fruity breakfasts

Hello! I’m Flora, and this is my first ‘studyblr’-ish post, which are basically tips on how I started to learn new habits and make new healthy routines and just became more productive, in general.

But please remember that this guide and these tips are not guaranteed to work for everyone, so skim through them and see which would best suit you, your schedule and what interests you!

(These are all only based on my experiences.)

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last night

Ladies Nurses’ Night Out

  • went in an uber for the first time
  • everybody bought me drinks because I’ve never had anything alcoholic and everybody wanted me to get drunk
    • 1 glass of apple ale @ a fellow nurse’s appt. (bad apple juice)
    • 1 Rocket Pop (weird sprite)
    • 1 Amaretto Sour (cough syrup??? that makes your throat hot.)
    • 1 Vodka Sprite (weirder sprite)
    • 1 Blue Motherfucker (don’t remember.  Vaguely fruity?)
    • 1 Breakfast Shot (GROSS but then orange juice. So, mixed bag)
    • 1 CC Express (don’t remember.  Sweetish?)
  • I only started to feel anything at the end of the night–I was def. expecting more….drunkness.  All I got was a slightly unsteady feeling in my legs, a stomachache and a slightly dizzy feeling when I closed my eyes??  It wasn’t really good or bad, just kind of weird.
  • A beverage (ORANGE JUICE for example) that’s like an 8/10 by itself becomes like a 4/10 when combined with alcohol.  Any drink with booze in it becomes like half as good. 
  • Loved the company, not a big fan of the activities.
  • Slept on Fellow Nurse’s couch, woke up to her dogs licking my face.  A++
  • Nurse Tech KEVIN vanishes, leaves his keys in Fellow Nurse’s apartment, texts “I need help I’m locked out” to a coworkers phone and then apparently his phone dies.  MASS CONCERN
  • three RNs in a shitty car cruising around small-town Ohio trying to track down their very private coworker’s house with nothing but “my house is yellow”, “I live behind one of the fire stations” “there are train tracks near my house” and facebook pictures.
  • I had a good time.


HA.  Kevin apparently realized after texting us that his car was unlocked and he could get in through his garage–then he passed out and didn’t charge his phone, so we were all pretty sure he was dead.

But he wasn’t.  He was safe in his house sleeping, like an ASSHOLE.  KEVIN.