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My name is Nia, I'm 19, college student, never had a boyfriend, never kissed or held a boys hand, I'm short and I laugh alot, I have two adorable sweet chihuahuas. I'm vegan, I got big black curly hair, and brown skin with big brown eyes. I love babies and fruit, I hate broccoli and beans. I've been listening to kpop since I was 11 years old. So that's pretty much me. I also love you and your blog.

its okay im a boy and i date boys and i can tell u with certainty that boys are dumb and smelly. also you sound so sweet & cute and i really hope youre having a great day nia !!!! your name is really cool !!!


baekhyunie wants more strawberries 🍓

me: i’m an adult i can take care of myself

also me: sleep-deprived, suffering from multiple vitamin deficiencies, literally cannot remember the last time i ate a full meal 

~cheeky nymph tips~

take a walk outside every morning
keep a journal for writing and sketching
scented bubble baths
eat lotsa fruit
baby powder
brush ur teeth twice a day
eat meals with ur best friends
learn to play an instrument
sing and dance badly
its okay to be selfish sometimes
eat strawberries before u make out
hair ribbons
flavored lip balm
think deeply
do whatever u want