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Summer Fruit & Berry Wedding Cakes

When the orchards are bursting with summer produce, why not add some fruit to your wedding cake?

Blueberry & Cream

Much like strawberry shortcake, this simple fruit and cream wedding cake is a delectable conclusion to a summer wedding day. Each sponge cake layer is topped with whipped cream, blueberries and a light dusting of powdered sugar. Just remember that whenever you have a dessert with whipped cream or delicate frosting, that you keep it out of the heat at a summer wedding.

Lemon & Raspberry

When searching for berry wedding cakes, look for tried and true flavor combos. Lemon and raspberry complement each other well. Rather than using a heavier buttercream, this cake calls for a meringue frosting to bring out the delicate taste of the raspberries.

Strawberry Shortcake

Desserts do not get more summery than classic strawberry shortcake. This wedding-ready version uses sponge cake instead of scones or biscuits to hold layers of fluffy whipped cream.

Blueberry & Lavender

A sweet blueberry filling is sandwiched between three layers of lavender cake underneath this dessert’s watercolor-inspired swirls of buttercream frosting. Wouldn’t this be a fantastic choice for a cutting cake?

Cherries & Cream

Like a trifle surrounded by ladyfingers, Cherry Charlotte is such a special dessert. End the evening with slices of this dessert and red wine or coffee.

Strawberry & Rhubarb

A mousse cake like this one is better for indoor summer receptions because of its delicate texture. The cool pattern on top is created with thin slices of pretty rhubarb.

Plum & Blueberry

Rustic wedding? If you are planning a dessert table filled with pies and tarts, you might want to add this simple charmer to the list. Featuring dark plums and blueberries, this upside down cake is easy to serve.

Lemon & Lime

Brides that appreciate a great margarita will love this fruity summer wedding cake. A citrus layer cake topped with a tequila lime frosting, this tasty baked good would be right at home at any warm-weather wedding.

Raspberry & Champagne

Searching for a showstopping bridal shower dessert? Use a Victorian tradition of “cake pulls” inside of a raspberry champagne cake. Fortune telling charms are attached to ribbons. Each guest selects their ribbon and the corresponding charm is revealed when the cake is cut.

Blueberry & Ginger

Angel food cake is a favorite nostalgic dessert, and is used especially at vintage and retro events. Give this lovely cake a splash of extra flavor with a blueberry ginger compote.

Blackberry & Chocolate

Want a more traditional wedding cake? Berry wedding cakes can also be moody and glam. This stunning woodland wonderland-themed cake features handfuls of blackberries dotting layers of chocolate buttercream.

Fig & Blackberry

This luxurious topper is a beautiful combination of figs and blackberries, all with a drizzling of decadent chocolate sauce.

Craft Project #1 - Polymer Clay Cake Charms

Materials You Will Need

- Polymer Clay in the colors or your choice.

- Clay tools such as a needle tool, toothpick, toothbrush, blade, ball tool, etc…

- Round cookie cutter

- Eye pin, jump ring, cell phone strap

- Pasta machine or clay roller

- Embellishments such as silicone, whipple cream, glitter, clay sprinkles, micro beads, cane slices, puffy paint, etc…

- Glaze of your choice, paint brush

- Pliers

Step 1 & 2

Pick out what two colors you would like to use and condition your clay.  Once you get it nice and soft either roll it out with a clay roller or run it threw a pasta machine.  You want the clay to be between 1/8 and ¼ of an inch, depending on the style your going for. Once you get smooth sheets of clay, take your round cookie cutter (or whatever shape you’d like to use) and cut out two circles of one color and one circle of the other color.  You will also need to roll out a pretty big sheet of really thin clay to act as ‘fondant.’ You want this to be about four inches round or so. After you get them cut out , stack them together, single color in the middle and other color on top and bottom.  Smooth out any imperfections.

Step 3

After you are satisfied with the way your layers look, take the layer of ‘fondant’ and smooth over top of the cake making sure to get the top and the sides.  Cut off any access clay at the bottom.

Step 4

Take your blade and cut out however many slices you wish.  You should be able to get six to twelve slices, depending on how big or small you want them.  After you get your slices cut out you want to insert your eye pin to the top of each slice.  

Step 5 & 6

For the middle part, you can either take your needle tool and poke lots and lots of tiny little holes, to give the illusion of it looking like ‘mousse,’  you can leave it smooth, or you can make it look like ‘cake’ by taking your needle tool and picking at the clay in a circular motion. For the top and bottom layers, you can do the same thing as the middle or do something different.

Step 7

Once you texture all of your cakes, and they look the way you want them to look, you want to bake them in the oven for fifteen minutes at 275 degrees, 


Step 8

After your slices have cooled completely, you can either glaze your cake first and then add the embellishments or add the embellishments and then glaze it, or if you want a more realistic look, dont glaze the cake but just the ‘icing’ and toppings.  After everything has dried you can use your pliers to open your jump rings to add them to your charm along with your cell phone strap.

You can use these as cell phone charms, key chains, zipper pulls, wine markers and lots more!!

RFA - calorie-counting MC

Fun fact:  temporarily starving yourself or doing things like only eating one meal a day could ultimately actually make you gain weight.  An irregular diet like that will make your body think that food is in short supply.  Therefore, you need to store what little food you do take in, so once you start eating again, your body converts more of your intake into fat.

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“When all this is over, I’m gonna visit her in Hammerhead.”

Day 4: Favorite Pairing/Bromance // Recipeh // Ravus Nox Fleuret

I love these cinnamon buns so very much ;-; They’re both just so sweet and I always seen them becoming close friends during the ten years of darkness as he was the one who stayed on Hammerhead to try and keep it safe for her. He’d be such a ray of sunshine in that time (and never quite be able to get over his crush :3). I feel like she’d eventually see him as the one who never left nor ever asked her to change who she was, he liked her just the way she was <3 

Fun fact we made these cosplays a few months before the game came out. Jason connected with Prompto the most and I thought Cindy was super cute. Really we picked them based on looks and basic knowledge. The game came out and come to find out not only did we pick our best fitting characters but also still ended up cosplaying a pairing xD 

Photography - Fruity Cakely

Galactica, chapter 249

Deck the hall with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la la, la la. The Puerto Ricon sun is shining, and christmas is celebrated in the land of Galactica!

Thank you to everyone who has been patient in the wait for this chapter, and thank you to @samrull @toriibelledarling and @veronicasanders for their help, creative minds and their writing skills <3!

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Jason surprising Nico with a kiss in the sky fluff?

Their date was awesome. Jason took Nico all around the city, finding little hole-in-the-wall cafes and small bars. By the end of the night, they were both decently buzzed off of fruity cocktails and coffee cake. As they began their walk home, Jason wrapped Nico in a tight hug. Nico grinned and hugged him back, but his feet weren’t touching the ground anymore. He let out a very unmanly squeal and wriggled in Jason’s arms, which probably wasn’t a good idea.
“Relax,” Jason said, his laugh rolling like thunder. “I’ve got you.”
“I swear to the gods, if you drop me, I’ll kick your ass.”
Real thunder rumbled behind them. Jason chuckled.
“You’d better keep that promise, then. Or my father will smite you.” He paused to give Nico the dazzling smile he was weak for. “I wanted to show you this.”
Jason gestured to the city below them. The lights gave off a soft glow that seemed to go on forever. It was all Nico could see, were the lights. It looked like a congregation of fireflies.
“It’s beautiful,” he breathed.
“Isn’t it?”
And suddenly, Jason’s lips were on his. His tongue coaxed its way into Nico’s mouth. Nico lost himself, completely forgetting that they were hundreds of feet in the air. He moved his lips against Jason’s lazily and without purpose. Jason tasted of fruity alcohol.
Before he knew it, Nico was back on the ground. Jason’s eyes were wide, loving. They made him melt.
“We should get back,” Nico whispered, having nearly forgotten his voice.
“Mm,” said Jason, pulling him in for another intoxicating kiss. “Sure. But I’m not done with you yet.”


Person: “If you’re a vegan, why are you fat?”

- Vegan General Tsos Mock Chicken and Buffalo Bites.
- Pink Sugar Rush Cake, Vegan Cream Eggs, 2 Twinkies, a Raspberry Poptart and Captain Crunch Fruity Berries Cake. 

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Last song listened to: jekyll and hyde - hatsune miku/ia

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Top three fictional characters: chara from undertale, usagi tsukino from sailor moon, literally everyone from tf2

Three ships: charisk, plaguemona, bassrock!!

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Old Spice

for the Drabble Games, now closed for requests. 

Drabble games prompt #26: “It’s always been you.” requested by @everyjourneylove || More Dwalin fics || Fanfiction Masterlist || Drabble Games series || Notes/Warnings: brief cursing-EDIT: F bomb removed || can be read as part of the “If Only You Knew” series, or independently || incorporates this imagine from @imaginexhobbitImagine Dwalin showing you affection by patting your head or ruffling your hair

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