fruits snap


petal marks (series no. 33)

Delicate bindings grip the year obscured,
these settlements of change tip the seasons

of birthing from petals through to stalk — how
enclosures curl to fleeting stroke of wind

lends so flushed the colors ripe before the
first fruit falls, snapping clean. Mark the swell, an

infant’s tease of teething cries in the charge
of arms cradling a relentless jaw not

yet aware how the meaty weights of sound
echo through the sifting leaves. Mornings — the

meddlesome jab of trick knees in sunbeams
slicing days apart — drag like a blooming

stretched towards hope, to lost gaiety in
slow shackled thaw arriving at the close.


a remix of a series of photos from Jane
original post here
the text, of course, is entirely hers. i do encourage you to get to know her work. it is raw and lovely. 

i have many favorites. ++