fruition seeds

hc where, once the wedding party has finally dies down, the squad 0 kids start yelling for hirako.

“Hurry! Hurry!!!!!!”

hirako breaks into a fucking sprint. he expects — I don’t know — blood. guts. a surprise attack. a ghoul neatly halved, somehow, maybe. the point is that evisceration is less surprising than what he actually finds, which is yomo, weeping helplessly on the floor of his cell.

“He’s been like that for thirty-eight minutes.”

“It’s incredible.”

“I don’t think….he’ll ever stop….”

“Water,” hirako tells them, and when they blink up at him in shock, he repeats it: “Water. Go. As much as possible.”

they flee. it’ll take them a good while, probably; during the party he was almost positive there was no liquid available at all except for the mysteriously procured — beverage — that he suspects is the cause of yomo’s misery.

Oh, hirako realizes, when he attempts to get yomo off the ground and is immediately grabbed and babbled into. most of these words are moving much too quickly for him to comfortably comprehend, except for one, which is repeated over and over: “Happy…happy….happy…so happy. I’m so happy.”

Not misery.

touka. the wedding. beautiful touka, handsome ken, married, happy, happy, happy, so beautiful ken handsome touka. yomo thrashes and hirako dodges a fierce kick that turns out to actually be part of a very slumpy mambo. hirako wheezes and clutches yomo and tries to drag him to his feet and yomo’s leg collapses unexpectedly and this turns out to also be an attempted mambo. yomo swings him around and hirako’s shoulder hits the wall. this, too, might be mambo.

“Okay,” hirako says. “Alright.”

“You don’t understand,” are a few of the many words yomo says in response. “You see, I had once had this thought to myself and yet never imagined that it would come to fruition, the seeds that I planted, well, the seeds that my sister planted, that is —”

the sister, hirako realizes some ten minutes later, who is touka’s mother. the tears come up again, and this time hirako understands they are perhaps only partially joyful. hirako dips yomo to the floor and yomo reaches it relatively safely, and allows himself to be maneuvered such that he leans against his cot. the whole time, he keeps talking. for a while, he talks even faster and faster and faster. eventually, he starts to slow.

when squad 0 returns, it’s with a triplet of sloshing pitchers. 

“Sorry,” shio says. “We couldn’t find water so we tried to ask Haise or the Manager but they were —”

“Busy,” yusa interrupts, curtly. “They were busy.”

“It’s fine,” hirako tells them. “Just leave them here, within reach.”

in their panic, one of the pitchers lost almost all of its water, and this one hirako empties, in case yomo needs to use it for…a…receptacle in the morning.

“Hirako-san,” rikai says. “Would you like help?”

yomo’s head is lodged firmly against hirako’s shoulder, right beneath hirako’s chin. he’s sleeping, heavily, which hirako knows because yomo’s body had made the telltale twitches of falling into sleep, which at first had felt one last, desperate mambo.

“It’s alright,” hirako tells them, quietly, so as not to wake yomo up. “Go on ahead. I’m fine.”

Dozen Sappiest Futurama Episodes

1. The Late Philip J Fry - hands down the most deeply felt freela ep, or any ep, for me. i know Meanwhile is really popular but its happy ending felt relatively cheap imo. obviously i love alternate time streams though and this one was the best.
2. Game of Tones - it only makes me cry more than TLPJF because everyone has feelings about their mom
3. Parasites Lost - i like this half of the story a lot better than Devil’s hands, which i pointedly didnt include because i feel like it negates some of the better takeaway of this one. just. fry wants to be loved for himself. that’s so important.
4. The Luck of the Fryrish -  i dont know how anybody even considers Jurassic Bark within a lightyear of this
5. Leela’s Homeworld - the earliest episode on this list, and the very first one that brought to fruition the seeds planted back in The Series Has Landed. i almost included that one, because the forging of their likeness is really touching
6. Sting - one of the best-crafted episodes imo i could gush about it for days
7. Near Death Wish - fry getting resolution with his family members makes me cry. but professer? just… this is… yeah
8. Time Keeps on Slipping - one of my overall favorite episodes, the ending is tied with the end to Love and Rocket for my favorite non-pivotal freela moment. the dramatic buildup makes this one more emotional however
9. The Tip of the Zoidberg - revealing zoidys true value to the professor? heart melting
10. Stench and Stenchability - this happy ending for zoidberg is probably a key factor in making this show the best thing of all time
11. Cold Warriors - Like Game of Tones, I have to skip this one a lot because of how sad it makes me.
12. Lethal Inspection - i’m actually amazed they were able to make me care about bender for more than 4 seconds. that cute song is probably responsible. they cheated.

hugely unpopular omissions are probably jurassic bark, devil’s hands, and meanwhile. i also really wish i could add fun on a bun but every single ep on this list makes me cry even more than that. that’s a good way to emphasize that this isnt a favorites or best list, even though it looks a lot like one. it’s very far from it, a few up there would be in a faves list i might hypothetically make, but some certainly would not (cold warriors might even been among my least faves). but this list isnt about that, its ranked by the strength of emotional response elicited, in my self personally (having watched all episodes dozens of times, and having never been an active fan while new eps were premiering)  Edit/ scratch that trivia on leelas homeworld, the season was a typo in my spreadsheet

Current Moon Phase

New Moon in Pisces (0% disk illumination)

Today we observe a unique and powerful alignment of astrological energies, including the new (super) moon, a total solar eclipse and spring equinox. This is an absolutely perfect time to release, reset and replenish. Additionally, if you are planning on starting a garden this season, now is a great time to plant your seeds– whether you start them indoors or direct sow.

This is an opportune time for rebirth– to release the old, reset a clean slate and replenish with the fresh, empowering energies we’re currently immersed in. I greatly encourage taking some time to introspect, maybe even dedicate some time to shadow work. A thorough cleansing ritual should follow as well as a deep meditation session geared towards grounding and centering. This will allow for you to become aligned with the stillness offered by the new moon, encouraging a powerful renewal to take place. It will also evoke clarity in setting new intentions.

Spring equinox signifies the coming blossoming of all things, this includes the fruition of your seed intentions. Paired with the new moon and the intense, transformative energy of the solar eclipse, we can almost certainly expect the intentions we set now to come to life in the future. Thoroughly consider all objectives before you commit to them, as they are extremely likely to manifest once they’ve been planted in the womb of universe. 

Pisces energy may very well make this difficult, however, as we may feel a bit distracted– especially from more realistic endeavors. We are more prone to set whimsical, romantic intentions being that we may perceive such ideals as more favorable and conducive than they really are. We all need a break from practicality from time to time, however, so feel free to play with ideas. Just don’t become overly invested in a far-fetched fantasy that offers little advantage to the whole. If you do feel the urge to engage in fantastical ideas, try projecting them into art, music or poetry rather than your direct reality.

terribletoxins  asked:

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              — — ☂: my muse’s favorite season or time of year

        — — — SPRING.  Whilst she is appreciative of all seasons for the durations and wholesome weather enabling rounded warriors, there is something significant about the way the air refreshes itself, inspiring seeds and fruition. Watching the stars become quite comfortable, bring a sheepskin and lie back next to lover to count the glimpses of Astraeus. 

      She smiles as she considers the fact; or the first trek of spring, when mist still stalks breath. ❝ Spring. For its creations and seedlings. ❞