fruitvile station

Just a friendly PSA

You can date out of your race and be pro black! ✊🏽
You can be high maintenance and pro black! ✊🏽
You can watch the movie, “dear white people”, “straight out of Compton”, or “fruitville station” and still date out of your race ✊🏽
You can post pro-black post and still love (and educate) your white husband!✊🏽
You can be apart of #blaclivesmatter #nativelivesmatter and not be a person of color!

Michael B. Jordan is a star, though. I remember watching Fruitvale Station at a film festival and being utterly entranced,  amazed and heartbroken by his performance. The guy is supremely talented.

And no shitty Fantastic Four film in the world is ever going to change that.

Anything he does on-screen, ever, illicits a “Yes, I empathize with you completely!” reaction.

Few actors have that.