrivals who are cool:

I hope this helps, anon! 

Also, this is a personal plea from me to the rest of the fandom: consider putting your tumblr name on your AO3 profile page so we can more easily identify you across platforms! go to[yourusername]/profile and click edit my profile! here’s what mine looks like as an example.

thank you! welcome to the fandom!