BROMANCE : Michael B. Jordan & Ryan Coogler

so, I finally did my research to discover who this other young man is always photographed alongside our Michael Bakari Jordan. his name is Ryan Coogler — the talented director who guided Michael through “Fruitvale Station”, as well as the man behind the lens of MBJ’s upcoming boxer film, “Creed”. 


Happy Birthday to Oscar Grant! Oscar Would’ve Turned 29 Years Old Today. May He Rest In Peace.

  • “Oscar called me grandma. And we didn’t have any nickname, I called him Oscar. He was a good grandson. He did a lot of things for me. We’re coming up on five years and it’s a bad time of year. This is a bad time of year because we’re close to the anniversary, and his mother Wanda’s birthday is on the 31st and it happened that very same night. They were here at the house just before they went to San Francisco. It’s a bad time for his mom, Wanda. It just comes back real quick, like no time at all has passed.” Bonnie Johnson, Oscar Grant’s Grandmother, Opens Up About Her Grandson: via ColorLines
  • “When Oscar Grant III was killed by a BART police officer on Jan. 1, 2009, he became a symbol to people who had never met him but saw meaning in his video-recorded death. In life, however, Grant was a 22-year-old work in progress.” Read SF Gate’s Insightful Article: “Oscar Grant’s Character, Shooter Both on Trial” -
  • Resource for All Things Oscar Grant by Davey D:
  • Link to Oscar Grant Foundation:

"I’m tired of playing freaking cha-chas, the sassy CIA agent, the best friend homegirl. I’m tired of that! So when I read this script, I was like, ‘Wow. I know that girl.’ I grew up with girls like this. I know women like that. I grew up in a family of predominantly female bread winners who are strong and have families and are fierce and opinionated. There’s not enough women like that on the screen. So, yes it was a real-life story, but it was also really refreshing to read a character like this that I knew."

- Melonie Diaz on her role in Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station Humanizes the Pigeonholed African American Father/Child Relationship” by Janyce Denise Glasper

Coincidentally enough, black men are often penalized for killing each other—at times with no possibility for parole; but on the other hand, people of other races receive light sentences on killing black men because black men are still seen as expendable. Johannes Mehserle served eleven months out of a paltry two-year prison sentence for killing Oscar. George Zimmerman is free for shooting an armless teenager. These slap on the wrists transpire every single day. Throughout the course of America’s grisly racist history, families continue grieving lost loved ones, a mother’s mourning the most bereft because justice continues murdering her children and telling her it’s fair.

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As we continue with Day 5 of the MajorCinephile11s Movie Challenge we have the category FAVORITE DRAMA MOVIE.Drama always works best for me when its fused with another genre like Drama/Comedy with SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK and drama/action Saving Private Ryan.These are my favorite straight drama films that captivate me and are just great films.
FRUITVALE STATION-A heartbreaking and deeply though provoking movie.The strong lead in Michael B Jordan only make the impact of this movie and its story that much more gripping.10/10
THE HUNT-Another extremely gripping and thought provoking movie.This is a borderline Thriller guys.The tension and anger in this movie actually makes you feel in trouble at points.It is a foreign film but the acting and writing are so sharp that you forget theyre there.10/10
ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST-A classic film with a memorable cast,great characters,and perfect script.If you havent seen it WHATS THE DEAL MAN?!10/10
THE GODFATHER PART II-One of the greatest if not THE greatest sequel of all time and my personal fav in the series.Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino give perfect performances to this epic continuation of an already perfect epic.10/10
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This is the final painting of workers for the Oakland Workers Collective. This is a project involving workers from various walks of life for "Street Level Health Project" in the Fruitvale district of Oakland. For this project I met w/jornaleros (workers) from so many different countries and backgrounds. Myself along w/ several students from UC Berkeley sat and listened to stories of trials, tribulations, and triumphs of being day laborers or domestic workers in Oakland California. Because there are so many challenges workers face on the job and obtaining jobs, Street Level Health created the Oakland Workers Collective to support these folks so they are not disrespected, cheated, abused, or ignored by local employers on the job; Whether that job is in construction, home renovations, home cleaning, child care, etc. Some of the support that the collective provides includes medical care both physical and mental, legal representation, assistance getting quality gigs, and the support of an organization that stands up for its family. 

I wrote down a lot of things while I listened and talked to the workers, both men and women. They gave a lot of ideas but above all, they want to be recognized for the diverse backgrounds from which they come from. They want to show their dignity as workers, and they want to work for and collaborate with honest & respectful employers. I’m not sure if the image serves that purpose but it was an honor to meet with the workers and to illustrate one small fraction of their story. Folks came very far, from Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Peru, and south East Asian countires like Cambodia, Laos,etc. Remember this the next time you see a group of workers on the street, at the park, or in offices. Salute! And Respect!representation, and the reputation of an org that stands up for its family. Shout out to @cinthya_oyolohtli for the connect