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Evaluating Local Wild Apples

I went out and had a look at (and taste of) some of fruits on the local wild seedling apple trees today.

These two were real standouts from the mere ten trees I looked at today: they are visually disease-free, beautiful, sweet, and crispy fruits, from beautiful trees that are growing well in my local biome. The one on the left tastes and looks kind of like a Gravenstein, and the one on the right tastes like a Honeycrisp.

I’m going to flag them with a strip of fabric so I can grab some scion wood from them when they go dormant in Winter, and graft them into one of my trees.

In the meantime, I’ll go out with my two best friends (the telescopic fruit picker, and my bike) and pick some fruit from the hundreds of seedling trees in the area. If they are terrible for eating, they’ll make fine juice, ciders, pies, dried snacks, preserves, and pectin!

I think it’s safe to say I’m one of the only people here who would bother harvesting the wild fruit. It’s just me (the weird Canadian) and the Thai ladies fishing for perch that are actually taking advantage of the local natural abundance every day. I don’t really feel that bad picking a few kilos of fruit, since it will be wasp food if I don’t!

Fed-Ex’s big cactus sale!

I made a couple batches of Red Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly and well only a few fully set up but that’s not a bad thing. That means I have syrups and soft jellies which are partially solid and still spreadable.

Now I am selling them to you for funds to pay bills. These batches are delicious and sanitary having been sealed.

It tastes like Strawberry Kiwi with a slight touch of lemon.

Ingredients are as follows - Sugar, Red Prickly Pear concentrated juice made from boiling the fruit, pectin, lemon juice

Prices are $11 per jar shipping included and $20 per two jars

Please specify if you want Jelly, Soft Jelly or Syrup. PM me for my paypal info.

Current stock as of this post -
6 jelly
3 soft jelly
12 syrup

Shipping costs are a little higher than I thought but I will eat that for the most part.

What are you a nerd about?

One day I went around the office asking students and admissions counselors “What are you a nerd about?” This is one of the replies. 

Pickles and pickling things. Brine. Anything with brine. Basically preserving foods of any kind. I could seriously talk about fruit pectin FOR HOURS. Also when I was in high school I was a no-joke card-carrying member of the X-Files fan club. Does that count?

Audrey H., Senior Admissions Counselor