fruit bat babies

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VIXX as types of cookies please

N: Our hard working, sexy, cute, amazing leader N. N needs a cookie that gives as much as he does. Based on that, I believe the cookie picture below does a great job of giving all it can offer. 

Leo: What does Leo love? Coffee! Now what would be a better representation of Leo in cookie form than a cookie mug. I think that is a pretty fair representation don’t you think?

Ken: Ken is just a bundle of color and surprises. Therefor this little firework is this pinata cookie. You break one of these suckers open and get a candy explosion just like Ken’s random energy explosions of kenness.

Ravi: GOLDEN BOY RAVI! Now Ravi, as I have said before, is too fancy for me. Don’t get me wrong I love this boy but he is most defiantly going more places then I am and as too fancy for me with his song writing and stuff. Naturally this boy deserves a cookie as fancy and rich as he is in talent and ambition. Therefor the cookies below is a Ravi cookie.

Hongbin: Our gorgeous baby fruit bat. This magical little creature is too stunning and pretty for this world and is too much for my little human to handle. Therefore Hongbin is going to be the most elegant and ornate cookie there ever was. The cookies below are pretty, neat, and very detailed making them too pretty for me and therefor a perfect representation of our fruit bat Hongbin.

Hyuk: Oh god Hyuk. Hyuk is a beast and he needs a beast cookie. Therefore this giant ass cookie should be pretty good at representing our overgrown baby.

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