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OC Questions: Road Trip Edition

Your OCs are off on an adventure! Whether they’re on a mission or just slaking their wanderlust, this is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the squad. What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Which OC is the driver? Where are the other OCs sitting in the vehicle?
  2. What form of transportation are your OCs using (RV, motorcycles, on foot, etc.)?
  3. What’s playing on the radio?
  4. Imagine your OCs reacting towards staying overnight at an incredibly shady motel
  5. Which OC gets homesick nearly immediately? Do they get over it?
  6. Imagine your OCs getting lost
  7. Which OC yells “HORSE” whenever they pass by horses?
  8. What does your OC do to pass the time on a long stretch of road?
  9. Imagine your OCs playing I Spy
  10. Which OC brings a guitar to serenade the other OCs as they travel?
  11. What happens when your OCs meet a hitchhiker?
  12. Which OC insists on stopping at every fruit stall to buy snacks and chat with the seller?
  13. Which OC gets accidentally left behind at a stop? How long does it take before anyone realizes that they’re gone?
  14. Which OC buys cheesy souvenirs as keepsakes and to give to their friends who didn’t come with them?
  15. Imagine your OC sitting on the hood of the car with a thermos of hot cocoa in their hands, watching the sun rise
  16. Which OC is on a quest to try as many different kinds of food as they can on this trip?
  17. Which OC points out every strange sign they pass by on the road and reads them aloud to the amusement or annoyance of everyone else?
  18. Which OC has to stop to relieve themself every hour or so?
  19. Imagine your OCs getting pulled into a side quest when one OC claims that they saw a cryptid
  20. What happens when the vehicle runs out of fuel in the middle of nowhere?
  21. Which OC starts taking increasingly daring nature/action photos of themselves and their friends?
  22. Which OC starts out stressed about the amount of work they’re leaving at home, and slowly lets themself have fun?
  23. Imagine your OCs stopping by the side of a quiet road to go stargazing. Bonus points if they all end up falling asleep together, warm, happy, and surrounded by their friends

Yuuri wandered the market with wide, cautious eyes. Everyone on board had been itching to spend some of their newly acquired loot, so Victor had directed them to a friendly port.

At first, Yuuri had clung to Victor’s side, as skiddish as a cat. But then the stalls of fruits and fabrics drew out his fascination, and Victor had a hard time keeping up.

Victor had wanted to purchase clothes for Yuuri, as his siren’s robes would attract too much attention outside of their ship. Yuuri was far more interested in little trinkets and admiring hand-crafted instruments. He happily listened to the beckons of shop keepers, particularly those who flashed anything that caught the light of the sun or held out small slices of exotic fruits for him to try.
Victor’s coin purse was left significantly lighter. However he also noticed that people simply gave things to Yuuri. He had new bracelets on his wrists which caught the juices spilling from the orange flesh of the fruit he ate, licking his fingertips clean with a smile stretched clear across his face. Victor had purchased neither yet no angry salesman chased after them.

Yuuri seemed delighted, pleased to explore something entirely new to him, and pouted heavily when Victor finally started to tug him away. He followed only after repeated promises that they could return soon and the reminder that Yuuri could always fly there on his own, if he so wished.

They had nearly left the market when Yuuri froze, grabbing onto Victor’s wrist. Victor heard the squawks before he saw the brightly colored feathers of the parrots perched along a stall. Yuuri was there in an instant.

The birds flocked to him, one jumping into his hands as soon as he held them out. The other two shuffled as close as the leather ties around their feet permitted. Yuuri cooed to them and they chattered back, flapping and ruffling their feathers at him. Victor saw the clipped wings when they spread, saw Yuuri’s smile slip as the birds continued to chirp at him.

The look on Yuuri’s face was pure distress when he snatched up Victor’s hand, hastily tracing letters into his palm so quickly Victor barely caught the words. He did not need them to guess what Yuuri wanted, not with the way that Yuuri bristled when grisly-looking man appeared, laugh rough as he asked Yuuri if he liked his birds.

The line of Yuuri’s shoulders went rigid. He took one step forward, dark eyes flashing with the red of his siren temper. Victor had been about to unstring his coin purse, ready to toss the whole thing in exchange when Yuuri’s lips parted.


The word hit Victor’s chest like a cannonball and in that moment he would give Yuuri everything. The clothes off his back, the pistols off his sash, the gold off his fingers. His entire ship and his life, placed neatly into Yuuri’s hands. But the command wasn’t directed at him.

The daze of Yuuri’s voice did not fade. Victor watched as the ties restraining the birds were hastily cut, their owner stumbling away from Yuuri under the power of his glare the moment they were relinquished. 

They left the market with three parrots nestling gleefully up against the siren, and Yuuri never having looked prouder.

Lost Years


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Summary: Bucky meets someone he had grown close to while he was in Romania. Meeting her isn’t the only surprise he encounters. There is another small surprise.

A/N: Just something I wrote one day when I felt like nothing else motivated me. I decided to save this until I had posted all the requests I ha left. Now, no more requests (except I’m going to continue Buddies), which means REQUESTS ARE NOW OPEN! So, if you have any, send them my way. If I get too many requests, I might have to close them again soon. Now I need to make sure I’ll close it soon enough and not just keep receiving lots of requests. It didn’t work out too well before. Anyways, hope you like this imagine. If you guys want it, I could continue this one. That’s a possibility.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Words: 4,059

Warning: this one is a little angsty. Just a little. Mentions of sex but not smut.

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princess and the pauper | pt.1

You’re a fairytale I keep in my shelves, in my pockets and in the crevices of my heart. Whatever the universe decides, you will always be my prince in my kingdom.

➤ fluff; royal!au, pauper!jimin

➤ 3.1k words

➤ summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist.

To your parents’ sheer disapproval and admittance, you were not by far the most prim and proper princess that every reader of a fairytale would expect you to be. And there was no reason for anyone to sugarcoat how ‘unique’ or ‘extremely charming in exotic ways’ you are because none of that sweet talk could compromise for your lack of dignity in this regal position.

Growing up with older brothers who find solace and extreme delirium in the most outrageous activities, you were quick to follow their boisterous ways. There was always the bubbling adrenaline that skirts your system like a roller coaster, quenching your thirst with new discoveries and adventures.

But the greatest adventure lies in the heart of the kingdom. A place, that a princess like you, was taught to beware of its possible dangers and festering communities in the isolated parts of the kingdom that speak nothing of ridiculous shenanigans. Your mind has always been beclouded by the foul knowledge and the warnings but it was too soon that you surpassed the age of innocence that you pondered over the fact that maybe, your parents, the king and queen, were just skeptical of someone like you to manage yourself into the real world. So for years, the fortress that you were reluctant to trust had taken away the unknown, the unexplored. For years, you let the walls hinder and barricade you from the impending thrill of discovery and you were beyond infuriated by the idea of it.

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Winter Shadow, chapter 6

There’s a lot of Bucky’s POV (italics) in this one, which is kinda dumb because if you’ve seen Civil War, you’ll know this stuff.  Sorry x

She was taken in. Not too roughly, but not too gently either. Handcuffed, thrust into the back of a windowless van, the Widow climbing in after her, and banging on the driver’s partition.  The van started, and she felt it moving off into traffic, not too fast, trying not to attract attention.  She shifted slightly, trying to ease her shoulders and get more comfortable.  Time to assess first, before acting, before trying to escape.

And then it hit her. Why escape? Why leave one captivity, to return to another? For years, she had returned to Hydra because of James, drawn to him, programmed, compelled, to be there with him. Then he left, and she reverted to acting solely on command. Go out, complete mission, return.  But now, the electroshocks had agitated her brain, resetting her neuronal connections, shaken loose the commands. Perhaps not all of them, she still felt the urge to fight, to run, but now she felt that she could choose whether to act on those orders. Now she could think about who and why she might fight, where she might run.  The choice was too great, after decades under control, the idea of free will was tantalising and terrifying.  For now though, she would choose to wait.

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Setting the scene 🇯🇲

I can smell the Jamaican Jerk cooking on a BBQ on the side of the road, the sound of reggae booming through speakers and the tropical fruit stalls add to the beautiful colours of the town of Montego Bay. Alongside the paradise that is Jamaica the fun vibes and atmosphere add up to make it not only my favourite country in the world but my home from home.

GOTG 2 fix-it fic scrap deux

(from the same WIP as the previous scrap)

Peter had tried to convince him to give up pirating. Go on the straight-and-narrow.

Yondu’d barked a laugh in his face, vocal chords rattling harshly. “And what would I do, boy? With my resume?” Lucky for him, sarcasm could squeeze through even permanent scarring. Peter winced. “Merchanting? Nursing babies? Sellin’ jogan in a fruit stall on Xandar?”

“Jogan lattes in a cafe, sir,” Kraglin contributed, straight-faced. “I hear they’re gettin’ real popular with the young pro-fess-ion-als these days.”

“See,” Yondu pointed at Kraglin. “With that kinda brainpower behind me, we’ll get the operation up and running in no time. Special Ravager lattes for everyone.” 

“Jesus give me strength,” Peter mumbled into his hands, accompanied by their sniggers. Felt good, tag-teaming the kid again, which meant Yondu realized just a shade too late what was about to come out of Peter’s mouth when he lifted his head and fixed Yondu with a disturbingly sincere expression on his face.

“You could join the Guardians,” was, yep, what came out of his mouth. All soft and hopeful.

Aw, hell.

anonymous asked:

If you still need Buckynat prompts: Bucky has problems with panic attacks in public. Natasha wants to help.

They went to the market in Birnin Zana’s main square every week so Natasha could get ingredients for their Wednesday night dinners.

“I don’t remember you being much of a cook,” Bucky had said when she’d first proposed their weekly meal.

“I was thoroughly trained in the culinary arts,” she’d replied archly. “But I don’t think you and I were ever within 500 yards of a kitchen together.”

He’d conceded the point. She was, it turned out, an excellent chef. And he was an excellent diner. As a shopping companion, though, he figured he left much to be desired.

It was hot in the marketplace, but not hot enough for the amount he was sweating. Nat confidently haggled for a sack of chickpeas while his eyes darted from rooftop to rooftop, searching for threats. There were none, but his heart was pounding like a firefight was imminent, and he needed to find a reason for the terror simmering under his skin. He let out a hard breath, and Natasha looked at him curiously as he struggled to get his body under control.

“Hey,” she said. “Let’s find a place in the shade to sit for a minute.”

Bucky nodded jerkily and tried to stay conscious as the shapes and colors of the marketplace swam in front him. Nat led him, steady and sure, loosely holding onto his wrist.

They sat on a couple of crates at the back of a fruit seller’s stall, and Natasha handed him her phone as he was losing feeling in the fingers of his real hand and wondering if he was having a heart attack. He couldn’t be having a heart attack. He’d been in perfect health at his physical last week. Maybe he’d been poisoned.

She tapped his hand and pointed to the screen of her phone. “Breathe in time with that,” she said.

“Did you poison me?” he gasped.

“No,” she replied patiently. “Your autonomic nervous system is reacting to an imagined threat. Think of it as an emotional allergic reaction. Breathe along with that for a minute, then tell me how you feel.”

On the screen was a dot that rose into a series of geometric shapes before collapsing in on itself to a dot again. He synced his breathing and felt the sensation returning to his hand. The terror at the back of his mind remained, though.

Nat seemed to sense this and leaned over to switch the phone to a game where he had to match little jewels by color and shape. Bucky wasn’t sure how long he played, but he felt the exact moment when the tension left his body–it was like he was a puppet whose strings had been cut.

He slumped over and she was there; one hand at his elbow and the other on the back of his neck. “I don’t have those apps on my phone for you, you know,” she said quietly. “I used to think I was dying. Every time, no matter how often it happened. It felt like it was only fair, after everything I’d done.”

He huffed out a bitter laugh and tucked his face into her shoulder.

“Turns out,” she said slowly. “If you’ve been taught for years to ignore every single signal your body sends, they all kind of come back at once. With a vengeance. And you think wow, this whole ‘being a person’ thing is a BITCH.”

He smiled against her neck and felt her smile in return. “You okay?” she said.

“Probably not,” he said. “But I’m not the only one, right?”

She chuckled. “Nope,” she said. “And after dinner tonight, I can put all of these apps on your phone. Sound good?”


Taste. (a.k.a. You remember)

Hello, darling.

don’t expect you to see this letter in good shape, but I suppose now that you’ve found it, it must still be intact if you can read these words clearly. But that’s besides the point.

I was passing by the fruit stall–the same one you so loved to go to every weekend–earlier, and what do you know? Your favorite fruit, on half price sale! It reminded me of the time when you’d often buy one so we can share in the slices together for dessert, and how your lips would taste just the same as that fruit whenever we ended up lip-locked… as debauched as that incident would often happen, but anyway.

And then, they told me something I was sure you’d forget before–the monger mentioned your name! And he mentioned that every single time you came by his stand, you would often stare at the fruit, a smile on your face, and whenever he asked, you’d told him that it reminded you of me every time you see it.

To say that I was touched was beyond words that could describe it. I was close to tearing up right then and there, but you of all people know me best… so I ended up buying armfuls of that fruit, knowing in the end there would be no one to eat it but me.

I gave some to Noct. He said it tasted weird, but he ate all of it.

Gladio mentioned something about how the fruit resembled your eye color.

Prompto was giving me looks the whole time.

And me? Well, what can I say? I still feel weird writing a letter that no one but me will read.

Please rest in peace, my love. May the songs of the underground lull you to a wonderful eternal sleep.

With love, forever yours,

Ignis Scientia.”


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Open the window

Request: So. I came by your blog and got curious. Are you making Assassin ones? Like the movie… Can I request Aguilar x reader. They meet after his girlfriend was killed and reader is helping him contact with Columbus, they got closer and lots of fluff (maybe smuth?) Please.

part 2:

Yes I can. Yes I will. Yes I did it. I liked the damm movie and hell I love Aguilar, and no one can stop me

Originally posted by assassinscreed

First thing that Aguilar knew when he woke up, was that he was in pain. Every wound he gained while fighting for an Apple in Granda was stinging, making him want to groan.
Next thing Assassin noticed, was that he was lying in a rather comfortable bed, covered in layers of thick blankets and the smell of herbs around him.
The last thing that came to his fogged mind, made him open his eyes and sit straight, which also made him groan in pain. There he was, in unknows place, without his clothes, with only bandages covering his wounds.
“You startled me.” Aguilar looked harshly to his left, regretting it the moment his broken ribs made him gasp in pain. Person, girl dressed in simple brown dress, who was sitting at the side of his bed, quickly got up to her feet and jumped to him, pushing him slightly to lay back. When he didn’t, she huffed and straightened, pushing her fists against her hips, with frown on her face. “If you won’t lay down, you may get worse. Come on, don’t make me force you.” He still was watching her with furrowed brow, which made her sight. “Don’t be stubborn, you were dying when I found you, and you need rest. I will make you something to eat, you must be starving.” When she made her way around the bed and opened the doors, Assassin noticed that indeed his stomach demanded food. Nodding slightly to the girl, he leaned against the headboard of the bed and watched as she walked out of the room with smile on her face, closing doors behind her.
The moment she was gone, man got up from the bead, looking for his clothes, wanting to leave this place as fast as possible, yet once again his wounds made him wince, the one at his side burning him, his breathing heavy from this. Pressing one hand to his wounded side, Assassin used the other to hold himself up while he moved around the room, looking for anything where his clothes and the Apple would’ve been hided in, his own nudeness not bothering him at the moment.
Whole room was slightly dark, because of the shutters, which didn’t let much light through them. There also were incense sticks on some of the furniture, which made it hard to see through the smoke they created, the air was heavy from the smell of the incense, herbs and sweat, which didn’t really helped him.
Aguilar walked to the window and looked through the small hole in the shutter, at the busy street of a town, yet he couldn’t really recognize which exactly this was. Too late he heard the footsteps approaching the room. When girl opened the door with one hand, in the other holding the plate with food, she jumped slightly at the sight of his naked figure turning to her.
“What did I tell you? You are worse than a child.” Not caring for his appearance, girl the plate on the nearest shelf and walked to him, taking his forearm in her small hands and leading him to the bed, all of this with gentleness, despite the frown on her face. When he once again was in bed, his back leaning against the headboard, with the pillow behind him, she covered him with blankets again and handed him the plate, on which was the big piece of meat and bread. Looking at her for a short while, Aguilar started eating, while she sat down on her previous spot and watched him with straight face.

“You were pretty beaten up when I found you. Unconscious and bleeding out. You should be happy that I was first to notice you, someone would have robbed you and left you for dogs to eat.” He looked at her, swallowing what he had in mouth. His gaze saying everything he wanted to ask her. “I took care of everything you had on you. Washed your clothes, and hid anything what might’ve been valuable. Don’t worry I will give it back to you when you get better… You had some pretty strange weapons, can you use all of them? I mean, I’ve never saw anyone with so much weird weapons at once, and I see soldiers almost every day. I’m…”
“Open the window.” Her voice got stuck in her throat at the harsh sound of his voice. She quickly got up and opened all the windows in the small room, the light blinding the Assassin for a short moment, yet when he opened his eyes once more he looked at the girl and had the possibility to see exactly how she looked like.
She was short, but that he noticed before. Her petite form was hugged by her dress. The belt at her middle had a little sack at it, probably containing herbs and some other stuff. Her (h/c) (h/l) hair matched her (s/c) skin and made a good pair with her big (e/c) eyes. Her full lips were parted slightly because of the smile she had. Her cheeks were slightly blushed.
Quickly he moved his eyes from her form, getting back to his food, while she busied herself on putting off the incense sticks. When she finished she watered those few plants that stood in the room and got back to the chair at the side of his bed.
“When you finish, I would like to take care of your wounds. They were healing fine, but your moving might’ve opened them up again. Before you ask, you were unconscious for three weeks. I thought that you were running from something, or someone, so I didn’t say anything about you being here, but there wasn’t much I could’ve say anyway, nor anyone I could’ve do it, but you know how they say better safe than sorry.” Aguilar looked at her with slight uncertainness, at which girl blushed. “I probably talk too much, sorry… I will get some medicaments now. Please don’t move.” When she disappeared through the door once more, Assassin finished his food and put the plate at the bedside table, leaning his head against the headboard. He wasn’t sure if he should trust her, but she did saved him, so maybe he may let her help him, until he was good enough to took off?

By the time he healed, Aguilar became more and more found off (y/n), as he learned was the girl’s name. His pain after Maria’s death became less every day he spend with this short healer, who apparently was quite the trouble maker in the city of Marbella, taking that she never let anyone push her around, be it a common person or a city guard. When he got good enough to walk again, she gave him some clothes, saying that he shouldn’t walk around in his previous ones. She also made it very clear that he shouldn’t push himself, but Aguilar didn’t paid attention to that, not only wanting to get to his old form back, but also because he tried his best at keeping her out of trouble, which wasn’t as easy as he thought it would.
He also started opening to her, telling her about himself and about the loss of Maria. Yet he never spoke enough to let her know anything about the brotherhood, not even when she asked him about the loss of his ring-finger.
Soon enough Aguilar found himself more and more accustomed with the life he got while being alongside (y/n). The everyday routine they had, starting from her taking care of the little wounds that still were healing, through him helping her make breakfast, her making laundry and him going to the market for food and other things (y/n) required, while she was tending to the sick and wounded who came to her for help, to the peaceful dinner in the kitchen while they talked about their day and then went to their beds, more or less exhausted, but never staying up longer than the other.
He knew that this will end soon enough, that when he will get completely healed, he will have to take off, got back to his life as an Assassin and take care of the Apple and Templars, yet he tried not to think about that, enjoying every single moment he got with (y/n), and the imitation of the peaceful life he once hoped to have with Maria.

Yet everything has to end at some point. And faith choose this exact day to destroy the illusion Aguilar lived in for the past month.
As everyday he went to the marked, yet he felt strange tension in the air. While he was watching the fruits at the stall, something caught his gaze. When he turned his head, his blood ran cold. Everywhere he could recognize this armors. The Templar soldiers were there. Quickly letting go of the fruits he was watching, Assassin hid in the crowd, watching them cautiously, only to get closer and eavesdrop of the conversation they held.
“…meone saw him.”
“Some healer’s house. They send people there to kill anyone in there and get the apple back.”
“That will be…” Assassin didn’t paid attention to what they were speaking further, pushing through the crowd to get to the nearest roof top. At this hour, the stets would be too crowded to get back home in time, he had to use the roofs.
All the while when he was sprinting through the roofs, Aguilar scolded himself for not asking earlier for his hidden blades, nor for staying home just this one time. His heart was beating furiously in his chest at the thought of (y/n) getting harmed in anyway, what’s worse killed. When he jumped off the building and run to the doors of the house, his heart was in his throat. He prayed to everything at once, to not be late.

Aguilar pushed the doors open and stopped dead in his tracks. There she were, (y/n), surrounded by four dead Templars, holding the fifth by the front of his shirt, taking the hand away from his neck, from where he was bleeding. The blade in her hand gleaming with crimson blood.
“How am I supposed to clean that before Aguilar gets back?” At that moment he wasn’t sure what to do, so he just stood there, eyes wide open and jaw dropped. When (y/n) turned back, she flinched slightly at the sight of him, yet she quickly got her composure back. “You are here… I can explain, they get here and…” Before she was able to say anything more, Assasssin jumped to her and hugged her to his chest, hiding his nose in her neck.
“You are alright. I’m so glad. Listen we can’t stay here, there is more of them. And they are looking for something I had with me, I need my things back, now.” She moved back a little and nodded slightly before she led him to the small cubby, where she moved some planks from the floor, and took out the case which she gave him. Aguilar quickly opened it and got dressed in his robes, putting on his hidden blades and taking every single thing he found in there, at the end, taking off the apple that was hidden at the bottom of it all the time.
“What happens now?”
“We have to run.”
“They will come for you, even if I’m away. I won’t let them. Take what you need… and change your clothes.” Nodding (y/n) run upstairs, getting ready while assassin searched through the house and got normal apple, which he putted in the case and hit it back under the floor from where she took it. Breathing deeply, Aguilar leaned against the table, closing his eyes. It was a close call. If it wasn’t for what he taught her, (y/n) would be dead by now, or worse. He couldn’t let that happen, not again, not to her.
“I’m ready.” Looking up, Assassin nodded and took her hand, leading her out of the house and the city.

“This is Christopher… I will leave you alone.” (y/n) walked out of the room and walked back to her own in the tavern, she arranged Aguilar’s meeting with her brother. After she told the Assassin that they were related and he was taking off from Europe, he asked her to take him to Cadiz. (y/n) wasn’t really that shocked when she found out that her brother was a friend of Aguilar’s brotherhood, he always founds his way into troubles.
Girl sighed and lied down on her bed, stretching slightly and closing her eyes. She was sore after their journey here, once or twice attacked by the Templar’s soldiers which whom they both fought, fortunately not getting any bigger injuries.
At the sound of the doors closing, (y/n) looked up, eying Aguilar, who looked as if he got rid of really big problem. Looking at him, girl sat up slightly, raising her eyebrow when he walked to her with sight smile. All the time she got to know him, he barely smiled, so this made her slightly curious.
“He took the apple. Said he is going to hide it away from Templars.” Assassin laid next to her, sighing and looking at the celling with slightly furrowed brow.
“What’s on your mind?”
“I should get back now. My mission has ended.” Now (y/n) furrowed her brow, not knowing where this conversation was going. “You can’t go back to Marbella, it may be too dangerous.” She huffed at this, laying on her back next to him, with hands at her sides.
“I didn’t thought of that… That’s what I got for being a good person and saving a stranger from dying.” She flinched slightly when she felt his hand brushing her right before he took her hand in his, tangling their fingers together. (y/n) moved her head and looked straight into his blue eyes.
“You may come with me. There is plenty of place. Any friend of Creed is welcomed.”
“I’m a friend of Creed? Good to know.” Assassin smiled and moved forward, putting his lips against her, with slight uncertainness. (y/n) only smiled moving her free hand under his hood and tangling her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer to herself. Aguilar moved quickly and hovered above her, moving his lips from hers to her cheek and then down through jaw to her neck and kissing down it to her collarbone, his fingers quickly finding their way under the shirt she was wearing, smoothing the hot skin of her stomach and moving up, to her breast’s at which she mewled in quickly trying to undo his robes. Assassin looked up into her eyes, all the time touching her with his calloused hands.
“I lo…”

“Ok, that’s enough. Pull him out, we have what we wanted. We don’t need him getting too excited now.” Callum Lynch gasped when the imagines from animus disappeared, leaving him on the ground, with strange feeling in his guts. This was much more real than anything he ever felt. People around him move, getting ready to leave the place at any moment, yet no one bothered to unplug him from the machine… and good, because there were something strange going around him, and Cal wanted to see what was that…

“(y/n)?” Girl with (e/c) eyes and short (h/c) hair looked at him with questioning gaze.
“Who?” Cal opened his mouth to say something, but Moussa stepped between the two of them.
“I believe we some more important matter at hand now. Like the guards for example. Come on.”

A whole new world.


So yes, this is a Yousana fic based on the Disney movie Aladdin. This fic was asked by @mrspaaadfoots whose gifsets comparing Yousana with Jasmine and Aladdin are the best thing ever!!

This fic is entirely based on the movie so there are some things that I wanted to tell you about it.

-There are lots of references to the movie, scenes and quotes taken right from the movie (like “do you trust me?” “ain’t never had a friend like me” “….sounds strange don’t you think?” and basically the whole last scene) If you don’t understand something, like for example the first parragraph, maybe you should rewatch/watch the movie, believe me, I didn’t remember half of the things hahah

-The fic is based on the movie so some characters may seem a little bit out of character, especially Sana’s father. I know that he would never act like he does in the beginning but in the movie, Jasmine’s father pressures her to marry a prince and only a prince. So the closest thing I could find for this fic was Sana’s father wanting her to be with a muslim guy. I really hope that no one feels annoyed or upset about this, again, I’m just following the movie.

-I’m sorry if the ending is rushed up and messy, but honestly, the ending of the movie is kind of like that.

-I’ve erased Jafar’s character from the fic because I didn’t want to make the fic too long and I didn’t think he was necessary. Also just in case it isn’t clear, Elias is the Genie hahah

Well I think that’s it, again I really hope no one gets upset by this, I’m just following the movie. I’ve rewatched it and taken notes to be as fair to the movie as possible. 

ALSO I put a “keep reading” since the fic is so long. I hope it works, especially on phones, in case it doesn’t you can also find it here

I really hope you like it!!


Welcome to Oslo, a city in the south of Norway. It’s actually its main city. Here a lot of families leave and … wait wait wait, don’t go, I have interesting stories to tell. Like that one about that cute blonde girl that met a cute blond boy and…okay, fine, that’s not the story you want to hear right? You’re here for the good stuff. Fine, I’ll give it to you. This story begins with a family, the Bakkoush family, or more specifically, with a girl…Sana.

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princess and the pauper | pt. 2

You make falling in love sound like the most dangerous and crazy adventure that I will ever experience. I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but if falling in love with you is something, then I want it all.

pairing: jimin | reader ; royal!au, pauper!jimin
words: 4.7k words (i’m so sorry i really am)
genre: fluff & a very possible injection of angst at the end
summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist.
a/n: okay this is the heavier part and the next is gonna be heavy as well. but i really do hope you enjoyed this part as much as the previous chapter:)

pt.1 pt.3 pt.4 pt.5

When the night took over and the midnight blue washed over the kingdom with a thousand flickering stars, you never thought you dared to find yourself in a purple clock thrown over you, feet padding quietly against the marbled floors as you stealthily made your way out of the palace.

It’s been weeks since you stepped out of the palace grounds for your first time, having been shunned in your own forced comforts and luxuries that you refused to lavish in. It’s been weeks and you were craving for the sweet heavenly taste of freedom that was tangible only in the soft winds that enters your bedroom windows. Its been weeks and you couldn’t stop thinking about the blonde florist boy who gave you more reasons to explore a whole new world out there that you have yet to unearth under your nose.

With the residence of silence being your only accompaniment, you slipped through the secret passageways that you configured and learnt by heart and scurried out the back door which led you towards the village. The risk of getting caught was inevitable but the hunger to get out was your only motivation. And when you were out in the open air, the palace becoming smaller as you ran, you could feel the familiar sensation of liberty filling you in gulps of fresh air and the rush of delirium seeping like surges of electricity. With all those days that had you going insane and stricken with boredom, you could already feel the youth of this night worth all that waiting.

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