fruit gusher

The signs as 00s commercials
  • Aries: Fruit gushers
  • Taurus: Floam
  • Gemini: Pixel chix
  • Cancer: Chia pets
  • Leo: 877 Cash Now
  • Virgo: ZooPals
  • Libra: Puffs plus lotion
  • Scorpio: Pillow pets
  • Sagittarius: Oxi clean
  • Capricorn: Education Connection
  • Aquarius: Tootsie pops
  • Pisces: Magic sand

Seeing corporations try to use outdated memes

to this day i’m still haunted by those gushers commercials from the mid-2000s where the kids heads would turn into the fruit of the gusher flavor they ate… was that a permanent side effect?? do those kids have to live the rest of their lives with big ole fruit heads??? are the fruit heads edible?? so many questions left unanswered