sometimes i think that i haven’t gotten better at drawing then yesterday i looked back into this tag and i was like oh my gosh… i drew so bad 3 years ago. then i start to question how i even have artist friends from like 5 years+ ago. how is there even people looking at my drawings!! I sucked so much lmfao o<-< I hope people struggling with drawing will continue because it does get better with time and practice!

sadly cannot see sparkly ink i outlined with!


I rarely have a series of anything, and this one is REALLY REALLY old (my only other is a skull series). But I want to revive it eventually.. (when I say things like this they never happen). But posting this for myself to find. These are kids with clothes fashioned after fruits! I always thought mother nature is pretty incredible to have a myriad of beautiful design represented through biodiversity. So I was inspired by it to draw some fruit kids.