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how to beat the winter blues or the .... whatever: treat yo’self edition

just making a little master post because i know how easy it is to get into this kind of rut in the winter. and i know how easy it is to feel depressed and blue and all of that, so i wanted to share my personal tips for feeling better. if you had a bad day, i highly recommend all of this.

  • step one: run a hot bubble bath. like, scalding water. put candles all along your tub. drop in some lush products. don’t know what lush is? google it, my lovely followers. order yourself some bath bombs and bubble bars and lotions and face masks. got any christmas candy? bring it to the tub with you. like to read books? bring a new one to the tub with you. 

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seriously. you will not regret it.

  • okay so after a nice long soak, now that you’re all perfumed and lotioned and oily and clean, get out of the tub. you can’t live in the bathtub. i tried, it doesn’t work, eventually u gotta charge ur phone. etc. 
  • step two: make yourself a drink. and a snack. (if you’re of age/i don’t care if youre of age/do what you want) put lots of ice in it so its really cold and have it in your favorite glass. and drink it with a straw, because that makes it more fun. add little fruit garnishes and shit. or little sprinkles around the rim, or salt or sugar. or vegetables, if youre into savory drinks. TREAT YOSELF. have fun with it. it doesn’t have to have alcohol, just make yourself a really tasty drink ok?? hot cocoa, expresso, tea with honey and lemon. whatever makes you smile. whatever floats your boat baby.

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  • step three: the snack. it can be a healthy snack if you’re into that or it can be some comfort food. shit, it doesn’t even have to be a snack! order takeout if you like. this is all about treating yourself, so make yourself something really delicious that you know will make you happy. like I’m having roasted almonds because that’s what i feel like tonight. the really good kind with salt and garlic. fucking delicious. i might have some cheese with the almonds. because cheese is also fucking delicious.

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  • step four: netflix. now you can watch whatever you want, and as a pll blog i should probably recommend that you watch pll. but no. i am going to recommend something else.

gossip. girl.

  • it’s set in the beautiful city of manhattan. ok, manhattan is the island. whatever. new york city tho. it’s beautiful and everything is luxurious and you can live vicariously through everyone.
  • it’s like PLL, but better. 
  • hot guys. hot girls. great plots. lots of drama. a little sex. anD THE FASHION DEAR GOD. and lovable characters. 
  • blair waldorf for example. she is everything.
  • chace. CRAWFORD. aka nate archibald. oh my god.

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Trust me, you won’t regret it. Enjoy your snack. Enjoy your drink. BINGE WATCH GOSSIP GIRL. And enjoy being all clean smelling. all of these things are a very good cure for whatever’s ailing you. i mean, they won’t fix the flu, but they are a good way to feel better on a monday night.

just wanted to share this with everyone, i hope youre all doing well. i love each of you little babies. if you want, inbox me with your tips for how to get over a bad day and ill share them with everyone.

ps: if youre new to gossip girl and love it after watching, let me know. trust me… its amazing. its everything you wanted PLL to be.


Guardian-Witch (part 1)

(hey gals and guys and everyone inbetween. 
i went to see fantastic beasts yesterday and let me summarize this story: i love ezra miller. i love my son (who is also my lover) credence. and i love fanfiction.
so here you go, my very first (probably very shitty) fanfiction/imagine. also please keep in mind that english isn’t my mother tongue. If you find any big mistakes feel free to correct me.) 

plot: you are an guardian-witch and find credence beaten up in an alley

warnings: mentions of domestic abuse and blood

nsfw: no (but the following parts will definitely be  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


Walking through the narrow streets in one of the bad quarters of New York has never been a pleasant experience for you. The homeless children were running around and playing games with smiles on their faces but if you looked at them closer you could clearly see their fear and their hopeless souls. But nobody shared your sorrow. Not because they were stupid or ignorant. The simple fact that they weren’t a guardian-witch and that they couldn’t see people’s true emotions were the reasons. As much as you wished that there were more beings like you, you didn’t want anybody going through what you are going through every day. All the bad emotions were roaming through you like an enormous storm. You had teenagers with broken hearts, elderly with the fear of death, children with illness and adults with depression in you and they wouldn’t let you go. But you learned to live with it. You even found a way to use your curse (you prefered to call it power) to help people. You helped people that couldn’t go to anyone else with their problems. People who haven’t been taken seriously once in their lifetime. People who were outcasts and didn’t have anyone to talk to.
You just came back from one of your friends, how you lovingly called your patients, and tried to focus on good things like the fresh bread and the expensive cheese in your jiggered bag. But the warm feeling that finally wrapped around your heart was suddenly disturbed. You clenched your fists and buried your fingernails in your skin. Teeth grinding. It took you a good minute until you got somewhat used to the pain and took in a sharp breath.
You’ve only witnessed ache like that in mothers who just lost their child. But this wasn’t because of a death. This pain was degrading, inhumane and mixed with boiling rage against the carrier himself.
You’ve looked around, vigorously trying to find the source and it didn’t take you long.
A lanky, skinny figure was sitting in a dark alley next to a dumpster. The boy had his head buried in his knees and even from your distance you could see him shaking. You slowly made your way up to him. His sobbing was so loud and intense that he didn’t even hear you coming up. Carefully, not to scare him, you laid your hand on his knee. Brusque the young man jumped up, hitting his back on the wall while doing so. His eyes were big and stared you down with shock and fear. His chest was raising up and down.
‘I- I- I am so sorry’, was everything you managed to get out of your mouth. You stared at the man in front of you. His dark eyes burning into your soul, not leaving your face. His pink lips still twitching from the shock. Dark hair covering his forehead. Tears hugging his cheekbones. He surely was lovely to look at but you weren’t here to admire him. You were here to help.
You watched the boy calm down and sink down to the ground again. He didn’t say a word and didn’t look like he was going to.
‘Again, I am so sorry. It wasn’t my intention to scare you. I’m just here to help. I can sense a lot of sadness in your mind’ you spoke, cringing at how stupid the last sentence must sound to a normal person, like him.
He still didn’t say a word.
Only now you realised the big red stain on the sleeve of his shirt. There was a hole in the shirt to give you a glimpse of what laid underneath the fabric. It looked like a stab wound.
‘Who did this to you?’ you asked him almost screaming because you felt the anger rising inside of you. You realized the boy flinching at the sudden volume change in your voice. You immediately stopped asking questions and tried to pull him up. Without much resistance he got up and without any questions coming from him you made your way to your house, you supporting him so the weakened boy wouldn’t fall over. After you finally reached your door, you tried to prop the boy with one hand and with the other you fiddled with your key and finally managed to push it into the lock. The warmth of your home wrapped around your bodies. With no words you led the boy to your sofa and sat him down.
‘Excuse me, cold weather always gives me a runny nose’, you excused yourself out of the horrible situation and disappeared into your small kitchen.

Okay (y/n), how are we going to do this. He clearly isn’t a man of great words and he really doesn’t seem to want to talk about anything that happened to him. All you can do know is treating his wounds. Do you still have some painkillers? Oh no, what if you used them all. Stupid, stupid,.. Oh yes! There still have to be some in your drawer next to your bed. Thank god for period cramps. But what if they don’t help, what if he has to suffer the whole night? Should you bring him to the hospital? What if he’s bleeding ou-? OK, STOP IT NOW! Just get your box and stitch this poor boy up already.

With shaky hands you got all the things you needed and made your way to the living room. The man was still sitting in the exact same position as you left him, staring at the picture of you and your mother sitting on the fireplace. When he realized your presence his eyes roamed the things in your hands. Seeing the needles, threads and bandages you held in them, made him gulp.
‘Don’t worry, I have numbing creme. It won’t hurt bad, just a little sting. I fear you have to get rid of your clothes, erm, I mean at least of you shirt’ you said as calming as you could but you knew that he could sense your nervousness.
He looked at you with disbelief and shook his head almost unnoticeably.
‘I really won’t hurt you. You have to let me treat your wounds or else they will get infected’ you assured him. Now with a more secure voice and you kneeled down before him. Slowly you opened one button after the other of his shirt with your delicate fingers. After you opened them all you concernedly slipped his shirt from his body. You were grinding your teeth in order to stop inappropriate thoughts you got while looking at his pale, delightful torso. But eyeing the wound on his arms did the job better. It was deep and him pressing his hand on it did stop some bleeding but definitely not all. You still assured yourself that you could fix it. In your lifetime of a guardian-witch you stitched a lot of wounds. Mainly wounds which originated from domestic abuse.
You got a wet cloth and watchfully cleaned the cut. You felt his body flinching now and then but he did well.
In order to distract him from the stitching you tried to ask him as many harmless questions as you could. Surprisingly, he answered all of them. Not very detailed and with an unsteady, quiet voice but he did.
‘What’s your Name?’
‘I like that name. I’m (y/n). Where do you live?’
‘Down the road.’
‘Any pets?’
‘Have you ever had one?’
‘Yes, a cat.’
‘What happened to it?’
He didn’t answer. You sensed bad memories. 
‘Okay, let’s change subject. Favourite food?’
‘I don’t have one.’

What? How can someone not have a favourite food? Has he never had Cheese? Pasta? Chocolate? I mean, I understand if someone can’t decide what’s their favourite colour or maybe number but food???

‘Oh, are you hungry?’
No answer.
‘Well, since you didn’t answer I’ll take it as a yes. And it’s your lucky day because I just finished stitching you up and I’ve got fresh bread and cheese in the kitchen’ you told him with a happy tone in your voice.
But it didn’t seem like that would cheer him up. He wasn’t stupid, he could basically smell your bitterness.
After you draped a blanket around Credence you ran into the kitchen and prepared a plate of cut bread and cheese. You also found some grapes in your fruit basket to garnish your dish. Quickly you took the china jug with the pretty flower details and filled it with water.
The dinner flew buy silently and quickly. Credence didn’t eat much but spent an awful long time staring at the flowers on the jug. To break the awkward silence, you just started to tell him about the object of his fascination.
‘I got it from my mum. And she got it from hers. It’s from Thailand. My grandma and grandpa were travellers and they always made sure to bring something for my mum, my brother and me. So of course when they came to visit after their trip, they had something for everyone of us. My mum got the chug and me and my brother both got a plush elephant.’
You smiled inside your head because he finally peaked up and started to listen.
‘Well, I have to tell you that we had a dog. And this dog was a bastard. A real bastard. He managed to chew on every toy that I had and so he did the same on my elephant. He didn’t only chew on it, he basically ripped it apart. For a seven-year-old girl, this was a traumatising experience and I threw an enormous tantrum. I was so loud and unstoppable that my mums’ only way out was to offer me her present. And I took it. And this is the story about how I went to sleep and cuddled with a chug until I was ten years old while my brother did the same with an usual plush toy.’
I finished the story, wallowing in nostalgia. And as I caught Credences’ faint smile, my heart jumped higher than the Statue of Liberty.
You placed your hand on his bigger one which was still caressing the flower details. He flinched but didn’t take it away.
‘I think it is bedtime now, Credence. We both had a harsh day but I’m glad to say that it didn’t end too bad.’
His eyes softened and when you got up, he got up too and headed for the door.
‘What are you doing?’, you questioned him surprised.
He looked at you with sorrow when he spoke the following words: ‘I have to go now, my mum will be very angry with me, if I don’t come home tonight.’
‘Your mum will never be angry with you again. I’ll make sure. Stay with me’ you basically begged him.
You reached your hand out for him and hesitantly but steadily he laid his in yours and followed you upstairs into your small bedroom. You got rid of your sweater and your pants and wrapped yourself in your blankets. He surely was overwhelmed by your action. He had never seen a naked girl before and never had he seen a girl as beautiful as you. So he stood there in shock, with his blanket wrapped around him.
You giggled at the sight.
‘Don’t be scared. Join me. There’s enough space for both of us.’
And he did. He got rid of his pants, laying down next to you in his boxers. Without feeling scared, uncomfortable or anxious. Because he knew it was right. He finally felt somewhat safe in his life.
‘Thank you, (y/n)’, the boy muttered and drifted off into a deep dreamless sleep. 

Navel Orange and Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer  

This colorful, fruity drink is sure to please everyone at the party. Sweet citrus juices are combined with strawberries and given a fizzy kick with club soda. Serve it with a fresh fruit garnish for the kids or add an optional splash of gin or vodka for the adults. This recipe suggests juicing the fruits using a centrifugal juicer, but mashing and straining the strawberries and juicing the citrus by hand will yield similar results.


10 minutes prep.

10 to 12 strawberries, hulled
6 Paramount Citrus lemons, peeled
2 Paramount Citrus navel oranges, peeled
24 to 32 oz. club soda or seltzer, cold
Strawberries or citrus slices for garnish


1. Using a centrifugal juicer, feed in the strawberries, then the lemons and finally the oranges. Stir the juice.

2. Pour ¼ of the juice into each of four 8 to 10 ounce glasses. Add club soda or seltzer to fill each glass. Garnish with fruit and serve.

cocktails for the signs
  • Aries: Martini (gin, dry vermouth, olive garnish)
  • Taurus: French 75 (gin, champagne, lemon juice, sugar)
  • Gemini: Spritz (prosecco, aperol, soda water, orange garnish)
  • Cancer: Mimosa (champagne, orange juice, fruit garnish)
  • Leo: Golden Cadillac (galliano, crème de cacao, cream)
  • Virgo: Americano (campari, soda water, red vermouth, orange garnish)
  • Libra: Cosmopolitan (vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice, lime juice, citrus garnish)
  • Scorpio: Manhattan (red vermouth, whisky, angostura bitters, cherry garnish)
  • Sagittarius: Mojito (white rum, soda water, lime juice, sugar, mint leaves)
  • Capricorn: Sazerac (absinthe, whiskey or cognac, peychaud's bitters, sugar cube)
  • Aquarius: Aviation (crème de violette, maraschino liqueur, gin, lemon juice, cherry garnish)
  • Pisces: Daiquiri (white rum, simple syrup, lime juice, lime garnish)
Orphan Black Cocktails!

Hey there folks.  If you are like me, you are a fan of:

1. Orphan Black

2. Drinking

3. Drinking away the emotions that Orphan Black has left you with.

In honor of the season 3 finale,  I’ve decided to come up with some OB themed cocktails to help you get through the inevitable emotional meltdown we’re all bound to have Saturday night.

Let’s start with Alison and the Effing Bellini.

1. Take a champagne flute (or a wine glass if you’re like me and don’t have one) and fill it 1/3 of the way with fruit puree.  I chose strawberries but if you like something else, go for it.  Just don’t eff it up.

2. Fill the remainder of the glass with bubbly.  I like prosecco but you can use whatever the eff you want to.

3. Garnish with your fruit of choice if you want to be effing fancy.

4. Enjoy with an effing Xanax*.

(*don’t actually do that)

Next, let’s check out the Cosima inspired drink.  Gotta go with a red wine base, obvs.  Sangria it is!

Generally, I’d make Sangria in a large batch using multiple bottles of wine but this recipe is designed for a single glass.  I prefer using a red blend.  Fill the glass 1/3 of the way with wine.  Add in the following:

.5 oz cherry vodka
.5 oz triple sec
.5 oz citrus vodka

Fill with Orange juice and a splash of cran or pom juice. Garnish with fruit slices and a cherry (I didn’t have any of the latter, sorry).

Next up, Let’s make a Delphine themed drink.  When you’re the head of a big, powerful company or organization you need to have what I call a “POWER DRINK”.  Oooh, how about a martini?  Let’s make it appropriately themed though and do an Eskimo Pie Martini.

Hey, that looks pretty awesome, right?  Here’s how to make it:

1. First prep the martini glass by pouring a chocolate swirl around the inside surface.

2. Add in:
1 oz vanilla flavored vodka
1.5 oz Godiva chocolate liqueur

3. Top with milk and stir 
(or if you wanna be super eskimo pie-ish, blend with vanilla ice cream for maximum awesomeness).

4. Drink while gross sobbing about Cophine feels.

Sarah seems like a whiskey girl to me, so let’s go with an Irish coffee.

This one is super easy.  Add 2 oz of Irish whisky to a mug.  Something like this will do:

(Good season finale advice from the red mug, there).

Fill the rest of the way with coffee.  Top with whipped cream if you want to.

There’s only one drink appropriate enough for Helena.  No, it’s not a White Russian. 


I just want to make one very important note here: the Jello in the picture is sugar free.  This is unacceptable for a Helena themed drink.  I don’t even know how this got in my house.
Jello shots are really easy.  Just make the Jello as you normally would but stir in alcohol before you pour it to set.  I’d say 4-5 oz per batch of Jello is probably a good amount.  Any flavor you want to make is fine but I’d say try to match flavors that work well together.  Examples:

-cherry vodka with cherry jello
-citrus/orange flavored alcohol with lemon or orange jello

Don’t be afraid to mix and match flavors either! 

When you pour the jello to set, I’ve found that using foil cupcake liners in muffin tins work well.  You can just peel away the foil and not have to worry about squeezing the shots out of cups. 

Make a bunch!  Have a finale party with all of your setras and brother sestras! Eat some doughnuts!  Kill some fish people! Burn down their ranch! It’s all good!

Next I present to you the Neolutionist Shot

1. Take a shot glass and fill with 1oz of coconut vodka (the one I used is white for the snazzy color effect)

2.  Take a spoon and place upside down against the edge of the inside glass (pointing downwards and just touching the vodka).  This is going to act as a vehicle for the blue to get to the bottom and create that neat gradient effect.

3.  Pour a float of blue curacao down the spoon into the bottom of the glass.

Fun fact:  different alcohols have different “weights” or “gravities”.  Some are heavier than others and that is how you are able to do cool layered drinks.  If you are interested in learning more about this kind of stuff, you can probably find some info if you google “café pousse”.

Last, but not least, let’s make a Shay drink!

Here we go:

Yup, that’s it.  There’s no alcohol.  It’s just an adorable juice box. 

Shay is a precious little angelbaby and you can’t tell me otherwise.

So, that’s it for now.  I’d like to eventually tweak these and make more for some of the other characters that I didn’t get to.
I hope the rest of clone club gets through the finale in one piece tomorrow.  If you don’t, perhaps these recipes will help you cope.

this post is meant to be for fun, please drink responsibly if you are going to try any of these.  Also, please do not attempt this unless you are over the age of 21 (or whatever the legal age is in your country).  I do not condone underage or irresponsible drinking in any way.

Thanks for checking this out Clone Club!

Sparkling Water

I love sparkling water. Sparkling water is just spring water infused with carbonation. It is also called seltzer. Club soda just has a little bit of baking soda added to it. Since I do not drink alcohol sparkling water gives me the ability to mix non-alcoholic “cocktails” which is great summer fun.

You can buy home kits to make your own but I don’t bother. My local big box store will sell 20 1 liter bottles for $10.00. I drink my sparkling water ice cold. I can add fruit juice and garnish with mango, strawberry, cherry, mint leaves, lemon or lime slices. It is a great way to stay hydrated on a hot summer’s day.

I hate watching the cooks make cocktails on the Food Network. No one has that much patience to rim the glass, cut all of the fancy fruit up, garnish, all of that intricate shit for a single drink. Giada, chill.