fruit power

Triple Goddesses
  • Maiden: (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) Expressive, Enchanting, Adventurous, Curious, Confident, Expansive, Youthful, Enthusiastic, A person who attracts others with innocence and energy, They'll make you better.
  • Mother: (Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio) Fertile, Sexual, Fruitful, Powerful, Guiding, Responsible, Harmonious, Peaceful, Intellectual, A person who attracts others with stability and compassion, They'll make you complete.
  • Crone: (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) Free, Spiritual, Visionary, Enlightening, Philosophical, Fulfilled, Transforming, A person who attracts others with wisdom and inceptions, They'll change your life.

Characters/Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1464

Warnings: I’m gonna keep the short today, SMUT, unprotected sex. 

Your legs are hurting, calves cramping, thighs burning, probably for being in a squatting position for the past five minutes. Oh, and running four miles every day for the last week of course.

The cold air brings goosebumps all over your skin and a small shiver here and there, but there’s no way you’re leaving this fridge without finding it.

Having already finished your weekly fruit supply, power bars and healthy snacks adding to that a big bag of lollipops is enough. Besides, is the middle of the night and you can’t just walk to the store, although in the back of your head you may be considering it. The thing is, the guys decided to take away your car keys, in case you find yourself in a situation like this one.

Ooh, but you have an ace up your sleeve… or you think. You’re certain you hid one last cigarette at the bottom of the vegetable cabinet.  So,why is it not there!?

“Looking for something?” A low-growl-like voice startles you, making you jump up and hit your head against the top shelf of the fridge door and landing butt first on the hard concrete floor.

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Found Season 2 today at Walmart 👍

E05 chalkboard Clawdeen
E09 chalkboard Ari
E15 sporty Catrine
E16 mermaid moanica
E17 glow skelita
E08 sporty lagoona
E14 geek shriek Rochelle
E13 fruit Venus
E07 teddy bear Cleo
E06 power ghouls Cleo
E03 geek shriek Draculaura
E10 mermaid abbey
E01 mermaid Frankie
E18 original Gigi
E11 candy Twyla
E12 teddy bear catty
E02 fruit Frankie
E04 power ghouls Clawdeen


I didn’t include everyone ‘coz some had “doubles” You guys made Ace have babies with everyone, guys while I couldn’t fit others in the world properly.

I would’ve included ZoSan’s and FroBin’s daughter and the ShanksMihawk twins but they have no devil fruit. But oh god ZoSan baby vs ShanksMihawk baby in a sword fight and then Laffy goes all ROOM and cuts everything hahahahaha *runs*  But that’s not possible coz devil fruit powers can’t be inherited

More of the One Piece babies here.  

Afternoon thoughts:

Hey hey I have a question since I’ve been thinking about this and-

How does seastone work on Zoan users?

SO we know seastone cancels out devil fruit powers, thus Logia and Paramecia users will simply return to normal humans without their powers. But what about Zoans?

The simple answer to this is that ‘since they’re DF users, they’ll become humans too” BUT WHAT IF

WHAT IF THEY ARE IN THEIR ANIMAL FORM when a seastone is slapped on them? Zoans have three forms: human, hybrid and animal, and most probably, if they were in hybrid mode they would have return to human mode. So what about animal form??? Does this means that until someone finds a key, they’ll stay as their animal form but retain speech and intelligence?

Can you fucking imagine the marines going on undercover missions and one of them involves an animal? Like imagine Vice-Admiral Yamakaji asking Dalmation to help them and Dalmation is like “whAT DO YOU MEAN I’M POSING AS A PET??? A PET DOG ALONGSIDE MOMONGA???”

Yamakaji just looks at him and goes “Well, we can’t go with a giant pet spider, can we?”

 And Onigumo shudders in his seat while the rest of the marines just. Just go along with it Vice-Admiral. When Dalmation returns from his preparations, Garp chokes on his crackers and the whole room. THE WHOLE ROOM starts holding back laughter with varying levels, as an extremely unamused dog stares back at them, a purple collar with the tag ‘Wan wan-chan” jingling on his neck.

Please imagine that bc I am giggling at this dumb thing

Convo with Daddy Right Now
  • (Talking about Little Logic Pt. III)
  • Daddy: *chuckles* it's not baby
  • Me: but but daddy.... IT'S FRUIT!
  • Daddy: No it's Candy Fruit
  • Me: So we both agree.. it's fruit!
  • Daddy: *laughs* no
  • Me: But but!! You just said!!
  • Daddy: Candy Fruit doesn't count
  • Me: but.. but fruit
  • Daddy: and candy
  • Me: but fruit over powers candy sooooooooo FRUIT!! *wiggles butt and giggles*
  • Daddy: *places hand on face while shaking head laughing* No candy over powers the fruit so It can't be a fruit serving baby that's like saying Skittles are your fruit
  • Me: *eyes go wide* SKITTLES CAN BE MY FRUIT SERVING!? *grins and giggles*
  • Daddy: *groans*