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“I Told You My Dad Is A Spaceman.” *Chris Beck x Reader*

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Requested by @juliagolia87 : Chris takes his child to the Air & Space museum and corrects the tour guide throughout. Making his son and his friend laugh and have the best time there. 
Pairings: Chris Beck x Reader
Warnings: Nothing. A lot of fluff
Word Count: 1,367

“Hey, whoa, steady buddy.” Chris chuckles as he takes the jug of milk from his son’s little hands, “you’re making a mess that mummy will have to clear up.” He screws the cap back on the milk and hands a spoon to his son, who is just grinning from ear to ear as he scoops the Fruit-Loops into his mouth.

Chris pours himself a mug of coffee, grinning as he watches the small boy hum to himself and eats his colourful cereal. His life had changed, obviously, for the better but it still surprises him daily by how much everything had changed. Only five years ago he was up in Space, saving his dumbass best friend and now here he is, watching his son eat his breakfast. He had met you long before NASA and loved you ever since.

When he arrived home you had a little reunion, resulting in the birth of, Buzz Buchanan Beck. Chris got to name him, he was allowed to name the little star if it was a boy, although you were adamant it was a girl; you were very wrong. Four years later you got your own back, a little girl on the way and you were able to name her, Luna Aries Beck, after your favourite Harry Potter character. (Chris still says when you aren’t around, that Luna is named after the lunar eclipses.) Buzz is just turning six and Luna is only a little over a year old, they both take after Chris, it’s like living with three of him; it’s tiring.

“I thought you two would be gone by now,” you chuckle as you walk into the kitchen, a sulky Luna clinging to your blouse. Luna was a daddy’s girl and she always knew when he was leaving, she’d be pouty and silent till he got back.

Chris shrugged, “Buzz wanted to make his own breakfast,” he nods to the mess of cereal around the bowl and you sighed. “Look at this little pouty face,” he takes Luna from you, gently holding under her armpits, her bottom lip trembles as he stares into her blue eyes. “Not gonna smile for me? You get to spend the WHOLE day with Mummy, how exciting is that?” Instead of answering, not that she can withhold a steady conversation, she lifts her little hand and pats his cheek lightly still pouting.

“Face it, Chris; she doesn’t want you to leave.” You smile, “she reminds me of the day you left me,” you sighed dramatically and he rolled his eyes. “You two need to go, you still need to pick up Sam from his house and beat the traffic to the Museum,” you take Luna back and he kisses her soft cheek, pouting at the fact she still hadn’t smiled. “Go, you big nerd.” Flicking the NASA baseball cap he wears, every day, all day.

“Rude, Mrs Beck,” He kisses your lips softly before helping Buzz off of the stool and into his own NASA jacket, you sighed lightly. “Don’t miss us, Spacemen, too much,” Chris calls before shutting the front door.

You looked at Luna with a gentle sigh, she looks up at you. “Your dad and brother are nerds, you know that?” You asked, she cracked smiles at that, “Please, don’t grow up to like space, anything but that. I need just one other that has no idea what all the constellations are.” You plead softly before putting her in the Disney high chair.


If there was one thing that Chris, almost, loves more than you and his kids its Space. He had experienced it for himself, he loved every minute of being up there with his team and he wouldn’t have changed anything- well. you know, maybe Watney not almost dying. The fact he has able to share this love, this passion and knowledge with his kid, it’s incredible. You knew Chris was secretly hoping that his son would love Astrology, like him when he was a boy. So, when the day came that Buzz expressed his love for it, well, Chris was ecstatic. 

As an early Birthday treat, Chris decided to take Buzz to the Air & Space Museum, they had a little section about his Mission to Mars. Buzz insisted on his best friend tagging along; it gave Chris a chance to brag a little more, not that he’d admit to bragging.

His smile widened when both kid’ faces light up upon entering. They’re holding each other hand, a buddy system thing they learnt from school, and instantly run off in the direction of a big picture; the solar system. Chris has a hard time keeping up with the boys, trying to point out little facts that might interest them but they’ve already run off to another section by the time he’s halfway through.

“Guys, you can’t keep running off,” he scolds lightly when he finally catches up to them. They’re at the back of a small crowd of tourists, listening to a guide. His eyes catch… his own, he frowns but glances up, Ares III Mission. “Huh, you’ll like this one.” He nudges Buzz with a grin, who is intently listening and peeking through the crowd to see the screens.

Listening to the guide drone on, and on, and on about his mission was actually pretty boring. Especially when the guy was getting the facts all wrong, “Actually, it was 549sols, so around 554 Earth days.” Chris called out, he had done this three times already, and the guy looked at him irritably.

“How does your dad know so much about this?” Sam whisper asked Buzz.     

“I said he was a Spaceman, he was there, I think.” Buzz shrugged and looked at his dad, Chris full attention on the guide and all the facts he was getting wrong, not wanting to miss any and call this idiot out.

The guide rolls his eyes. “So, NASA, devise a plan to send the Hermes back for Mark-“

“Wrong, again.” Beck interrupts abruptly, Buzz and Sam, giggling from beside him. “They were originally going to bring us back if it wasn’t for Henderson and Rich Purnell, we wouldn’t have had the plans to go get Watney back. Once we voted, NASA didn’t have a say,” He shrugs from under his cap.

“And who are you?” The guide, named, Dylan, snapped.

Chris nods to his NASA I.D that’s up, just under, Major Rick Martinez. He takes his cap off and awkwardly waves to the guide who is in full shock, confusion and embarrassment mode. He looked down at his son, who is laughing.

Chris spends the next twenty minutes answering questions from the small group, a few pictures too. Eyes keep going back to his son, who looks to be having the best time at watching people get excited over his dad. Buzz pulls Sam to the screens, reading through the team’s profiles.

“I told you my dad is a Spaceman,” Buzz says matter-of-factly.

*Back Home*

“Have a good time?” You asked as Buzz came running in and jumping on the sofa, he nodded, already pulling out the stuff Chris brought him from the gift shop. “Go get your sister; she’ll want to see all this too.” You grinned as Buzz got up, already calling Luna’s name.

Chris sighed. “I heckled a tour guide today,” he tells you brashly but you nod. “How do you know?”

“People were posting photos on Twitter, plus someone got a video. Watney has been texting me, he says ‘Your husband, defending our honour… hot!’ then a bunch of heart-eye emojis.” Chris snorts with laughter, shaking his head but releasing a tired sigh. His spirit lifted when he sees Luna being helped walk in with Buzz.

As you sit on the floor listening to Buzz talk about his day, how Chris explained the solar system and listening to his Q&A about the Ares III mission, Chis laid down on the sofa with Luna on his chest. Petting her hair softly, humming the Star Wars theme, drifting between being awake and asleep; dreaming of the day that Luna will tag along to those museums.

(If you have any Chris Beck requests, send them in, I’d love to write more of him. Maybe even a series when I finished my Lance Tucker one. - Rosalee)

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Tano and Kenobi: A Profitable Exchange

Previously on Tano and Kenob…

Captured by pirates, Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano and Padawan Learner Obi-Wan Kenobi lead their fellow prisoners to freedom. Now in possession of the very ship that boarded their own cruiser, and surrounded by the rest of the pirate fleet, Ahsoka Tano must strike a hard bargain with the pirate matriarch Mama Ohnaka if she and Obi-Wan want to make it back to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple in one piece.

First | Previous | Next | AO3

“I’m listening, Knight Tano. Tell me more.”

Let’s hope this works, Ahsoka thought to herself as she stepped forward to face the viewing screen, noticing out of the corner of her eye Obi-Wan stepping up next to Hondo in case he decided to try anything foolish.

She wasn’t sure if Obi-Wan was fully capable of handling Hondo at fifteen but she didn’t have time to worry about that right now.

“I would like to propose an exchange, Mother Ohnaka,” Ahsoka said, holding open her hands. “You see, we both have something the other one wants. Your son’s pirates have control of my ship, and I have your son, his ship, and his crew.”

“You are a Jedi,” Mama Ohnaka snickered, waving a dismissive hand. “It is against your Code to harm an innocent like my precious little gorka berry.”

Obi-Wan frowned at that. “What is a gorka berry?”

Hondo rolled his eyes and leaned over to mutter to Obi-Wan. “A sweet fruit my mother favors above all others save peaches from Naboo. She thinks it is a charming nickname.”

“Hondo, I can hear you!” Mama Ohnaka shot back, her beady eyes narrowed at son. “Oh, what happened to my sweet little boy? Where did I go wrong? How could you have fallen prey to Jedi of all people! They do not know the value of credits! They do not even like credits!”

Obi-Wan and Hondo exchanged looks and wisely went silent.

“Mother Ohnaka,” Ahsoka interrupted what looked like the start of a long tirade against the Jedi with a forced, bright smile. “While it is true that we Jedi are taught to eschew the search for credits for credits’ sake, we do understand that there are some things that are worth more than credits.”

Mama Ohnaka scoffed at that. “Oh? Like what?”

Ahsoka activated her blade in a bright flash of blue and held it up to Hondo’s throat. “This.”

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all to myself: vlog 5

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader
warning: smut

teaser&info | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | on-going

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you’ve been wearing a lot of dean’s clothes lately.

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warnings: suggestive content. i kept this pretty sfw though.

additional notes: ok i wrote another dean fic cuz i love him so much. female reader in this one, although tbh it’s pretty ambiguous. let me know if you want to read more dean/reader or sam/reader, cuz i would love to hear your guys’ ideas :)

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Dean didn’t think much of it at first. In fact, when he woke up Saturday morning and found you cooking breakfast in one of his button-down shirts, he found himself smiling. The day before, he had seen you wearing a pair of his drawstring pants while you researched in the library, and earlier that week he’d seen you napping on the couch in one of Sam’s sweatshirts. He figured you were just a clothing thief, or that his and Sam’s clothes were just particularly comfortable for you.

Then he noticed that it was usually just his clothes you were stealing. You would wear Dean’s T-shirts, Dean’s flannel, Dean’s jacket. One day, when it was your turn to fold laundry, he’d stopped by the laundry room to bring you a sandwich, and he’d caught you holding one of his shirts to your face, sniffing it deeply. You hadn’t even acted flustered about it, just boasted about how the fabric softener you were using was magical.

Even though you were nonchalant, Dean was still suspicious. And a little smug. You’d been living at the bunker for a few years now, had known the Winchesters for even longer and stuck around since teaming up with them to stop the apocalypse seven years prior. Dean had appreciated you from the start; you were feisty, an excellent shot, and fun to be around, always full of snark and well-timed derision. Your sass put Sam’s to shame, and Dean found himself worrying about keeping up with you, rather the other way around. Most of all he liked how you genuinely cared for them both, providing the much-needed companionship and loyalty they’d been deprived of for far too long.

So with your fiery personality and looks to match, it didn’t take long for Dean to fall for you, and he mentally kicked himself in the head every day for it. It didn’t help that, judging by the way you always found a reason to touch or cuddle up close to him, his feelings might be reciprocated. There was no room for relationships in the hunting business—not from what he’d previously seen, anyway—but even Sam saw how much Dean cared for you and you for him. The younger Winchester had taken up the role of love guru and was currently encouraging him to take the next step, make it official. Dean liked the idea of having that with you, but he’d held off, too scared of getting too close and losing you, just like everyone else. Now, he was worried that you might have lost interest over time, or that Sam was going to come to his senses, realize your appeal, and make a move before Dean could. Maybe that was why Dean felt mildly stung whenever it was Sam’s shirt you decided to wear, and why Dean felt a swell of pride whenever you did choose to steal Dean’s clothes instead. It was like each time you wore his clothes on your back, you were unofficially proclaiming that he was yours, and you were his.

So Dean made the decision to ask you about it, to at least figure out why you had started pilfering only his clothes. He went down to the kitchen Monday night and found you crouching on the floor, rummaging through the lower shelves of the fridge. You were wearing his navy Henley over flannel pajama pants, and there was that smug swell of pride again. He grinned, crossing his arms and (selfishly) watching you for a few moments, definitely not checking out the way your ass looked in those pants or the strip of bare skin just above your waistband where his Henley had ridden up.

“Any luck down there?” he asked.

You cast a glance over your shoulder at him and smiled before returning to your task. “Just looking for the peanut butter, s’all. I feel like we should start organizing this better. I keep losing my spreads.”

“Maybe we can get you your own little spread section.” Dean watched you tug the shirt down your back, effectively covering you. Damn.

“Would be nice, but I don’t think I deserve a whole section to myself,” you replied. “A-ha!” you crowed with delight, reaching far into the fridge and procuring the peanut butter jar. “God bless.” You straightened to your full height and shut the door, cradling the jar to your chest. “Want some?” you called over your shoulder, moving to the counter where you had laid out some toasted bread and sliced bananas.

Dean couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose as he stepped over to you and leaned against the fridge to watch you prepare your meal. “When have I ever eaten fruit?” You opened your mouth to protest and he cut you off, “When it’s not filling a warm crust.”

You clamped your mouth shut. “You got me there. I think you’d like this, though.”

“I’ll have a bite of yours, then,” Dean relented. You smiled, and he stood up straight, moving closer to you. “You know, sweetheart, I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit of a thief lately.”

“Oh, yeah? And what have I stolen now?”

Dean was so close his hip was almost brushing yours. He braced one hand on the counter as he watched you. “My clothes. Sam’s, too, but mostly mine. You wanna tell me why that is?” He was playing it cool, but truth be told, when you paused in your meal preparation and turned to face him, he was starting to lose his confidence.

Your smile had vanished. You were worrying your bottom lip between your teeth, and Dean didn’t miss the way your eyes traversed his frame, lingering at his neckline, his jaw, and finally his face. “Does it bother you?” you asked with legitimate concern in your eyes. He watched that concern morph into something warm and oozy, like molten flame. He was starting to burn up just looking at you. “I’ll stop if it does, but your clothes are real comfy, Dean. And they smell good, too.”

Dean swallowed hard. You were challenging him, daring him to make the first move. Fuck it. He reached out to your side and grasped the Henley where it fell against your waist, pinching the material and rubbing it between his fingers. The corner of your mouth twitched with the beginnings of a smirk. “Oh, I’m not mad. Not mad at all,” he replied. He stepped closer to you, so close he could detect the crisp apple scent of your conditioner, could see his own face reflecting in your eyes. He slid his hand down to your hip and your own hand traveled up his arm to grasp his bicep. “I mean, if you look so good in my clothes”—he licked his lips, shamelessly appraising you from head to toe—“I could just imagine how you’d look out of them.”

Dean felt you tremble under his touch, and you pressed closer against him, his hand moving to lie flat along the small of your back. You craned your neck forward, and your lips skimmed his ear as you spoke, “Why don’t we go up to my room and find out?”

| Risqué; WYF

Subject: Kris

Genre: Smut 

Word Count: 6.6k

Summary: In which your risque behavior gets you in trouble with your boyfriend, but you happened to be a fan of his way of giving you consequences.

You lived for pushing boundaries.

Especially when it came to pushing sexual boundaries with him.

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“Well, your qualifications look adequate,” the man says slowly. He’s middle-aged, his hair is as grey as his suit, and his mouth sits in an unimpressed line that hasn’t twitched once. The woman with dark eyes next to him hasn’t smiled once, either, and the younger man by his other side hasn’t even looked up at her. He just lazily drags his pencil over his paper.

“But,” the man goes on, dragging the words as if he’s reading them from an instruction manual that constantly deals with defective products, “we’re looking for someone with a unique character. I’m talking inner strength. Would you say that you possess that quality? Would you say that you’ve got enough bite for us?”

She takes a moment to let them wait. Makes sure that her grin appears in a motion of careful, practiced confidence. 

She reaches into her bag.

“I think I do.”

She opens her fingers for them.

She shows them the small, fuzzy, brown kiwi.

She listens gleefully when the middle-aged man chokes on nothing during her first bite.

The woman holds up longer, but even her nails are clawing at the table when a the fruit shrinks with every bite, and fuzzy skin disappears together with green fruit right into her mouth.

“What the hell,” says the young man once she’s finished her kiwi, and when she pulls out another one, he gets up to grab her hand. “You’re hired.”

Lick, Sip, and Suck - A Drarry oneshot

“I beg your pardon?” Draco stared at Weasley, sure that the drinks he had already consumed so far this evening had led him to mishear. “Did you just say the words lick, sip and suck to me?”

Weasley just shrugged and passed shot glasses to both Potter and Granger beside him. They were all crowded together against the busy bar, and Draco scowled every time a stranger bumped into him. He was pretty sure the acrid smell of stale cigarettes had seeped into the fibres of his clothes by now and he would need to throw them away. It was probably in his skin too. He hated this bar. He hated Weasley. He hated tequila and fiestas. He was too warm, too tipsy, and entirely too close to Potter.

“That’s the name of the game Malfoy. I didn’t make it up,” Weasley said as he offered a shot to Draco as well.

Draco stared at the glass skeptically, glanced at Potter who quirked an eyebrow at him, and then grudgingly accepted it. Potter was clearly challenging him and Draco couldn’t just give in.

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Can You Feel It? (pt 1/2) [M]

Summary: Yeo One is your true enemy. He tries to take over your student council duties daily. He’s always flaunting his popularity. He always has something smart ass to say to you or about you. So what happens when you find him tied up in the classroom after hours? You can do anything to him that you want. Revenge might feel great, but who would have the last word?

Warnings: Bondage, orgasm denial, various kinks, exhibitionism, all sorts of lechery. It’s all in good fun, though.

Note: Extremely dirty. I would like to apologize for writing this in advance. OTL Read at your own risk. I know Changgu would never be a jerk like this but wouldn’t it be fun if he was? Also, I know nothing about Student Council so I just made everything up! Hooray!

As I walked into the classroom on Friday morning I saw the usual sight. Changgu hadn’t picked up the materials for today’s class and instead he was sitting at his desk with his friends surrounding him, talking animatedly and laughing. No doubt he was telling fantastic stories about his latest date.

I shoved my way through the throng of overly tall boys who were his friends. “Changgu, did you get the homeroom materials for today?”

Changgu sighed at having his story interrupted. He looked at me dismissively, straightening his tie. “Can’t you do it?”

“Why would I do it? It’s your job, not mine.”

“But I’m busy right now,” he said, having the nerve to give me his stupid aegyo face – the one with the big innocent eyes and puffy baby cheeks. “Can’t you do it?”

He always does this. He expects to get away with everything. He’s always shirking his duties as Vice President simply because he is hot and popular and everyone likes him. If he thinks the same childish act he uses on other girls will work on me, he can think again.

“I have to prepare for the student council meeting. I have things to do right now. So you go do it. Also, I need the agenda for today’s Student Council meeting,” I said, sticking my hand out.

He’d better have done it or I swear to God. The school festival starts next week and I have too many things to do. Not to mention my own VP will be no help at all.

“Uh….” He said, scratching his ear and looking around guiltily.

All his friends began to snicker, knowing that he hadn’t done it and that I would get angry, as I always did.

“Did you not do it? Again?!” I cried. “How hard is it, Changgu?”

“I just got busy last night. I had a date with a very hot girl. I mean you should have seen her. I was just in the middle of telling everyone about it, but then you ruined it,” he told me, frowning dramatically.

“How can you say something like that with a straight face?” I questioned.

“Come on, you’re a straight A student, it’s nothing for you to write up the agenda right quick,” said E Dawn. “Right?”

I stared at him so coldly it made him visibly wither. I pointed a finger to Changgu. “This jerk right here is a straight A student too! And even if he wasn’t, he should do the things he’s responsible for, right?”

Everyone began to sigh and go back to their seats, complaining that I killed the fun and ruined their joy, calling me a killjoy and a warden. Changgu fake coughed into his hand while saying the word “Buzzkill!”

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A Place To Call Home pt 7


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 4,906

Warnings: Fluff with some smut ;), language

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long to get up, I was having some major writers block but I think I’m clear of it so the next part shouldn’t take as long. I have to thank @writing-obrien and @bows-and-glitterz for reading it over for me! I hope you guys like it! 

Originally posted by hopeless-hugger

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On the Cusp of Dawn [Read on AO3] by @loveactually-rps

Photoset for @otayuriweek: Day 7 - Royalty.

[ Yuri on Ice | Yurio x Otabek | Teen Up and Audiences | Royalty, ABO Dynamics AU (non - traditional), Friends To Lovers, Prince Yuri, Tournaments]

Otabek bowed to the new Prince and offered the flower crown that his sister, Sabrina, had made and a basket full of fresh cherries which he’d collected from their small farm on the cusp of dawn. Carefully, he set them down on the overflowing heap of gifts.

The Prince, who’d just turned six, frowned at the basket for a long moment before raising his hand and shoving a fistful in his mouth. Otabek blinked at him, totally taken aback.

“Mmm-hum… ” the Prince hummed, closing his eyes, as he chomped on the bites of the plump fruits in his mouth. He opened his eyes, fixing his crystal green glare on Otabek. “Bring me more tomorrow,” he ordered, taking a few more from the basket.

“Y-yes, your highness,” Otabek stuttered, bowing again before he was shoved away by a royal guard to clear the area. He hadn’t missed the way the Prince had shot a burning look at the guard.

[Aka, AU where Yuri is a Prince and ranked highest among Omegas, whose life has revolved around his childhood friend, Otabek, who holds the lowest rank among Alphas. Yuri’s world suddenly comes shattering down after a loss he isn’t prepared for]

anonymous asked:

You asked for Shallura headcanon requests, and I am here to provide. How about some headcanons on Shiro and Allura cooking together?


ok nonny, these headcanons are from their pre-relationship phase (just look at my precious bbs dancing around each other aaaaaaaaa) enjoy!

  • shiro sucks at cooking (ya boi lived off of instant ramen and kraft mac&cheese for years let’s be honest)
  • allura has never had to cook for herself before
  • hunk and coran are on a mission to the balmera again, keith and lance are “training” together, pidge is working on her altean skills, and the food goo machine is malfunctioning, so they decide to give it a go
  • pizza seems to be a shared concept in both altean and earth cuisine
  • kneading the dough is super fun and allura refuses to give it up
  • shiro comes up from behind, wraps his arms around her and tries to pry her away from the counter so they can move onto the next step
  • he gets hit with a puff of flour to the face
  • cue Utter Chaos™
  • by the time they’ve stopped, the kitchen looks like a war zone
  • finally, they move onto toppings
  • to shiro’s horror, he discovers that allura likes pineapple-esque fruits on her space pizza
  • they launch into another all-out battle, but shiro finally surrenders when she pops a piece of fruit into his mouth and admits that “ok this…isn’t that bad”
  • when they finish with the toppings, they realize that they forgot to preheat the oven because amateurs
  • they wait out the time by cleaning food bits out of each others’ clothes and hair
  • shiro is feeling bold and wipes some sauce off of allura’s cheek with his thumb
  • allura responds by pressing a kiss to his thumb to lick it clean
  • they freeze because “oh no, what now, mayday mayday”
  • but then the preheat alarm goes off and they jump apart to finally get the pizza into the oven
  • they are thoroughly tuckered out by all of these shenanigans and pass out on the couches before the pizza is done baking
  • coran and hunk return hours later to see the fire alarm blaring, lance and pidge frantically waving smoke away, and keith hurling the burnt pizza into the garbage disposal
  • shiro and allura are still curled up together peacefully as the debacle unfolds in the kitchen behind them

anonymous asked:

"why are your hands purple?" shklance ;)

I bet you think I’m gonna do a Galra Keith joke. :)
Lance had no idea what happened, but Keith was covered in purple stains from the fruit they were handling and Lance’s hair turned blue after eating one. It was safe for humans, and the locals used them as party tricks and gifts anyways.
He had been trying to shove one down Keith’s throat when Shiro came to check on them. The door opened, and both men froze as their older boyfriend peered in, the door opening to reveal a very confused but disapproving Black Paladin.
“Keith, why are your hands purple? And Lance, why do you have blue hair?” Shiro asked, raising an eyebrow. Instead of answering, Lance took the opportunity to shove the gold and red fruit into Keith’s mouth, the half-human swallowing the soft banana textured flesh due to reflex.
Keith shoved Lance away, coughing and sputtering, looking up as his blue boyfriend squealed in delight and Shiro started laughing from the doorway. “Lance! What did you do?!?” Keith yelped, his scalp all tingly.
“Oh my god, your hair! It’s pink!!!” Lance cackled, dashing behind Shiro before Keith could take a swing at him. Keith actually growled. “How long does this stuff last anyways?” He snapped, pouting. Lance giggled from where Shiro had fallen over laughing. “Three days.”
Keith groaned. Pidge was going to tease the hell out of him for this…
Pink haired Keith. Sounds cute, no? :3

On the Cusp of Dawn [Read on AO3] 

[ Yuri on Ice | Yurio x Otabek | Teen Up and Audiences | Royalty, Friends To Lovers, Prince Yuri, Tournaments]

Otabek bowed to the new Prince and offered the flower crown that his sister, Sabrina, had made and a basket full of fresh cherries which he’d collected from their small farm on the cusp of dawn. Carefully, he set them down on the overflowing heap of gifts.

The Prince, who’d just turned six, frowned at the basket for a long moment before raising his hand and shoving a fistful in his mouth. Otabek blinked at him, totally taken aback.

“Mmm-hum… ” the Prince hummed, closing his eyes, as he chomped on the bites of the plump fruits in his mouth. He opened his eyes, fixing his crystal green glare on Otabek. “Bring me more tomorrow,” he ordered, taking a few more from the basket.

“Y-yes, your highness,” Otabek stuttered, bowing again before he was shoved away by a royal guard to clear the area. He hadn’t missed the way the Prince had shot a burning look at the guard.

[Aka, AU where Yuri is a Prince and ranked highest among Omegas, whose life has revolved around his childhood friend, Otabek, who holds the lowest rank among Alphas. Yuri’s world suddenly comes shattering down after a loss he isn’t prepared for]

Chapter  10 is up



Pairing: BTS Jimin X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1585

A/N thanks for the request! Sorry it took a while, exams are coming up scarily fast and I’m trying to make revision my priority lol (it still won’t happen)


Your heels clatter untidily along the concrete ground as you do a half-jog up to the modern building. You were supposed to meet the team almost half an hour ago to prepare for the star’s – Jimin’s – photoshoot but had ended up at the wrong location. Dragging your suitcase full of makeup behind you, you stop at the glass doors of the modern building.

Jimin’s fussy, he only allows you to do his makeup for photoshoots and music videos because he believes “just no one else could do it right”. Being late meant the director will try to find another makeup artist and Jimin would be refusing like a frilly child. Which means chaos.

You impatiently try to scan your guest card on the sensor but it just flashes red at you and retorts with an angry beep. You peer through the glass and knock irritably at the door.

A young woman looks up from her desk and annoyingly slowly makes her way to the door to buzz you in.

“Can I help?” she asks.

“Uh, yes. I’m Y/N, here as Park Jimin’s makeup artist for the photo shoot.” The woman’s eyes flash.

“The photo shoot is due to start any minute.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that. So where can I find the dressing room?” you press.

The lady guides you up the lift and down endless corridors until she shows you the door of the dressing room. You burst through the door, flustered and embarrassed. In front of the mirror sits Jimin, his head tilted up towards another young woman who was speaking softly to him. Their eyes look connected, locked, while she bites her lip in concentration.

Any sense of serenity is disrupted as Jimin’s head jerks towards you in the doorway.

“Ah! Jimin!” the young woman exclaims, a streak of dusky orange eyeshadow now adorning Jimin’s right cheek.

“Y/N!” Jimin calls. “You’re here.” You’re about to reply when a plump manager pokes his head through the doorway.

“Can we hurry things up a bit here? We’re meant to start right now.” He turns to acknowledge you standing next to your case of makeup. “Ah. You’re here. It’s very unprofessional to be this late,” he says, looking down at his watch. “If it weren’t for Jimin being so obsessed with you doing his makeup, last week would be the last time I hired you.” The manager narrows his eyes at you.

“I understand – I’m sorry,” you say, bowing your head in apology. “It won’t happen again.”

“I’m sure she has a reason for being late,” Jimin pipes up, although the manager had already left. His eyes meet yours while the makeup artist then leaves another accidental streak of eyeliner under his eye.

“Jimin! You weren’t supposed to open your eyes!” she whines. “You know what, Y/N can do this since it’s so blatantly obvious of her envy. God, they’re right, stars are impossible to work with,” she snaps and slams the eyeliner back on the dressing table, before whirling away and following the manager’s exit.

You stand with your arms crossed and stare at Jimin. “I thought you only let me do your makeup,” you say. You knew it was petty, but you couldn’t help feeling threatened by the other good-looking makeup artist.

“Y/N,” Jimin sighs. “You were late. What happened anyway?” he asks. You make your way over to him.

“Um… I ended up at the wrong building,” you murmur, embarrassed. Jimin laughs.

“Okay well, I’m supposed to be getting photos of me done right now… So, could you do my makeup please? Pretty please?” He brings his two slender hands under his chin to form a V-shape and blinks his big eyes up at you.

“Just so I don’t lose my job,” you huff, giving in and crossing the room to retrieve your makeup suitcase. After a few more warnings from Jimin’s manager, and completely re-doing Jimin’s face, you’re finally finished. “There. Done.” You stand back and marvel at the makeup look you’d done on him.

“Right!” The manager hurries Jimin from behind and whisks him out the room.

As you usually do, you watch the photoshoot take place, sitting on a bench at the side of the room. The room is painted plain white, and Jimin looks up sultrily to the camera. He steals a few glances towards you, causing you to blush and look away.

“Eyes at the camera please, Jimin!” the cameraman says. You can’t help but study his features. His structured cheekbones that you had enhanced ever so slightly, his tousled light pinkish hair, his dark eyes. Somewhere inside you, you’d been aware of your attraction to him that had seemed to be growing over time. You’d ignored it and tossed the thought away, thinking a star like Jimin would never go for a silly makeup artist. But encountering that other makeup artist had surely made you jealous. You groan internally at yourself.

They decide to take a break and Jimin makes his way over to the table of snacks. You watch him slink over and then begin to make his way over towards you. He crouches down in front of you.

“How do you think it’s going?” he asks, popping some fruit in his mouth.

“Fine,” you state.

“Do I look alright?” He grins.

“Of course you do. More than alright.” You avert your eyes from him and allow them to dance over your surroundings. Jimin’s grin only extends.

“That’s because you did my makeup. And it’s why I only like you doing it for me.” You keep your eyes away from him until he cocks his head into your view so there’s nowhere else to look but his soft, dark eyes.

“Whatever,” you sigh, attempting to look away but Jimin’s hand comes up to your chin and holds you firmly in place. Your eyes widen in shock.

“Why do you have to do this to me?” he whispers. “Even when you’re annoyed at me I can’t help feeling so attracted to you.” He smirks. You’re too shocked to even string a normal sentence together.

“I- I…” you stutter. Jimin leans in and presses his lips against yours.  He tastes strangely of peaches, and smells of peppermint. You gasp into the kiss but begin to move your lips against his. At first, your hands throw out to wildly grip onto the bench you’re sitting on for support, until they snake their way to tangle in his hair. He moves his hand from your chin to cup your cheek instead. As the two of your lips move together rhythmically, you forget that you’re not the only two people in the room. At sudden realisation that people are probably staring, your cheeks flush a dangerous red and you gently push Jimin away.

“Jimin!” you hiss, but the hope in your eyes probably gave your excitement away completely. Jimin smiles.


“Right, if you’ve got time for that, we should get back to the photos!” Someone from the team exclaims and you only blush more. Jimin pushes up from his knees and begins backing away from you.

“Can we stop being petty now? And maybe admit how we both really feel?” He spins away from you before you can reply, your lips still parted.

Before returning to pose for the photos, two girls run in and adjust his hair after you’d made a mess of it. You can’t help the small feeling of excited flames dancing in the pit of your stomach when you watch him. This time he doesn’t give you any attention and focuses his full attention on the camera. You’re aware he knows he’s secretly torturing you.

Finally, it finishes and the team are left to begin packing away the equipment. Feeling slightly nervous for your next interaction with Jimin, you silently make your way back to the dressing room where you begin tidying away your own products. You’re unsure how you feel, surely this is what you wanted?

Jimin opens the door.

“There you are.” You don’t reply and keep your back facing him, keeping yourself busy. “I think that shoot went pretty well, don’t you? The break was particularly successful.” He continues behind you. “Y/N?” He comes up from behind you, placing a hand on both your arms. You jump slightly.

“Yeah?” you ask, turning in his grasp.

“Are… You alright?” he asks, dangerously close to you.

“I just… I feel…”

“Hey, if what I did earlier isn’t what you wanted… That’s fine, you can just say.” Jimin smiles encouragingly.

“It is, of course it is. That’s what I’m worried about. I certainly like you Jimin… But what would make you go for me, just a makeup artist?” you ask, bravely staring straight into his irises.

“Y/N… Your job is regardless to me. What’s wrong with being a makeup artist anyway? I like you and that’s that.” He squeezes your arms gently.

“But… There’s girls out there far more appealing than me… Singers, for example.” Jimin sighs.

“Y/N, you always doubt yourself. I hate it. Listen, I like you, a lot, and I’d love to be able to take you out to dinner one night. What do you say?” You smile at him, confidence rising in you. Instead of replying, you tip his chin down to you and press your lips against his. Surely that would substitute as an I would love to?