fruit squares


Sponge Pigeon Squarepants ! Every saterday mornings at 10h30 !!

French opening xD :   OUI CAPITAINE !

Follow the story of a sponge pigeon called Bob, living into a papaya with his pear Gary and follow his amazing adventures with his friends ! 

I can tell you I laughed hard while making all of this, hoping it will have the same effect on you and will bring you a smile ! The first time I saw the title in english, I asked some english friends about the name and they laughed cause I wrote : Sponge Bob Square Pantsu instead of pants … that’s how I remember the title now ^^

In french it’s : Bob l’éponge carré ! and Squidward’s name is Carlo !

I really like this cartoon and when I see a sponge I think about it fast !

Hope you will enjoy this and again, thank you very much for all of your support, it’s unbelievable !! I still can’t believe how many of you follow me and my world of bouncing birds and other little animals, never excepted so much feedbacks and messages telling me how my little animations helps to bring happiness, it’s amazing, you rock ! Merci beaucoup tout le monde x’) !! Will never stop !! 

SpockFact #89

Two years into the five year mission, Spock realized he didn’t know what’s in those colorful cubes that everyone eats. Vaguely disturbed, he spent months in the lab attempting to determine what they were. At first he thought they were jello (which would have been bad, since he is a vegetarian). However, they aren’t. Nor are they fruit squares, nor dyed protein. According to his scans they are nothing real at all. Whatever they are does not exist in this universe. He attempted to publish a paper on the cubes and got a visit from Section 31. He elected not to publish the paper.

(submitted by @adenil-umano)

the signs as fucking food
  • Aries: raw fucking steak
  • Taurus: all of it. All food. ALL FUCKING IT.
  • Gemini: floppy fucking noodles
  • Cancer: home cooked meals fuckin betty crocker
  • Leo: chips and salty ass fuckin salsa
  • Virgo: chicken cut up into liTTLE PERFECT FUCKIN SQUARES
  • Libra: fruit salad with fucking wild berries BITCH
  • Scorpio: ur soul
  • Sagittarius: spagetti and meatballs with fucking garlic bread
  • Capricorn: coffee and a buttered fuCKING MUFfin
  • Aquarius: cold fucking pizza
  • Pisces: freshly warm banana fuckin NUT bread