I’m watching Fruitvale Station for the 3rd time and I still get chills. I’m gonna go cry for a whole day.

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10 must sees?

Fruitvale Station (2013)

Shame (2011) 

Magnolia (1999)

Oldboy (2003)

Happy Together (1997)

Dancer in The Dark (2000)

Only Yesterday (1991)

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

Frances Ha (2012)

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could u lost some of your favorite films ?:-)

garden state, the devil wears prada, like crazy, hard ball, frances ha, beginners, an education, happy christmas, fruitvale station, paid in full, obvious child, adventureland, submarine, the way he looks, atonement, short term 12, 13 going on 30, anna karenina. i also just started a very long list of TFF, Sundance + Cannes films that i’m starting to cap/tag here

Here's The 58 TV Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix in May

Here’s The 58 TV Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix in May

Here is every TV show and movie that is going to be added to Netflix in May

Netflix is bringing plenty of new content this month in May to hold us over until ‘Daredevil’ season 2 comes out. Along with Along with Inglourious Basterds, Legally Blonde and Fruitvale Station, Netflix will also bring original series Grace & Frankieand a stand-up special from Jen Kirkman to its streaming service next…

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Name: Dan

Average hours of sleep: 7-8 i got to bed at like 9:30

The last thing you Googled: american gangster putlocker

Nicknames: sweet dan, danimal, d, dan the man (ew) big fat pussy

Birthday: may 19th ;)

Sexual orientation: bi

Height: 5′6

Fav color: Green, blue, grey

One place that makes you happy: Library/sitting underwater/somewhere quiet

How many blankets do you sleep with: 3

Favorite Films: bye it changes so much. something i can cry to tho and the last movie that made me do that was Fruitvale Station. im watching american gangster rn tho

Most Used Phrase: “Oh my god”, “bye”, “it’s lit”

Last thing you said to a family member: “see you in 4 weeks”, a snapchat to my sister

Fav beverage: Coffee

Fav food: any protein/vegetable combo tbh, also i fiend for desserts

Dream vacation: somewhere warm and private

Dream pet: blue tick/redbone/black and tan/plott/blood hound dogs

Dream job: idek at this point who’s hirin?

jibril2 thief2 thottweiler divinoir1738 thotm0m brawnaaa ihsna honestly everybody do this i like reading about yall

Be real Black for me.

Wear your ‘fros, braids, headwraps, & dashikis.

Show your African aesthetic for beauty not the European one that you’ve been indoctrinated with.

Stand tall. Stop slouching for the load is lighter when we carry it together.

Smile at your melanated sister and brother for we are from neighboring tribes.

Tell the babies that they are Kings and Queens and make sure they truly know and believe it.

Show 'em who we are

They tried to break us but

Centuries later …

We still laugh, cry, pray, learn, and grow

Centuries later …

We still fight and refuse to conform

Centuries later …

We still have not been broken

Centuries later …

The African spirits of our ancestors live in us

Centuries later …

We are here and though we may be hurt









Go 'head and …

Be real Black for Me

Mark you calendars for Cinco de Mayo in Oakland. Join us at the 2015 Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo event to celebrate the community victory of Stopping the Gang Injunctions in Oakland, the soft opening of La Cultura Cura Cultural Arts Cafe as well as the art exhibit opening of Dignidad Rebelde'exhibit! Bring family and friends to enjoy an evening of poetry, live music, teatro, food, Native American drum, Danza Azteca and Dignidad Rebelde art exhibit!

What is La Cultura Cura Cultural Arts Cafe?

La Cultura Cura Cultural Arts Cafe is a social enterprise of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice that aims to employ and empower systems impacted youth and young adults. We will be reestablishing old Indigenous trade routes by purchasing organic coffee beans directly from our Mayan relatives in Chiapas. We plan to train and employ formerly incarcerated youth and young adults, and provide a community building space that proudly promotes cultural arts and activism. We envision a community space that contributes to the positive economic development of the Fruitvale district, that benefits the long term residents of Oakland, and responds to gentrification in a meaningful and thoughtful way. Our vision is to build a beautiful and inviting cafe, ice cream parlor, smoothie bar, bookstore, and performance space that will be a vibrant gathering space for our youth and the community.
Our coffee is 100% organic certified in both Mexico and the U.S. We drip brew our coffee by the cup to ensure a rich and extremely fresh tasting cup of coffee for each and every customer. #cincodemayo #arte #art #chicanoart #xicanxart #xicanaart #curyj #vivalaraza