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arm wrestling boxer!jungkook

“Choose your fate,” Taehyung sticks out the cup full of crumpled paper, eyes darkly intense and sounding all too-serious for a simple punishment game, which you remind him with a roll of your eyes.

It was game night, after what seemed like ages of practice exam papers and study sessions for finals that ended the day before. You were sure everyone would be as sapped of energy as you are, but that is obviously not the case seeing you had spent the last 12 hours, ass glued to the floor as the controller is to your hand trying to beat the boys. Seokjin had retreated to the kitchens after absolutely smashing everyone at Mario Kart and Cooking Mama, and you had already lost to Hoseok and Jimin at Just Dance since Namjoon was unfortunately out of the question, being away with Yoongi at the studio to work on some new music. You were slightly more confident at Tekken, but Jungkook was ruthless as usual and had dropkicked your character along with your dignity out the window, ultimately making you the biggest loser of the night. 

Which brings you to your current position. You unfold the yellow paper, hoping to god it wasn’t an absurd penalty, like licking a shoe (suggested by Taehyung, and executed by Seokjin who lost at bowling the last time around) or shaving off part of your brows (suggested and carried out by Taehyung. He never left the house for a whole month).

Arm wrestling with Kookie.” You mentally make a note to punch Jimin in the nose later, who has the at least has the conscience to look guilty while staring at the words scribbled in his handwriting, which seem to be staring back at you. Huh. You shrug, an odd, light sense of something between indifference and acceptance about your fate washing over you. You guessed spraining some fingers, or like, breaking your entire hand wouldn’t be too bad. 

“You sure about this?” Jungkook says, throwing a look towards his snickering, evil older brothers. 

“Let’s just get this over with, Jeon,” you beckon him over, sliding over to the coffee table. “Nothing happens if one of us loses right?”

“If you lose, you have to pick out another punishment,” Taehyung smirks, plopping on the couch for the front-seat view of the arm wrestling match.

“The – what? That’s not fair! No one wins against Jungkook!”

“Yeah, Taehyung…” Jimin says softly, fidgeting in his seat. “He’s a boxer, for fuck’s sake.” In his soft grey pullover, Jimin looks fluffy and small for his heart that is too big for his own good, the one that had saved you from the boys’ wrath more than you could ever thank him for. Even if he was the one who wrote the punishment. Taehyung just shushes his best friend, setting down the cup of penalties right in front of you with a big, fat, Chesire cat grin.

You’re about to flip him the finger when you feel a hand overlapping yours, and you turn to see Jungkook at the ready, sleeves rolled up his just over the taut muscle of his bicep. Your eyes travel up the veins lining his arm that disappears under the fabric of his white, supposedly loose-fitting shirt until you lock eyes with the smirking boy.


“Ready?” The competitive glint is back in eyes, bright and wide and unsure just seconds ago when he was hesitant about going against you. He’s prepared to add another win to his record of beating everyone he’s known and all the other boys at the boxing studio, including Jackson.

“Fuck no,” your groan ends in a whine of some sort, and Jungkook almost feels bad. Almost. In his mind, he blesses the person who created arm wrestling. A contest of strength and the chance to hold your hand? He makes a mental note to suggest more of this game in the near future, especially on game nights when you were around. 

Jungkook curls his fingers more securely over yours, his hand warm and large enough to fully envelop yours. He stares at your hand in his, inwardly marvelling the way it fits. It would’ve been romantic if he wasn’t going to slam it down in a couple of mere seconds, but oh well.

He begins the match without giving you a countdown or warning of any sort, triggering a spew of expletives from you.

“This is so unfair!” you yell, your other hand flying to clasp onto the edge of the table for some leverage, almost going white-knuckled while you find yourself struggling to hold up against Jungkook. 

“Yeah, you said that already,” you hear the other boys chuckle above you, and you make a mental note to throw all their underwear, including and especially eveything Gucci from Taehyung’s possessions out the window later.

For now, you had to focus on winning this obviously unfair and unscrupulously-planned-against-you game, even if it meant foul play. The gears in your mind shifted quickly, sifting through ideas to bring Jeon Cena down.

Kicking him from under the table? That would probably just hurt your foot. Tickling him would take too much effort, not to mention he’d probably take the chance to knock you down the moment you stop holding on to the table to steady yourself. At the moment, Jungkook’s just delaying the inevitable, both of you knowing that he could’ve claimed his win within the first 5 seconds tops. 

You furrow your brow, running out of time and ideas while Jungkook looks almost bored, chewing his lip out of habit. The action reveals the hidden freckle under his lip, though you find your attention more drawn to the latter. Jungkook’s lips weren’t as plump or as full as Seokjin’s or Jimin’s, but still cute and pink and soft-looking all around, seeing how religiously he puts on lipbalm. His favourite was the Fruity Shine line, in Strawberry or Peach. You wondered which one he put on today.

An idea sprouts in your mind, where a private smile blooms. 

There was only one way to find out.

Before you can second guess yourself, you’re leaning across the table and eliminating the distance between you and Jungkook to slant your lips over his. Fragments of chatter and laughter in the background died down at once, and for a second all you can feel is Jungkook’s lips.  It parts slightly under yours, a little damp from where he keeps rolling it with his teeth but still silky and smooth and– 

Strawberry. He had gone for the strawberry-flavoured lipbalm today.

Jungkook had stiffened under your surprise attack, eyes somehow going wider, his brain short-circuiting on him and leaving him on his own to stare at your closed eyes and the way your lashes fan out prettily under, the lights above casting shadows on your cheeks. It takes him another second to react, but Jungkook finally relaxes under your touch, grip loosening, tempted to let his eyes flutter to a shut and –

You don’t waste another second in slamming his arm down hard enough for his knuckles to knock against the table loudly, and Jungkook responds more to the sharp sound than the pain. He snaps out of it just in time to see you yell in victory, flopping onto your back. 

“That’s cheating!” Taehyung hollers from the couch, suddenly babbling away and being adamant about the importance of following the rules of a game. Jimin’s collapsed in a bubble of giggles over the unexpected outcome, and Hoseok has settled for sitting back and looking between everyone in amusement.

“Technically, I did follow the rules of the game. Didn’t say no kissing,” you shrug, holding up a trademark V sign, just to piss the boy off more. “Come on Jungkook, pick your penalty.”

Jungkook cringes at the strips of yellow held out in front of him, quite aware of the boys getting their phones out to document this. Jungkook was good at everything, and it was a rare occasion that he got the short end of the stick.

He reads the messy scrawl of black ink over yellow creases again. And again.

Kiss Jimin.

“Who writes these things?!” Jungkook holds up the piece of paper, looking scandalised as Taehyung howls with laughter, clicking away on his camera while Jimin lights up like a Christmas Tree. He’d been demanding Jungkook for one since his birthday last year, had been pestering how he owed him one even on their Vlives. Fuck his life. The others would probably never let him live it down and would have the pictures saved, uploaded and backed up on every device they owned.

“Hey, I volunteeer.” Jungkook’s head turns to the sound of your voice, sees your hand sticking up from the carpet where you’re currently sprawled out on your back. The casual comment had ignited hoots from the noisier pair of boys, and Jungkook spots a twins spots of pink blooming on the apples of Jimin’s cheeks.

Jungkook feels something crawl under his skin, up his neck to where his jaw ticks. For some reason, he’s annoyed about the notion of you kissing Jimin. 

He watches you indolently rise from your position on the floor, leaning back on the heels of your palms, oversized sweatshirt dropping over the curve of one shoulder, a lazy smile curving at your lips as you watch how everything plays out.  Who would turn down a kiss from you? Not him. Definitely not him after he’s gotten a taste of how soft your lips are and even if it meant kissing Jimin-–

A loud, final exasperated huff is the only warning everyone gets as Jungkook purses his lips before swooping down to press them lightly on Jimin’s cheek, making the boy squeak. 

“Aw, that’s too bad. I wouldn’t have minded replacing you,” your words are drowned under all the ‘Kookie, kiss me too!’s and the older boys tackling Jungkook onto the ground, clambering onto him and puckering their lips at the poor boy who has his arms up as a shield from their attempts to land a smooch.  

“What’s going on here?” Seokjin appears, wide shoulders taking up the whole width of the kitchen entryway, a ceramic baking tray in each mitten-wrapped hand and Jungkook has never felt so thankful of the oldest boy’s presence that has saved his sorry ass from the others countless of times. Taehyung and Hoseok are dragged away by their collars in no time to help set up the dining table, leaving Jungkook to catch his breath. 

But Seokjin’s calling the both of you for dinner in no time, and Jungkook turns to see you hefting yourself up and heading towards the dinner table, where you hear the boys yelling for you to hurry. As if suddenly remembering about Jungkook, you turn towards the boy who’s already staring back at you, looking disconcerted.

What’s with this boy and looking so, how do you say – shook, all the time? 

Jungkook feels himself flush under your gaze, and his mouth feels dry all of a sudden.

You raise a brow at him curiously. “Coming?” 

“Y-yeah.” Fuck. He just had to stutter.

“Hey! Jin’s apron says ‘Kiss the Cook’! Where’s Jungkook to-–”

Jungkook groans aloud, rolling onto his stomach and smooshing his cheek on the floor, wishing the ground would swallow him whole.


“That’s hyung to you,” Seokjin sets the ladle he hits the top of Taehyung’s head with on the table, before disappearing into the kitchen to get more dishes. 

Fuck it. He’d kiss Seokjin, he’d kiss the rest of Bangtan as long as you didn’t have to do it. Or if it meant getting another kiss from you.


He peeks open an eye to see you still waiting on him, head cocked to one side and.. you look too cute doing that he wants to die. 



Hello everyone~! It’s now almost the end of the year! I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas and now anticipating the new year ahead! 

Since it’s the end of the year, I’ve decided to do a lil’ something special and show you guys my fave products of 2015! 

Also the order of the products is random not in any particular order! 


This is a cleansing water I bought about half a year ago and I really enjoy using this product. This can be used in conjunction with the ‘double cleansing’ method and I really love how it cleanses my skin without stripping my skin and making it any drier. Although expensive, absolutely worth it! 


This is it! My holy grail cushion! That is also the only one closest to my shade! The design of the cushion is also very sleek and classy and this cushion lasts really long on my face which is really good for oily skin types! 


I’m really enjoying this mask and it leaves my skin so moisturised and soft the day after! It also helps with smoothing the skin and also be used as an acne treatment! Plus it kind of does smell like honey. 


I purchased this a few weeks ago and I’m in love~! It really does moisturise your lips while giving it a nice glossy shine with sparkles! (I may have also purchased this because of BTS Jungkook but sshhh). 


This blush is amazing! And it’s super cheap! What is there not to love about this product? It also doesn’t sparkle and gives off a natural look. 


HOLY GRAIL. Enough said. Leaves my skin amazingly smooth. 


Does a good job with removing hard waterproof makeup and I love seeing the separation of the oil and the water. 


Everyone raves about this and I can understand why! A really cheap tint only like $4? And it looks really nice and natural. 


OHMYYGOD. This is my holy grail. Please purchase everyone. It’s THAT good.


HOLY GRAIL again. Really sharp applicator and lasts a long time. 


The only toner I’ve really enjoyed and feel like it’s doing something for my skin. Also, really fun to use. 


HOLY GRAIL. Like legit, it makes your skin like a baby’s and actually brightens your skin as in overnight. 


Another fave tint! Watery but applying it is really easy and lasts a long time! Plus it’s another raved product.


HOLY GRAIL. (Why do I feel like I’m repeating myself??) Anyways these are really dirt cheap masks that make your skin super nice, plus there’s a bunch of different flavours for all skin types. 

Thanks for reading all my subscribers! I wish you all the best and a very happy New Years! Sailing ahead for 2016~! 

For once I’m actually doing this at the same time everyone else is hehe what a surprise! Sorry for this last minute…graphic…thing. Out of the blue just decided to do a ff today orz

Before I get started I wish you all a merry Christmas/happy holidays and a memorable start to the new year!

I’d like to start off by saying that I bought an alarming amount of oversized plain tees…so with my nivea fruity shine peach and new timberland boots I now proclaim myself jungkook trash.

To everyone I follow: I couldn’t be happier with the quality and flow of content on my dash. It’s hard to believe I only follow 100 blogs now! With my rigorous work load and horrible work ethic I am very thankful for all of your wonderful posts. Even though I am more prone to procrastinate, believe me when I say that you guys keep me sane ( especially those who put their thoughts in their tags hehe ). You guys are amazing keep doing what you’re doing~

To my old followers: 2015 was definitely a year full of changes. Does anyone even remember when I annoyed everyone with my color coding? Yea…it all feels so distant now. But of course nobody could forget that I went from an exo blog, to half infinite/exo, to multifandom, to finally a taekook bts blog. I’m actually amazed you guys stuck around. I know I don’t get to talk to all of you ( at least without the shades on ) but I love you all! *throws greasy hearts*

To my new followers: I know everyone is probably used to seeing gifs so I’m especially thankful that you all still appreciate the simple edits I put out! Coming from a fandom that was predominantly edits, this was a culture shock to me for sure. I really didn’t think I would receive such a warm welcome but just week 1 and people were already recommending me as “bts fanboy.” Thank you ARMYs for accepting me into this fandom :)

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The Morning After The Night Before Chapter 3, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction
Captain Swan AU. Emma Swan has been sharing her office with the irrepressible Killian Jones for three years. But when she wakes up the morning after the staff Christmas Party in Killian Jones's bed, will she die of humiliation immediately, or will it be a prolonged death? And who is trying to break in?

Part Three - Breakfast

There were many things that Emma Swan could have been doing with the first morning of her Christmas Break. She could be braving the unwashed hordes of Christmas shoppers in her local mall, scouring the aisles of Bed, Bath and Beyond for the perfect gift for her domestic goddess of a sister-in-law. She could have actually turned up for her morning kickboxing class for once, and shocked the hell out of her instructor. She could have put on her favorite record and danced around in her living room, secure in the knowledge that Walsh had finally cleared the last of his stuff out, and he wouldn’t ever be around to look down on her taste in music again.

She could have done any of that.

But instead, somehow, she found herself wedged into one of Granny’s vinyl booths, watching on in poorly disguised fascination as the two British men in front of her devoured their All Day Breakfast with the same dogged determination, plates piles high with fried confections.

Keep reading