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Food Preservation: Making Raspberry Fruit Leather

I miss the flavors of summer berries already. Around August this year, me and the Hubs picked a couple pounds of local raspberries. I turned them into fruit leather (berries + raw honey + flax seed >>> blitz into a paste) with aid of the dehydrator, no special preservatives added. It’s been at least 4 months since I made the leathers; their soft sweetness and tangy berries are still holding up fantastically. They make such a happy reminder of the greener seasons.

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2005 La Selva Colli dell'Uccellina Morellino di Scansano DOCG

VROOM VROOM! Deep dark plums, dark cherries, lavender, fruit leather, and mushrooms on the nose. Red and black plums, cherries, some sweet spice, and balsamic on the palate. Nice acidity on the finish. 

3/5 bones



14% abv

Morellino di Scansano (Tuscany), ITALY

Wild Rose Faery Jam

Sorry it took me all day to get to this guys, I had some trouble with this as I’ve never made jam before, and I made a few mistakes, but I finally have this figure out. So here’s the original recipe, but it didn’t work for me, so below I’ll put my revised recipe, it’s really only slight changes. 

My Recipe: 

  • 16 oz of blessed water (1 bottle) 
  • 2 or 3 cups of Rose Petals with the whites removed 
  • 2 and half cups of Super-Fine Sugar 
  • Half a cup of Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 2 tablespoons of Rose Water (click here for recipe) 
  • Saucepan, Spoon, and Mason Jar

First make sure that if your roses are cleaned very well, specially if they are store bought, you don’t want any pesticides. Make sure they’re free of bugs and dirt. Remove the white bases from the petals. 

You should be able to get half a cup of lemon juice from one lemon if it’s a good size. (Tip courtesy of my wife witchymagickcraft: Microwave your lemon for 10 - 30 seconds then roll with the palm of your hand before juicing to maximize the juices. You could also leave it in the window sill if it’s hot outside for a little while ahead of time to warm it up if you don’t like using microwaves.) 

You can put your intent and your blessing into the water as you pour it into the pot or you can do it ahead of time, I make sure that my intentions are flowing freely into what I make as I make it as well. 

Bring your water to a boil then add the rose petals, they will wilt pretty quickly as you stir them. Add your sugar and lemon juice, bring back to a boil, and stir until the sugar dissolves. You should already feel it thickening a little bit. 

Decrease the heat and simmer for 30 to 45 minutes. At this time, really carefully (cause this shit is really hot) taste test your jam. It should be a syrup-y consistency. If it’s too sweet, add more lemon juice. Also add your rose water. 

Put it on low heat until it begins to foam (it should already be foaming a little bit once it’s done simmering, but if you add more lemon juice it might take a minute to start again.) 

Here’s where I had serious trouble, having never made jam, I didn’t know how the consistency should be and the book didn’t really help. You can do the test from the book to see if it wrinkles, however this didn’t work for me. What I did was after much trial and error, I figure out that the consistency should be like a thick syrup, but not quite as thick as honey. My first batch was honey consistency and after it cooled it was VERY sticky and hard, almost like fruit leather. So stick to between the consistency of syrup and honey. 

Once it’s at the right consistency put it in your jar and seal it tightly, careful cause it’ll be hot and you don’t want to burn yourself by grabbing the burning hot jar like I did. 

Leave it out for an hour or so, until the jar is cool to the touch, then put it in the fridge. The book says it keeps for up to two months. Hopefully you guys can have more success than me with this. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you guys, I think I finally have it figure out, and I’m going to try a batch with some lavender, which I’ll post once it’s perfected. 

Side note: I’ll be using this as a spread on some little cakes we’re making for Summer Solstice. Also if I can get the recipe perfected, I may start selling it. My main intention while making this, aside from hoping that I could get it right, was that it would please our deities and be a perfect offering for them and the faeries. :)

AND, if you guys want me to post more recipes/spells like this one please let me know? My wife also posts some of our recipes and spells if you want to follow her cute witchy self at witchymagickcraft

Blessed Be!! ) O (

2013 Domaine de Piaugier Côtes du Rhône Villages Sablet

The first buds of spring! You know what else is always blooming all year long? My love for wine. Blackberries, dark fruit leather, peppery spiced fruit on the nose. Redder fruit - cherries - on the palate with spices, leather, a whiff of tobacco, and pepper. Rawr. 

3/5 bones


Grenache, Syrah

14.5% abv

Côtes du Rhône, FRANCE

2014 Bodegas Caro “Aruma” Malbec

Having a howling good time with this Malbec from Argentina. Blackberries, raspberries, super ripe blueberries, fruit leather, and some coffee/espresso rinds on the nose. Stewed blackberries and blueberries on the palate with menthol and even a whiff of roasted red pepper. 

3/5 bones



14% abv



There are parts of this that are just… ridiculous. But it’s the concept, you know? Also, if I don’t dream about this man tonight, that’s it, I never will. Sweet dreams to you all. ;) x


Harry glares at you out of the corner of his green eyes and you hold up your hands in defense of the sharp snapping held within them. The two of you are on your sofa after a quiet night in. “Don’t want to go out,” he’d begged you when he’d taken refuge at your place. “Want a bit of company, maybe, but nothing big, y’know?” And that’s precisely how the two of you have wound up, you curled up in the corner and him sprawled all over your cushions with the television on low and a questionable art film in the background.

“Chill out,” you soothe him. “It’s just a question.”

“It’s like me asking if you’ve ever had a cock in your mouth,” he says bluntly.

“And I would say I have,” you tell him, to which he’s silent.

‘Well,” he starts, considering his words. “I’ve never really been in a situation, have I?” Harry says. His brows are pulling together and his pink bottom lip is sticking out just a bit.

“Wh—“ You pause. “There’s a situation?”

He narrows his eyes on you. “You get diseases with oral, too,” he reminds you. “M’mouth is important for my work, innit?” he asks you. “Can’t have great big—“

“Enough,” you grimace, ignoring the motions he’s making around his lips. “Hasn’t anyone ever gone down on you?”

“’Course!” he says as if you’re mad. “Can put a condom on, can’t I?”

“There are dental dams, you know,” you remind him casually, to which he rolls his eyes.

“Sure,” he says dryly. “’Here, love, I’d love to lick yeh, but first, lemme just take this piece of fruit leather and spread it out all over your—“

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Hades and Persephone

Originally posted by kougami-shinya

Request: “Hades/Persephone: reader is the only friend Ben ever had at his uncle’s Academy. After the fall, the Knights of Ren hunted her and brought her to Ren, at his command. She chose to remain, seeing her lost her friend in Kylo, as much as he tries to deny that. Little she knows Ben had feelings for her and Kylo Ren is selfish enough to desire to keep her by his side.”

“An interesting concept could be a Hades/Persephone story with Hades as Kylo Ren and Persephone as the reader. For Demeter i thought about Rey,but instead of being Persephone’s mother, she could be her older sister.”

“Would you be cool doing a Kylo x reader fic where reader is force sensitive and can see the future? Her village is raided but she escapes because of her ability. Kylo eventually catches her though. I love your writing.”

“Could I request an Emperor!Kylo x reader fic where the reader is the princess of a planet at war with The First Order? He ends up taking her captive after her planet loses and asks her to be his empress.”

Summary: Emperor Kylo has conquered a good portion of the galaxy at this point in his life, has unsurmountable power, a far more advanced base, surpassed his mentor and completed his training, however it’s still not enough. Recalling an old friend, one who has haunted his dreams for years, Kylo calls upon his Knights of Ren to find her and bring her to him. Though he knows it’s selfish he can’t help himself, and he tries to keep her with him…eternally.

A/N: If you have ever wondered how many requests I can bundle into one fic, well here you go haha. Yay for Greek mythology AU’s! I tried to make this as relevant to the SW universe as I could but still kept at least most of the myth in there. Also song recs if you want a creepy vibe while you read haha “Night Time, My Time” Sky Ferreira, “Rolling In On a Burning Tire” Dead Weather, “Once Upon a Dream” Lana Del Rey. Hope you enjoy the fic! :)

Ben watched as (Y/N) sat in the tall grass, whirling a stream of small leaves around her with a smile beaming like the sun that was illuminating around her. Her (Y/H/C) was highlighted with a halo like frame from the streams of light around her. Their afternoons almost always consisted of this, sitting in the fields by themselves finishing their lunches, showing off to each other with tricks of the force. 

Staring at her contagious smile, Ben sighed to himself. His brown eyes were focused on her, his expression dumbfounded. (Y/N) to say the least was a luminous being. Almost everything around her seemed to come to life when she strode through. Her smile could heal the sick, her laugh restore hearing to the deaf, sometimes it seemed as though her simple touch could revive life into things that were otherwise dead and dreary. Giggling (Y/N) turned to him with her same smile.

“Your turn!”

Suddenly shaken out of his admiring gaze Ben’s brows furrowed.


“Now you show me a trick!”

Pausing he tried to think of something that would impress her. The longer he pondered however, the more his aura dropped. All of the tricks he could think of were only destructive, chaotic, things created out of anger. The older he got, the harder it seemed to be to simply be appeased with himself using only forces of the light. It wasn’t enough. He wanted more. The voice in the back of his mind kept encouraging him to seek out more. 

“You do know a good trick don’t you?”

Staring at the fruit in his leather clad hand as he recalled the memory, Kylo rolled the round food around his large palm with the smooth motions of his thumb. The blood red exterior satisfied him greatly, especially with the stark contrast against his black leather gloves, as well as the all dark colorless surroundings he was engulfed with. A pair of Nexus deep in slumber lying at his feet, one at each side of his throne. 

Soon after he had completed his training, Kylo had carried out the ultimate task of defeating his original mentor and manipulator Supreme Leader Snoke. Though it freed him of his mental prison forced on by Snoke, it did not eleviate his destined path. He was in far too deep to be anything but solely committed to the Dark side. Now he sat on the ominos black marble throne, rigid and harsh in its design, as Emperor. He was finally the highest ranking soul of power on the Dark side, after years of dedication and torment, he had come out on top. 

Relishing in the fear he scattered across the galaxy, Kylo took it upon himself to make even more alterations to the First Order and its presence. Taking his Emperial throne, Kylo decided that a palace visible to the public would not be smart for his widely scorned kingdoms preservation. Sending out patrol after patrol, he searched far and wide for a planet, similar to Starkiller, to settle his kingdom onto. Snubbing Hux’s efforts with the newly improved base, Kylo wanted something, something far more impressive for his Empire. Finally, after months of scouting around every system known to the galaxy they came upon an otherwise scarcely populated arctic planet to make their new abode. 

The rolling hills of snow covered rock were seemingly deserted, deathly silent aside from the howling winds, it was like a blank canvas. Though beneath the snowy white surface, within the rocky terrain of the planet laid expansive miles of caverns. Within these grey caverns, twisting and winding through the dark, Kylo built his Emperial abode. It not only kept him concealed and protected, it added to the eerie persona he had established for himself as well as his Empire. 

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2016 Retro Cellars Rosé

This is the inaugural rosé from the awesome humans at Retro Cellars. Only 25 cases made so get on it! Tart raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, and even a hint of apple cider notes on the nose. Sweet cherries and macerated strawberries (almost strawberry jam-like) on the palate with tart cranberry acidity and a hint of fruit leather. This isn’t a simple sip it and forget it rosé - this is some serious stuff. Clocking in at 14%, this rosé has as much boozy fun as a full-bodied red wine. 

4/5 bones


Peloursin (genetic mother of Petite Sirah)

14.2% abv

Napa Valley, California, USA


Intake today 5/9/17

• brunch: 2 cups of red lentil pasta with nooch, salt and pepper!
• snack: yogurt with ancient grains granola. A fruit leather!
• snack (I pictured): one Trader Joe’s 5 seed almond bar!
• dinner: two 100 cal tortillas with daiya cheese and black beans with salsa! Coconut water!
• dessert: a pint of halo top with tons of sf chocolate syrup and sprinkles!! 🙌🏼

I did a 30 minute Jillian michaels ab workout that killed me, plus a 3 mile run this evening! And apart from that, I literally have laid in bed allllllll day ☺️ watching lots of csi miami ☺️☺️

I hope you all had a great Tuesday!


Making Fruit Leather - It’s that time of year folks. The hawthorn berries are perfectly ripe for the picking. Grab as many as you can, give them a wash, crush them up and squeeze out the resulting juice into a flat bottomed dish. Once it’s left to set you can slice it into strips and dry it out further either by a fire, in an oven or a dehydrator. You are then left with fruit leather. A delicious snack that has a massive shelf life. I’ve mixed this one with some blackberrys and crab apples to give it a sweeter and more tart flavour. Nomnomnom!

anonymous asked:

taako keeps going into the fantasy costco, loading several packs of their (nearly expired) fruit leather in a cart, and then abandoning it. Please, Taako, people can't buy them if they think they belong to someone. They are going BAD Taako!!!! You can't keep doing this!!!


Various Varieties of Vegans, Pt. 2
  • minimalist vegan: probably makes youtube videos and lives out a backpack. what we should all aspire to be.
  • traveling vegan: most likely sticks to the equator and lives off of fresh fruit. alternatively, east asia is an excellent choice for vegan cuisine.
  • unstable vegan: can barely take care of theirself so compensates by being compassionate to literally everyone and everything.
  • depressed vegan: life is sad so i'm going to cry into this bowl of nice cream...
  • sad vegan: there's nothing to eat here...
  • freegan: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • healthy vegan: veganism cured my depression and made my skin glow and might as well have already cured world hunger <3
  • punk vegan: manic panic hair dye. faux leather. fresh fruits and vegetables. anarchy.
  • small town vegan: food? lol. friends? lol. you can find them in a field stroking a cat and chewing on grass with the nearby grazing cattle.
  • city vegan: food? three vegan cafes within five blocks. friends? there's a vegan meet up this weekend! you can find them in the park feeding the pigeons with a flock of other vegans.
  • synthetic vegan: only wears polyester and only eats texturized soy protein.
  • romantic vegan: is determined to convert their partner to veganism, and will never give up.
  • gay vegan: the only animal they eat is pussy. either that, or their favorite fruit is banana.
  • jaded vegan: yeah no one's ever changing and i can never find a vegan partner sooooo...
  • apologetic vegan: meat is murder! jk pls don't hurt me im a pacifist >_<
  • rampant vegan: MEAT IS MURDER! CONFESS YOUR CRIMES AND APOLOGIZE TO THIS GROUND BEEF. (also known as the vegan meat eaters expect us to be)
  • communist vegan: a spectre is haunting earth--the spectre of veganism. the powers of this planet have aligned in a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: the meat industry, the consumer, and the FDA...