It’s been a year and a day since the last time I read any of the Redwall series, but as a much younger chef I was utterly enamored by the world that Brian Jacques had woven. It was filled with heroes and battles and feasts the likes of which you could only dream about, all of which were hosted by mice, rats, badgers, and other such crittery animals.  

That being the case, you might expect most of the food to be mouse-sized. Sadly since I didn’t have any tiny cake pans with which to cook with, I had to make do with people-sized ones. Somehow I doubt anyone will complain! 

- MJ

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So here are photos of the Fruit Flan me and my partner made today in Baking, going to use these glorious pictures for my portfolio.

Unfortunately with the fruit design, we ran out of strawberries and kiwis (those are gold but they were SUPPOSE TO BE GREEN GOD KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED) and barely any raspberries so here is my partner and I sort of improving the top. Which didn’t come out too badly, I like the one on the right better.

But we had to box them up to be sold so I couldn’t keep them, making my own tomorrow at home along with Ravioli from scratch! Tomorrow is going to be busy!!

The 3rd photo has a glaze on it, incase anyone is asking why it’s so shiny.


We’re going to have a fruit flan competition on the 11th of July and there’s practices after our morning lecture on Thursdays. This is the progress I’ve made from week one to week four. I had the same exact idea with someone else, so I changed (I think the other person did, too) I only come out with a new idea on the day of practices which is unorganized. I tried to work with something new as much as possible every practice so I could get a get ideas from the comments of our lectures, who are one of the judge and the other, chief judge in the competition, and put it all together. I’m sticking with the last fruit flan I did. I just need to work the second circle of fruits, which wouldn’t be hard at all. I get to practice my slicing (fruits have to be even), rolling of sweet paste (we are using old as ovens, so it will show obviously if it’s uneven) and perfecting pastry cream (last week I had no lumps but this week I did, ugh)


So the flan on the left is from someone that did the same competition last year. I would take the same idea with the one I came out from two weeks ago. I would keep the grapes, make the flower-like (the one on thhe left) smaller and rounder since that’s a bit point-y. I am excited ❤️❤️❤️

Fruit Flan and Fruit Tarts

I’m so excited about tomorrow. Friday will be my first day off since I’ve returned from my holiday in Montreal. We’re given a day off from school so we can work on our merchandising project which I’ll write more about another time. I had to interview the owner of a bakery. I’ll have to go back to that bakery tomorrow and take some pictures, then meet my friend for brunch, sell books, and put some on my unwanted clothes on consignment. I’m going for a new look now. Gone is all my frilly, feminine girly clothes. Now I’m going for a more masculine, glamorous 70’s look with modern lines. no frills! Sort of like Bianca Jagger circa studio 54. Next week, I’m decorating a wedding cake so I have to come up with some designs. I’m also practicing every saturday at school for a baking competition and I have to come up with ideas for that which is my priority for tomorrow. I feel so overwhelmed! I’m procrastinating doing any work by writing on this blog right now. Cleaning is next.

I made this flan yesterday. I took the pic before I apricot glazed it. I’m not crazy about my fruit placement. It was only my second flan. I don’t feel it’s creative enough. You need to glaze it so it doesn’t dry out.

The recipe for the flan and tarts is almost the same. For the tarts, you don’t need to add the white sponge cake and you bake them for 180 C (355 F.) to a golden brown and remove tins. The pastry cream should be approx. 15 g. for each and 360 g in total if you want to make 2 dozen.

I’m not a huge fan of these flans. But they’re lower in calories than cakes so I guess that’s one of the good things about them.

Yield: 1 - 7" flan

Sweet short pastry dough: 200g.

1- Line a 7" flan ring with sweet short pastry dough, rolled to 3 mm thickness.

recipe for sspd:

2- Dock well and bake at 190 C. (375 F) until light golden brown.

3- Remove from ring while still warm, cool the shell completely.

our instructor was showing us how to cut the fruit.

This is a good way to peel the skin from a kiwi. You get a smooth surface this way. Take a spoon and drag it all over the kiwi to remove the skin.

don’t cut the kiwis too thin

4- Brush a thin layer of melted dark coating chocolate on the inside of the flan.
(to keep it from drying)

5- Deposit a thin layer of pastry cream on the base of the shell. recipe for pastry cream:

6- Place a 7" round, 7/2" thick white round sponge or jelly roll (too lazy to post the sponge recipe but there’s thousands of good ones online) on top of the pastry cream. we didn’t have a 7" sponge cake so we’re using the ring to cut it.

Brush with stock syrup. stock syrup is equal parts water and sugar boiled. It’s also called drenching syrup. We add it to all our cakes.


7- Cover with pastry cream to a dome shape.

8- Place fresh fruit on top. The entire top should be covered and nicely arranged.

9- Glaze with apricot glaze and refrigerate if not serving immediately.