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Halloween: Part 2 of 2


The girls both turned as an enormous figure entered the kitchen, effectively derailing Lexa’s train of thought.  The giant gentleman was clad in a full-length tropical dress, and wore an outlandish, fruit-covered head wrap around his elaborately make up’d face.  Unabashed by the dumbfounded girls, he sashayed into the kitchen as though it were the most natural thing in the world, opening the fridge and filling his glass with Pinot Grigio.  “I don’t see the costume I bought for you, Anya.”   His tremendously bassy voice provided a sharp contrast to his appearance.

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“The Friendlist Store—In Baltimore”
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Baltimore 1, Maryland

A shit ton of soul mate aus

• If one gets hurt in a small, but it shows on the surface (example cuts, bruises, or scrapes), it shows up as a faded mark or scar

•In an area where they could be placed next to each other or together, soulmates have a tattoo that finishes when you place them together (examples: one has a unfinished heart of their left wrist while the other has the other half of the heart on their right wrist and when you put them together it makes a heart, angel wings on their backs and when they stand by each other it makes a set of wings, and when they hold hands a certain way ivy with flowers or small fruits wraps around both of their hands making a perfect image that fits)

•each night, you visit your soulmate in your dreams, but you don’t remember the next morning. But when you’re visiting them in your dreams, you remember all the dreams beforehand with them, and when you meet your soulmate, the next morning you remember all the dreams

•if one is feeling something (sad, horny, happy, angry) then the other feels it too with no explanation

•when you’re born, your right is your eye color, and your left is your soulmate’s and when you meet both of your eyes go to your real color (your right eye’s color)

•someone (idk some seer or God or something) when you are born, gives you a small yet very detailed doll of your soulmate attached to you at the wrist, and it cannot be damaged or become unattached unless your soulmate dies. The doll grows as the real person grows, and if your soulmate hasn’t been born yet, it’s simple a little pink egg (regardless of whether they’re in someone’s tummy or not)

•you were born at the same exact time of day as your soulmate

•the literal red string - you have a red string tied to your pinky that leads to your soulmate that only you can see. When you’re with them or near them, the string starts to shimmer

Use less plastic! Take a tote/cloth bag with you when you go to the supermarket so you don’t have to buy another plastic bag to put your groceries in. When shopping, buy fewer items packaged in plastic! If an item you want comes in a glass jar or plastic container, choose glass. Instead of buying the plastic wrapped fruit or veggies, pack your veggies loose and plastic free in your own reusable bag.

Re-use plastic bags and don’t forget to recycle as much as possible! :)

For Inktober Day 20

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It had happened so fast — one second he was sprinting down the street with a bag of groceries in his arms, and the next he was sprawled out in the ground, fruits and wrapped meats rolling across the ground. His bottom smarted, hand rubbing at the spot as he hissed in pain. Not one to shoulder the blame, the small blond glared up at the one he had crashed into

“Watch where you’re goin’, dumbass! You made my drop everything!”

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🐾- Owens and Jax

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Maybe to most people, this isn’t something that springs to mind when you think of a normal couple adopting a pet. But I assure you, Cynthia would push Jax to the point that he would eventually cave and allow her to visit a less than honest shaman known for housing all sorts of unique creatures. Sure enough, she comes home with this little fruit bat wrapped soundly in worn baby blanket and crooked in one arm. He scoffs to turn his attention away from the two but Cynthia drops herself directly onto Jax’s lap and introduces him to their new addition, Gavin. 

“That’s not my son”

“True, he’s our son”, she replies with a tender kiss to Jax’s cheek.

“You’re incorrigible”,he mumbles aloud while a reluctant arm slips around her waistline and his fingers attentively touch the folds of the blanket to get a better look at their ‘son’ and adds, “he’s got your eyes”

Cynthia snorts laughing, “Oh really?” 

“Mmhm”, Jax steals a quick kiss as his free hand gives rear thigh a good whack. “Hop up, we should go introduce the girls to their new brother

«After her abduction, Persephone had the freedom to chose whether she ate or not the symbolic pomegranate seeds. Eating them, the myth said, was choosing to stay in the underworld; rejecting them, was going back to the surface. Pomegranate seeds, the very same seeds that explode like a red orgasm when the maturity of the fruit breaks the virginal wrapping. Persephone ate them, ritually sealing her union with Hades, and crowning herself as Queen of the afterlife».

“Un espejo cósmico” by Gonzalo Perez, chilean psychologist and astrologer.

If you’re feeling sad:

-drink lots of water
-listen to your fav music while laying in bed
-sleep regularly and wake up early
-reward yourself with a nice bath
-open the windows if it’s sunny and warm
-search for a tasty recipe and try it out
-watch a new TV show
-dance in a silly way and laugh at yourself
-think about mayor dewey at least once a day
-eat your veggies
-also lots of fruits
-wrap yourself in a blanket
-hug your favourite stuffed toy
-sing your favourite song
-eat everything

Writing Prompt #244: Write This Story

The garden was luscious and green. Fruit wrapped itself around archways and flower vines grew in bunches along the ground in thick patches. The air was wet and cold and as he breathed it froze in clouds in front of him. It was magical, and unnatural, and something was just so off about every little thing that it was terrifying.

good sunday morning and happy easter to those who believe.

breakfast was brown rice cakes topped with sugar-free berry jam, banana coins and raspberries + lettuce stuffed with one more banana and dates + kiwi, more raspberries and more dates + green tea

perfect detox and delicious breakfast.

No one can take credit for coming up with the idea of wrapping Fruit Gushers in a sugary tortilla of Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit By The Foot, just as no one person can take credit for dipping Wendy’s french fries into a Frosty, even though I’m pretty sure I invented it in August of 2002. And I imagine that if you were to perform an autopsy on the caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland, his insides would look a lot like the inside of a Fruit-Chew Burrito.

4 Recipes That Came From The Mind Of A Child (Taste Tested)