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What perfumes/fragrances do you recommend?

Oh i’m such a perfume addict but scents are really personal so i’ll divide them into categories so you can see which scent profiles best match up with your tastes! Also, since I am more of a packaging snob most if not all the bottles are more timeless and chic. 





You’re Cute When You’re Jealous (Star Lord Reader Insert)

Anon Request: May i please have a star-lord x reader smut where you make him mad/jealous/whatever and he takes it upon himself to teach you a lesson so he’s REALLY rough with you and spanks you and just lets his primal urges take over. Pretty please? If you wrote this id explode

Warnings: smut, language, orgasm denial, slight bondage, general roughness lmao

Words: 2806

so i totally fixed my computer on my own cause i’m like a straight up genius like albert einstien who? so i got to post this a day earlier… anyways here you go my loves


Harmless flirting, simple as that. Innocently toying with each other, and the teasing itself gradually getting more and more frequent as time went on. It consisted of lingering touches, the ever-so-often eyeing one another indecently, the salacious insinuations, and even the occasionally abrupt pinches to your ass. Your relationship with Peter Quill, that is.

All around the ship and even on missions, you were known to play around with each other. You’d sway to the beat of his music, pressing your bodies close and letting his hands travel dangerously low on you back like two horny teenagers at the prom. The long nights spent co-piloting together didn’t go unnoticed by the other Guardians.

It was strange because even with all this faux romance, you never actually did anything. Never kissed or been intimate with each other. Not that you didn’t needily fantasize about it, but timing didn’t ever seem precise. Right when something was about to happen there would always be some alarm going off or that damn raccoon would stroll in and ruin the whole moment. So eventually, you just gave up trying. But you didn’t stop flirting, for it was just all in good fun.

However, you couldn’t help feeling a somewhat possessive of Quill whenever he fooled around with other girls. He’d stopped bringing girls back home as often as he used to, but still eyed others obscenely.

Like today for example: Peter and yourself were sent out together to get some supplies for the ship. The store contained almost everything you required from the list Gamora had organized: food, water, toiletries, etc. After gathering together all the items, you took them to the checkout to pay.

Moving away for one second to get one thing you’d mistakenly forgotten, you came back to find Peter flirting with the bubbly little blonde cashier posted at the register. He had his elbow propped up against the counter slyly and was leaning in close to the girl, his eyes darting between her eyes and her overly exposed breasts. You couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying, but it must’ve been very funny judging by her obnoxious giggles. Rolling your eyes, you slapped down the pack of batteries causing the dumb cashier to jump back in surprise. A scowl formed over her lips and a fake smile on yours. After she rang everything up, obviously irritated by the large amount of stuff you’d put on the table but not irritated when she saw Peter lift a hefty water gallon, she directed her toothy smile to him.

“That’ll be 74 units,” she said in a voice that you guessed was supposed to be sexy. When it was you who pulled out the money (because Gamora understandably didn’t trust Peter with 100 units) the cashier’s glare returned. Once the whole transaction was complete, you grabbed your change and a few bags off the table. You turned to the exit but realized Peter wasn’t following. He was, in fact, still talking up the blonde.

“For the love of God,” you muttered to yourself. You stormed up behind him and, since your hands were full, kicked him right in the ass. He jumped forward at the surprising contact, loudly banging his knees against the tall counter and even caused the cashier to jump again.

“Hey, what the hell?” he griped.

“Let’s go, asshole,” you ordered. His eyebrows were knit together in irritation but then something flickered in his eyes, and his expression was replaced with a smirk. He turned back around and took the rest of the bags in his arms.

“See ya later, Star Lord!” the cashier called desperately. He winked at her and she literally looked like she was going to pass out. You scoffed and rolled your eyes for the second time in 10 minutes.

Once out of the store, Peter was still strutting around with that cocky smirk painted on his face.

“What?” you questioned, annoyed with his smugness.

“Nothing. It’s just that you’re cute when you’re jealous,” he laughed. Controlling the heat that was desperate to rise to your cheeks, you laughed off his irritatingly accurate comment.

“Oh please, don’t flatter yourself.”

“Admit it, you were totally jealous.”

“Sure, Star Lord,” you mimicked the cashier, “you wish.” It was more than true, however. You were utterly envious, but you’d rather die than confess. And just thinking about him with that girl only fueled your rage. So while you were getting angrier, his smile just grew wider.

On the way back to the ship, you were still fuming. You knew that you and Peter weren’t together, but it still bothered you whenever stuff like this happened. Yet at the end of the day, he had every right to mess around with anyone he wanted. And guess what? So did you.

Later that same evening, you were getting ready to go out to a local dive. Getting especially dolled up, you put on your favourite dress and dabbed on a little extra makeup. You were determined to get laid tonight no matter what. You needed to prove a point; that you could be with whoever you wanted and you didn’t have to limit yourself to the like of Peter Quill. Hearing him say he was going to stay behind came as a relief to you, for he would only be a distraction.

You strolled through the cabin whilst slipping your heels on, the clicking of them echoing throughout the ship. Peter looked up from the holographic screen in front of him when he heard the abrupt sounds. His eyes followed you from head to toe, taking in every inch of your body.

“We ready to go?” you called to the others. Murmurs of agreement came from the group and you were sure to blow a kiss to Quill before heading towards the door just to mess with him.

“Change my mind, I think I’ll come along instead,” he announced a little too loudly, grabbing his infamous leather jacket before following you out the door.

“Fantastic,” you mumbled to yourself sarcastically.

It was a short walk to the place and you felt Peter’s eyes boring into you the whole time. Usually, butterflies would be swarming around in your stomach, but the feeling never arrived. So you let him get in his prolonged glances before entering the rundown joint.

Heading straight for the bar, you ordered the usual beer. Personally, you weren’t really into the bright, fruity drinks that the other women in here seemed to enjoy. But before you could hand the bartender the required amount of units, a stranger gave over the cash. A handsome stranger, that is. Not as hot as Peter but-, you stopped yourself. You weren’t going to let yourself think about him at all. So you pushed the thought of leather jackets and blue eyes to the back of your mind.

“Let me take care of that,” he said, winking at you. While it was a kind gesture, it’d take a lot more than a free drink and a smile to get you to fall for him. However, you were intrigued by the newcomer’s ways.

“Thank you.”

“No problem. A beautiful lady like yourself deserves a lot more than a free drink,” he declared.

“Ooh, that was very smooth,” you joked, fighting the urge to groan. It was almost too cheesy to bear and you’d heard that line a million times or at least some variation of it. He chuckled and you introduced yourself. He did the same, naturally forgetting his name in an instant. It sounded horrible but, when it came to one night stands, you didn’t care about titles. Only what they had to offer.

You talked some more with what’s-his-face and brought your charm to a ten, batting your lashes and laughing at his stupid, unfunny jokes. Yet, no matter how hard you tried to pay attention to what’s-his-face’s dull conversation, something was poking at the back of your mind.

It was strange because, instead of tailing other intoxicated females like he usually did, Peter seemed to be somewhat following you around. He always managed to stay a solid 5ft away from you at all times and you’d noticed his eyes were narrowed menacingly at your partner. If you didn’t know any better you’d think he was, dare you say, jealous.

Oh, this was too good to be true.

Deciding to test the waters a little, you inclined a little closer to your man. Temptingly tracing little circles in the his shirt, Quill was watching your every move intently. His shoulders stiffened and his jaw clenched as if he were holding himself back. You really weren’t paying attention to what the guy in front of you was babbling on about because the most wonderful idea popped into your head. Not only would it shut the guy up, but it’d make Peter even more covetous as well. So you expertly grabbed whatever-his-name-was’ face and delivered the same brash smirk to Quill that he always wore just before pressing your lips against the strangers.

The man, quickly recovering from your random actions, rested his hands on your bottom. The feeling was a bit foreign, for you were used to the sensation of Peter’s large, warm hands rather than this stranger’s oddly cold ones. His lips moved with yours, but only for a minute or so until you were forcibly being tugged away by your upper arm by none other than the great Star Lord himself.

You let him guide you away as whatever-his-name-was protested loudly. When the two of you had made it through the sea of inebriated grinding to the quieter side, he finally stopped and turned around. His jaw was rather tight under his scruffy facial hair and his eyes were icy hot. He was obviously trying to stay calm, for he was not one to usually get riled up. But you couldn’t deny he looked sexy when he did.

“What the hell was that?” he gritted through his teeth and crossed his arms under his puffed out chest.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit. You don’t even know that guy and you just kissed him and let him touch you like that?!” he raised his voice a little louder.

“I was just having a little fun, maybe you should try it.” Playing innocent was clearly only infuriating him more. Abruptly, he grabbed your shoulders and pulled you close, staring deep into your eyes.

“Listen to me; don’t ever do that again.” Was he honestly doing this right now?

“Aww, you’re cute when you’re jealous,” you laughed, throwing his words from earlier right back in his face.

“Watch it, (Y/N).”

“Or what, hmm? You gonna punish me?” The alcohol had now kicked in and made you slightly tipsy, but already destroyed your filter. “Maybe I’ll let Mr. Stranger over there take me home and let him fuck me all night long.

In reality, the only place you’d go with that guy is to a muzzle factory, but and angry Quill was so deliciously enticing that you couldn’t resist. The way his muscles tensed up at your words, the way fire blazed in his eyes. This was a whole new level and you were playing dangerously.

“I’d be a little more careful if I were you. You’ll regret it,” he warned while completely closing the space between you. His tone was harsh, but deep within his eyes you saw lust.

“Make me.” That was it for him, for you’d officially pushed him over the edge. You were rapidly being pulled away once more. Past the bar exit, past the streets lined with people, past the ship’s door and your bunk, all the way to his.

Being slammed against the back of his door was a shot to your adrenaline. His lips were on yours in a matter of no time, a bruising kiss administered. Your fists balled in his shirt, almost ripping the flimsy fabric. His hands trailed up your back and into your hair, suddenly pulling your hair back and exposing your neck for him to ravage. You gasped loudly as he sucked on the skin above your pulse, leaving a dark purple mark there. Peter trailed kissed up to your earlobe, stopping for a moment.

“You’ve been very bad tonight, (Y/N), and bad girls don’t go unpunished. Bad girls learn their lessons,” he whispered sultrily. Heat pooled between your legs at his erotic choice of words. He hooked his hand behind your knee and pulled your leg around his waist, pressing his pant-clad groin right up against your core. You groaned at the sensation and he nipped at your lobe. Rolling your hips against him greedily, he growled primally and gripped your waist, holding you in place.

“Take off your clothes and get on the bed on your hands and knees,” Peter ordered. You shimmied out of your dress as directed and snapped open your bra, but left on your panties. His eyes were glued to your body and you couldn’t help growing wetter at the look in his eyes, one you’d never seen before. Like he was going to devour you whole.

Once you were positioned properly on his bed, he walked behind you so he was completely out of your vision. Your anticipation grew with every heavy stomp of his rocket boots. His hand was then on your back, forcing your down further so that your face was pressing against his mattress and your bottom was high in the air.

A few moments later, a heavy slap echoed not only through the room, but through your body as well. It stung only for a second or so, for Peter was quick to gently caress your sore cheek. But the sweetness didn’t last long either, for another slap was brought down. Even though it hurt, your body craved more.

“See this ass?” he asked, squeezing your butt for emphasis. “This is mine. You are mine and only mine.” Right after he finished speaking, three consecutive smacks made your bottom raw. “And when other people take what’s mine, like that douchebag at the bar for example, I don’t get too happy.” Another smack, rougher than all the ones before and you couldn’t help groaning at the pain. “Such a nice little ass,” he murmured to himself.

Before you knew it, you were roughly being pulled back by your hips. Peter’s shirt was off and being tied around your wrists.

“Put your hands behind your head and lie back,” he directed. You did so and he used his hands to spread your legs apart. His fingers dug deep in your thighs, enough to know you find bruises. When his head was positioned between your legs, he sunk his teeth into the smoothness of your inner thighs. Then littered your skin with more hickeys, marking you as his own.

Your underwear was off in the blink of an eye and Peter’s fingers curled inside you, pumping at a killer pace.

Fuck, Peter,” you moaned sensually. Your hands strained against your restraints and you cried out again when his tongue teased your clit. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” You barely had time to tighten around his fingers before he removed them.

“Come on now, you didn’t think it was gonna be that easy did you?” he smirked at you. You whined but he kissed you softly to silence you. His pants and boxers joined you dress in a pile on the floor and he pounced on you, lining himself up at your entrance. You felt yourself dripping on the sheets below you, desperate for his cock.

“Please,” you whimpered, for you’d surely explode if he didn’t do something. You laid your bound wrists around his neck and urged him to move.

“Who do you belong to?”



“Only you.”

“That’s right,” he chuckled evilly before thrusting into you aggressively. His cock filled you nicely, hitting your g-spot almost instantly. A rhythm had started and a bonfire in your lower stomach had kindled. Already close, it didn’t take long for you to be screaming his name once more. When released his warmth inside you, he buried his face in your neck and growled ‘mine’, driving you over the edge once more. His hands squeezed your hips so tightly his knuckles were white.

He slumped down next to you, a pleased smile on his face. Propping himself up on his elbows, he untied your wrists and brought you into a kiss. It was sweet, just what you needed after a night like that. Peter encased you in both of his arms, holding you close as if you were going to run off somewhere. And as you drifted off to sleep, he repeated the word that made your heart expand and your chest almost collapse on itself.


bangtan + kisses

immense description on the manner of how bts would kiss you


Like chocolate and warm pie. Like sunshine seeping through the clouds on a rainy day. Like walking through the park with a light breeze kicking up the ends of your hair as little kids run around you with smiles on their faces. Like a bright and fruity lollipop that tastes so sweet on your tongue. Like a high school anime full of aegyo and pastel, occasionally catching sight of lace or cotton under little school skirts. 


Like a porcelain tub brimming with warm water. Like a red canvas splattered with black paint. Like crystalline bedsheets and lazy Sundays between them, reading books and filling your ears with loud music from big headphones. Like a soft punch or gentle kick. Like no air but also like gasps and sighs. Like a walk along The Seine with sounds of water and locks clicking closed along the bridge with timeless ecstasy. 

Rap Monster: 

Like black lace and colored lingerie. Like a late Friday night, covered in sweat from the club or from being on your back above cold sheets. Like a thousand stars in the night sky and a bright sun, partially obscured by thick clouds. Like rolling green hills and tall red heels. Like pressure and pleasure and something you don’t think you need until you do. Like fine wine and plush leather. Like ink stains along fingertips and along the lines of recycled paper.  


Like sweet rolls and coffee in the early hours of the morning. Like a bouquet of brightly colored flowers that smell like Spring days and finely spun strands of gold. Like orange suns and dark moons and collections of rainbows that twirl across a blue landscape. Like a loose blouse and tight pants and undressing after a long day in the dark of your bedroom, a beckoning hand calling you from atop a gray duvet as sunshine fills his smile. 


Like an inside joke you shared as kid or a secret you can’t tell anybody. Like a long shower with strawberry scented soap and voices echoing off the clean tile. Like a waterpark on a hot day, wet and fun and relieving, with cute polka dot bikinis and suggestive smiles as you drink smoothies. Like a sundress in the summer and stockings in the winter, like lavender and roses scented candles filling a dimly lit room. 


Like puffs of blue cotton candy going past pink lips. Like an everlasting summer with dark dark nights that end in breathlessness and sore mornings. Like the sweet taste of fruit juice and texture of whipped cream. Like a low cut blouse and long hair that wrap around his fingers during late nights of embrace. Like early awakening and unspoken motivation. Like the cotton of dresses and the lace of what’s hiding underneath.    


Like fall days and long plaid shirts with red leaves littering the ground. Like a shy rain dotting along the rooftop and laying in bed with soft music as you watch puddles form along the streets. Like a late night car ride to clear your mind and a million fireworks exploding in the sky. Like an amusement park churro and a cold iced water. Like dim lights and musky cologne, and a  dangerous comfort as you move between silk waters.   

Hope you enjoyed because I honestly don’t know what this is…

~Admin Eggplant


A golden champagne.
Your frothy laughter announces the night.
I sip from your soul, unbuckle, relax.
My rosy-warm face dotes on every drop.
You are a constant celebration of life and living.

Your bright fruity fullness embraces my tongue,
And word-filled bubbles burst from my lips.
I embolden; I converse with a cantaloupe rind across my face.
The dirt catches my sticky dripping cares and a golden hue illuminates the room.

But your contagious effervescence is expensive.
I always return to my flatness, fizzing with stale ache.
Only for the most special occasions are you purchased.
But for those moments, I patiently wait.

All things must end; will your appeal?

-no title, by me, Daisy

Take A Gamble.

Welcome to Vegas where the crazy becomes the norm, wild nights are to be expected and everyone has a damn good time.

I guess that was except for me. Sure, I was having a decent time but a damn  good, raving time? Not so much. My friends had abandoned me in this large casino as they scurried off in differing directions. One went to grab a drink, one went with her boyfriend probably back upstairs to their room for an early ending night cap and the other had went off to one of the slot machines to waste away all of the money she had earned in the past few months.

Casinos weren’t really my thing but it was Vegas. A casino visit was to be expected right? That and an unplanned, drunken wedding. The Bellagio was crowded with people and with much of them looking to be rich and important I found myself cowering in the corner rather than interacting with anyone.

I lifted the bright pink fruity alcoholic drink to my lips and took a sip through the straw before I felt the touch of someone’s hand to my hip. Turning around, I was met with the familiar, yet unfamiliar, mesmerizing eyes of a smiling man who looked to be in his 20s.

“Would you mind explaining to me what a woman that looks like you is doing standing alone?” He said lowly into my ear in what I deemed a seductive tone. I chuckled and turned my head forward once more, taking a sip of my drink again as well.

“Well my husband is at some blackjack table wasting away our life savings,” I smirked. I turned over my shoulder to look at him to see if he was taking the bait. He showed no expression of disappointment. He was instead holding a cocky smirk.

“Then I guess he wouldn’t mind if I stole you away?”

I playfully scoffed and now turned my entire body forward to face him. “Wow. You really are as cocky as I thought you were.” Neymar showed no signs of wavering in his approach regardless of my lie regarding a husband that did not exist. I was actually slightly impressed.

Neymar laughed and my, oh my, the sound was melodic. I was practically entranced if it were not for me shaking away my thoughts and listening in to what he said next. “I didn’t really believe the whole husband thing. I figured you were using it as a ploy to get me away from you which I can say is not enough if you’re trying to get rid of me.”

“Oh really?”

“Really,” he nodded before pointing towards my cup. “What’s that?”

“I have no idea but it’s good. Would you like to taste?”

He quickly shook his head. “No thank you but I would like to buy you another one if that’ll keep you speaking with me.”

“I’m not really sure a drink is the route to take to get me to continue talking.”

“And what is?”

“That is for you to figure out on your own. Don’t you think?”

He confidently stuck his hands in his pockets and continued gazing towards me. “How about you come with me?”

“And where are we going?”

“To play a game.”

He waited no longer for a response. He took my free hand and began walking off in another direction with me a few steps behind him and our hands connected. I couldn’t lie and say I wasn’t amused by his confident aura and the way he was taking charge. I simply followed in silence.

We arrived at a table, a poker game seeming to start and Neymar just took a seat before pulling me next to him where I could stand beside him. He didn’t acknowledge anyone at the table yet. He simply turned back to me and smiled mischievously. “So if I win you think I could get a little more conversation out of you?”

I gave a short shrug. “I guess if you do well enough I’d be willing to entertain you a bit longer.”

“I should warn you that I’m pretty good at this,” he winked before facing forward in his chair and reaching for the cards that were just dealt in front of him. I was completely ignorant to exactly how most of these games worked. I had barely learned blackjack before I got here but from the way he sat it seemed he wouldn’t be needing much of my help anyway.

My eyes glanced around at the contenders around the table. One older gentleman that was quite the looker. His beard had a dazzling grey tint to it along with perfectly manicured blonde hair with grey strands peppering the contrasting color. He was absolutely beautiful and the young woman standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders was just as gorgeous. They were quite picture-esque especially with the gleaming diamonds that sparkled under the casino lights from the woman’s hands clinging to who I now labelled as her husband or possible sugar daddy.

There was a woman who looked to be in her 30s who sat alone, another older man and it seemed a few others were looking to get in on the action while some people just elected to crowd around the table and watch with their money and chips safely tucked away.

“So where are you from?”

I was so lost in my own world I hadn’t realized the question was directed towards me. Startled, I looked down at Neymar who was now casually glancing over his shoulder towards me. “I’m from Spain actually. My friends and I are here on a vacation.”

He smiled a satisfied smirk. “I knew it,” he chuckled.

“Knew what?”

“That you weren’t American. I wanted to guess you were from Spain but I also didn’t want to be wrong.”

“Well you got your first assumption right,” I smirked.

Neymar refocused on the action going on in front of him as it seemed the game was officially starting. I was mildly disinterested in what was going on in the poker match and more intrigued in watching the handsome man sitting next to me. The way his jaw flexed as he seemed to be concentrating, the way he curved the cards in his hands, the way he ran his hand through his spiked hair. I could tell I wasn’t the only one eyeing him. There were men and women alike stealing glances at him. I couldn’t tell if it was because they recognized him or if he was just that attractive that he could capture the attention of many.

Rather than continuing to look at those around me, I refocused on the game. Things were called out that I didn’t even understand and I was wishing that at least one of my friends who understood poker games could dissect what this all meant for me. I silently remained confused while also having my fingers crossed that somehow Neymar could come up with a victory.

That would justify me clinging to him for the rest of the night, right? Or maybe even giving him my number?

That was if he didn’t have intentions on wooing me for one night and then abandoning me.

Wow, I was really overthinking this.

I shook my head and took a sip of the cool drink in my hand. Overthinking was my forte.

I watched as the game continued to carry on. I expected more celebrations to come throughout but many held a blank face as they continued proceeding through the game including Neymar. I had stolen a few glances at his hand but it wasn’t like I could understand if it was good or not anyway. The different card faces literally meant nothing to me.

But after a bit of time this undeniable smile came across his face and he looked over his shoulder towards me, offering a playful wink. “Should we move to the next game to conquer together?”

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Originally posted by tonystarkandpepper

Summary: He’s not ready for this – he’s never been loved, not in the way she loves him.

Word Count: 1326

Warnings: Injuries.

Tony deals in hard truths – in science the experiment either works or it doesn’t based on formulas and physics and laws. There are rules he physically cannot break, no matter how hard he tries and instead bends them until straight lines are circles. No matter how much he hates to admit it, he has guidelines, albeit very loose ones.

Then Steve escorts her in with a “this is (Y/N), our newest member,” and Tony tries to pin her down like the rest of them (Clint is all sweets and humour; Bruce hides anything that resembles his actual feelings; Steve is a Good Man), but he can’t write a formula for how she smiles at him, Tony, no ‘wow’s’ in her vocabulary or disbelief in her voice.

And there’s no question that she’s interested in him with the way she hangs around the workshop for the next few weeks, but he’s not ready for this – he’s never been loved, not in the way she loves him.

His last relationships never lasted more than twelve hours, depending on how much he drank the night before and how late he slept in. But those were strictly physical, a solution to a temporary problem.

He watches as (Y/N)’s laughs at something Sam said across the room, casually sipping at something bright and fruity and his chest tightens.

This is not a temporary problem.

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The Heroes of Roeselare

I’ve long had a soft spot for the West Flanders brewery, Rodenbach, and the mere thought of their sour, funk-tastic Flemish reds causes almost uncontrollable drooling from yours truly. I was recently fortunate enough to acquire a couple of their star beers, the fruity Caractère Rouge, and their most recent Vintage. Worried about dehydration through excessive drooling I opened the pair of them this Sunday gone, and what a treat they were.

I started with Caractère Rouge (7.0% abv). Fresh cherries, raspberries and cranberries are macerated for six months in two year oak aged beer to create this sour red ale, and it’s quite simply phenomenal! It’s tart leading to sour, with hugely complex fruit flavours, those cherries, raspberries, and cranberries all singing in perfect harmony with no one hogging the limelight. Beneath the fruit there’s some red wine vinegar spilled on old straw lined wooden floor boards and moped up with pomegranate and red currant biscuits, but that fruit trio are definitely the stars. It’s well carbed, dry on the finish. An immensely refreshing beer and up there with certain Cantillon’s in my top tier of fruit beers. 

Next was their Vintage 2012 (7% abv), a rather special two year oak aged Flemish red. This stuff is properly, face invertingly sour, and funkier than my socks after a long run. It’s also somewhat bewilderingly complex, with loadsa red wine flavours, along with unripe cherries and crab apples, cider, sweet balsamic vinegar, church pews, weasel piss, a sweaty old leather jacket, playful water voles… It’s medium carbed and bodied with a lovely, lingering sour and fruity finish. I am once again left amazed by this brewery, incredible stuff.

And then they were gone. Two hugely different sours, one bright and fruity, one darkly funky. Both completely awesome. Keep a lookout for ‘em if you like beers that make you go all scrunchy faced. Cheers!

BTS Reacts: Their GF saying ‘I love you’ for the first time in her sleep (Maknae Line)


Genre: Fluff

Members: Jungkook | Taehyung | Jimin

Lenght: 3.063


Hi Anon! Thank you so much for the request! I am so sorry it took this long. I wanted to do all seven members, but I wasnt’ really inspired and I thought I might end up repeating myself (so I hope you like our 95′ line and the Golden Maknae). If you want me to do someone from the hyung line please feel free to leave me an ask! I hope you enjoy it!


He wouldn’t address it directly, he would definitely not say a thing the same night, but instead he would wait until morning to question you over breakfast.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

You wriggled in bed, rolling around and taking the blankets away from Jungkook. You left him covered with nothing else but the lower part of his Iron Man pajamas, which made him groan when suddenly felt on his skin the characteristic biting cold of Seoul’s winter dawns.

He opened his eyes, still drowsy, and called you softly.

‘Jagi…’ He grunted. ‘The sheets. Give them back… I’m freezing.’ But you only responded snuggling even more in the little nest you had created. He poked your sides, trying with his other hand to untangle the sheets from your body.

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Smell Aesthetics I think of for MCR albums

Bullets: fresh rain on autumn leaves, taking a old Halloween costume out of storage, opening a window on cold October nights, burning paper in your backyard, rotting pumpkins.

Revenge: coffee that’s been sitting out too long, a light floral perfume, burning a strawberry scented candle, old sketchbooks you’ve had for years, taking a walk in a park or trail at the beginning of the school year.

The Black Parade: melted snow, worn out dryer sheets, cleaning out a school folder, buying a new record at your favorite record store, a glass of water with lemon wedges, green or white tea on a snow day.

Danger days: various art supplies, your elementary or high school art room, bright and fruity perfumes, going around town on a sunny summer day, using brand new cherry chapstick, being near a lake or ocean.

Beauty and Mr Charming: Chapter 5

TITLE: Beauty and Mr Charming


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / fluff 

FIC SUMMARY: After being let go of her temp job, Stella finds herself in a sticky situation when her flatmate, a bearded and poorly dressed man named Tom, leans in for a kiss and only finds cheek. Staying friends and not lovers, Stella is in complete shock when Tom completely transforms from looking like a slob to suddenly someone…hot.  Can she sort out her emotions for Tom in time before it’s too late?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I thought i should update this blog so i’m posting a new chapter!! Hoorah! Feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks for reading.

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Green Flash “Green Bullet”

90 A-

This seasonal imperial IPA is available September through December. The name Green Bullet comes from a specific hop variety that grows in New Zealand, which is also where the Pacific Gem grows, the second hop used in this recipe. The label touts “Triple India Pale Ale,” but I think this is a little silly. Anyhow, the message is clear: this is a hop monster. Aromas are bright and fruity, smelling like blackberry, grapefruit, citrus zest, honeydew melon, and spicy pine.

On the palate, malts are a minor support system that brings flavors of white sugar and caramel. Hops immediately overwhelm with tropical flavors reminiscent of mango or pineapple, highlighted by citrus fruits like grapefruit, orange zest, and sour lemon. Herbal flavors soon take firm grip on the finish where juniper and spicy mint overshadow bitter hop oils that linger lightly. As bitterness decays, biscuit malts and floral hops leave final remarks. Mouthfeel is creamy at first, puckering with an astringent bite, and spicy alcohol that leaves trace warmth behind.

The combined flavor profile from this pair of hops is quite unique and delicious. Together, they provide a complete scale with citrus on the high-range, fruity mid-range, and herbal low-range. It begins sweet, grows bitter, then finishes sour. Alcohol doesn’t wreck the palate, but it’s still a bit of a sipper. This is a strong double produced ultimately as a treat for the hop heads. Having said that, I recommend it only to those of you who can handle high ABV’s and high IBU’s. This is a great seasonal that I’ll look forward to revisiting next year.


100? IBU

San Diego, California

the making of flavor #131, June Gloom
creamy blueberry ice cream laced with chocolate fondant

Step 2: We add the blueberries to our creamy philly-style ice cream base. Each batch we made turns a different hue, depending on the pigment of the blueberries. Then we churn that up and add a chocolate fondant, a flourless chocolate cake, featuring a Madagascar 72% cacao from Mast Brothers. It’s fruity, with bright notes in a rich dark chocolate. A perfect match for our sweet blueberry ‘scream.