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Chocolate Protein “Fluff” Cake with Chia Seed Jam and Fresh Fruit: What we have here is a cake of sorts. It’s more of a fluff–shall we say? It’s very tender. Eggs are replaced with zucchini, but I added an extra bit of moisture with a little oil anyway. That really lends to it melting in your mouth. It’s topped with a raspberry chia seed jam for that hit of acidity and the crunch of seeds. Also, who doesn’t love a little fresh fruit and vegetables with their protein and healthy fat? It feels like something you shouldn’t be eating first thing in the morning, but there’s absolutely no reason not to!

Protein powder is actually way more versatile than a shake, and I wanted to concoct a few other ways to use mine. While the gardening season is only in the beginning stages, I also wanted to plan a few ways to use the eight thousand zucchinis I’m going to receive from my dad this summer. It’s not just for zucchini bread, folks!

Chocolate Protein “Fluff” Cake

  • 1 scoop unflavored protein powder
  • 2 TBSP cocoa powder
  • ¼ tsp baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • ¼ cup stevia (or any granulated sweetener you prefer)
  • ½ TBSP of any mildly flavored oil (such as grapeseed or canola)
  • ½ cup zucchini puree (zucchini and a couple TBSP of water blended together)
  • ¼ cup almond milk
  • dash of vanilla extract

Directions: Preheat the oven to 350F. In a bowl, add all the dry ingredients and whisk them together with a fork. In an additional bowl, add and mix all the wet ingredients together. Combine the wet to the dry, stir to combine, and then pour them into a ramekin or any oven safe single-serve dish you have that’s suitable. Make sure that has been hit with the no-stick spray beforehand. Bake for 20 minutes, or until the center is done. This “cake” has a very soft texture, much like any flourless cake. So, what you’re looking for is the top to be cooked over, but the inside of the cake will be extremely soft; though it shouldn’t be raw.

Raspberry Chia Seed Jam

Using chia seeds and their ability to gel means we can just use the natural sweetness of fruit and not need the added sugar to create that effect! It’s also criminally easy to make. You should totally do this for PB&Js, ‘cause no one is ever too old or too fancy for a PB&J.

  • 1 cup frozen raspberries (you could seriously use just about any fruit this way, though)
  • 1 + ½ TBSP chia seeds
  • juice of half a lemon
  • pinch of salt
  • few drops vanilla extract (optional) 

Directions: In a small saucepan and on medium high heat, add the frozen fruit (thawed), chia seeds, lemon juice, salt, and extract. Stir frequently and watch for the berries to let their liquid out. Keep stirring and heating through until the mixture begins to lightly bubble. Bring the heat down to low and allow it to simmer for a minute or two. Stir to prevent burning. Take it off the heat and prepare to store it. It can be served hot but it will thicken more in the fridge overnight. Serves 4.


Fluffy vegan protein pancakes topped with chocolate sauce and orange 👌 the pancakes are made with buckwheat flour, oat flour, vanilla protein and lupino flour from (get 5% off with the Code “ELEPHANTS” 🐘) 😍 if you want to have the full recipe, i just posted it on my instagram Page (knfx) 😊

MBTI Types as Enzymes (and Proteins)

ISFJ - Ferritin, stores iron in red blood cells to help maintain eurythropoiesis

ESFJ - G-actin, makes up the cytoskeleton and gives support to the cell

ISTJ - Centriole, required in the process of mitosis

ISTP - Autolysin, breaks down tissue from where it was produced and therefore preparing cell for mitosis (specific to bacteria)

ESTP - Myosin, transports vesicles through the cytoskeleton

ISFP - DNA polymerase II, replicates and repairs DNA in prokaryotes

ESFP - Pol α, essential to the replication of DNA in eukaryotes

ESTJ - Hemoglobin, what facillitates the transport of O2 to cells for cellular respiration

ENTJ - aPKC, an enzyme that directs what type of cell a stem cell should differentiate into.

INTJ - NgAgo, an enzyme capable of editing the genome of any given organism

INTP - Mst3b, important to the regeneration of axons and other nerve fibers

ENTP - Phytase, breaks down phytic acid into minerals for the body to use (doesn’t actually digest food)

INFJ - Sucrase, the enzyme that breaks down complex sugars

INFP - Insulin, important to maintaining cellular respiration by facillitating transport of glucose through cell membranes

ENFJ - Nmnat, an enzyme important to the maintenance of nerve fibers and neuroprotection

ENFP - Pectinase, breaks down pectin from fruit

Things your meal doesn’t have to include in order to be balanced and healthy:

1. Designer protein powder
2. “Superfoods” that will “change your life” including but not limited to: maca powder, bootstrap molasses, acai, chia seeds, coconut oil, dandelion greens, brazil nuts, turmeric, tart cherries, kombucha, spirulina, goji berries*…
3. 30 ingredients
4. Any one ingredient that you never usually buy and will only use in this one recipe
5. Any one ingredient that you never usually buy and which will sabotage your entire grocery budget for the week
6. Spiralized vegetables
7. “Detox” ANYTHING.

All this shit does is make healthy eating seem expensive and unattainable. IT’S NOT. 

You can get $25 worth of fruits, vegetables, rice, and lean protein at the grocery store and you’re set for a week or two. You don’t have to eat maca-spiked spiralized-zucchini avocado protein muffins (or whatever the fuck). You don’t have to rush out and buy fennel or tabbouleh or bison.

Just try to eat mostly real food, a lot of it, treat yourself when you feel like it, drink a lot of water, and you’re set. 

It’s cheap, it’s attainable, it’s accessible. Don’t let anyone - your parents, your friends, a girl trying to make money off of instagram - tell you differently!!!

Preparation is key 🔑 it literally takes 20 minutes (give or take a few depending on what you’re making) to prepare meals for tomorrow if you plan to be on the go. ‘I don’t have enough time ’ is NO excuse for spending $50+ dollars on take out a week because you were too lazy to buy and make your own food. Food that you know exactly how it’s cooked and what it’s cooked with. Who knows what exactly you’re getting when you buy food out? Even if you believe it’s healthy-may not be as good as you think. So instead of scrolling through Instagram for half an hour, or watching two extra YouTube videos, or watching TV, use that time to make your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks for the next day if you’re going to be on-the-go all day. (School, work, etc etc). You’ll save a heap of money and notice better results for it. HEY, you could even prep your meals whilst you watch TV/YouTube and so on…win win situation right? Some Inspo in this photo is some of my favourites! Yoghurt, muesli and fruit for brekky and some brown rice, chicken and Veges for lunch! If that’s not what floats your boat, come up with another idea for your meals and snacks! Omelettes, smoothies, Sandwiches, leftover dinners, stir fries, salads, fruit, Veges and hommus, homemade protein brownies/muffins/bliss balls, ETC! So many ideas. Just spend the time to prep your meals and you’ll feel much better for it-and your purse will too 😜😜


Definitely Not Vegan/Vegetarian But...

I’m trying to be conscious of what I consume. It’s really important to be aware of what you’re putting in your body.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but your body needs fuel!

Recently, I’ve become more aware and particular in what I eat. This week, unfortunately, I was feeling sick so it was a lot of chicken noodle soup and crackers for me, but otherwise, I’ve been doing pretty well.

- I try have veggies every day in some form - raw, cooked, sautéed, etc. 

- I try to eat almonds every day.

- I do my best to eat a lot of protein and avoid over-indulging in sodium & carbs.

I’m really trying to eat better. & I’m glad I have your support. Thanks for letting me share my journey with you, it means a lot.

The first bowl I made this year! Summer needs to come faster, I’m missing the warmth and local farmers market. Check out my Instagram for more personal photos: andee_lynch

- Greek Yogurt
- Chia and Flax Seeds
- Fruit flavored protein powder
- Frozen: Strawberries, red raspberries, dark cherries, and banana
- Toppings: Banana, peanut butter, semi-sweet dark chocolate chips, strawberries, chopped almonds, and blueberries


I bought so much food today I LOVE IT😍 spent like £35 in total but it’s definitely going to last me a while! I want to see how long I can last on this food before having to do another big shop!

So many fruit and veg: onions, courgette, sweet potato, cucumber, tomatoes, sweet corn, spinach, olives, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, kiwis, pears, avocado, artichoke pieces!

Also got kidney beans, pesto, vegan cheese (can’t have dairy), gluten free soup, lemon juice, honey, eggs, chicken, smoked salmon, and shrimps!

I’m looking forward to making so many delicious meals with all this delicious food😍🤤😋

Tip #30

METABOLISM BOOSTERS: if you’re struggling to lose weight, no matter how much you exercise, no matter how healthy you’re eating and you just don’t seem to be getting the results you feel you deserve, then there’s a chance it’s due to the actual healthy food choices you’re eating. 

There are actually a selection of foods that aid the metabolism and prevent fat storage:

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Being A Healthy Witch

Hi! I know, I know, these tips aren’t just for witches. My blog is just very central to that particular audience, and I wanted to share my little ‘food journey’ with fellow witches, some of whom might be vegan // vegetarian // health conscious. :-)

Okay, so here’s my little story: I’ve had body images for my entire life, and, sadly, they have only gotten worse as I’ve grown older. While I’ve ever been “fat,” I’ve never been happy with my body and the way it looks, and have always longed for perfection // had an irrational fear of packing on pounds. My brain has just always told me, “you’re okay, but you’re not *there* yet. You could be better, prettier, skinnier, and *then* you’ll be there…” such image problems are even worse when topped with severe anxiety and depression // anger issues. I have body dysmorphia. Severely. I know this to be true, no matter how many times my family likes to remind me (not in a mean way at all - they only want me to be healthy and happy). I’ve suffered through both consistent and on/off self-harm since sixth grade, emotional eating, depersonalization, under-eating, unhealthy “promiscuous” actions at a young age, and making myself throw up.

But this post isn’t to list off my disorders. It is to share my own progress, and serve as a reminder to myself - and others - that eating does not have to feel like a burden or a chore. Believe me, I am nowhere near finished with my unhealthy mindset. I still dread having to eat. (Too bad there isn’t a spell to get rid of anxiety)! But the thing is, is that I dread it that much less when I know that what I’m putting in my body is healthy. In addition, there is magick in cooking, and it makes preparing food for myself and my boyfriend that much more exciting. I long to eat sweets and just shove a bunch of food in my mouth, trust me! But lately I have been resistant to that, and have strived for eating clean. I haven’t eaten meat or bread in such a long time! When we go out, it is vegan and dairy free 99.9% of the time.

Here is a list of some healthy things that I have found a love for making or snacking on over this past year.

• Overnight Oats - DIY oatmeal prepared in a mason jar, left to refrigerate overnight and to be eaten in the morning! Can contain anything you like. (I usually use bananas, mixed berries, almond milk, honey, cinnamon, shaved coconut, and chia seeds, all on top of rolled oats).

• Peanut butter w/ bananas or apples.

• Fruit smoothies w/ protein powder and chia seeds.

• Vegan sausage.

• Homemade rosemary/garlic potatoes.

• Crunchy granola/mixed nuts (a great substitute for snacking on chips).

• Scrambled eggs with green peppers.

• Chickenless chicken strips.

• Apple slices topped w/ tuna (unless you are full vegan/vegetarian) and dried cranberries.

• Pickles.  

• Ants on a log!

• Fruit acai/chia seed breakfast bowls.

• Tuna-stuffed avocado. 

• Pasta w/ beefless ground (tastes real)!! 

• Wheat toast w/ peanut butter, honey, and granola. 

• Honey, apricot, and almond butter on low-fat crackers. 

 • Vegan grilled cheese w/ jam. 

• Vegan protein bars (I recently discovered this delicious brand called GoMacro - and they have them at 7-11)!!

 • Cucumber, dill, and (vegan) cream cheese sandwiches. 

 • Fruit pizza - bagel w/ (vegan) cream cheese spread and topped w/ mixed fruits. 

 • All of the fruits and vegetables!!! 

I know a lot of you may have body issues too, and have a hard time eating or wanting to eat. I personally choose to only drink water, and try hard to eat clean and always take daily vitamins. Once you introduce healthier things into your diet, it becomes gradually easier to not “fear food” again, and learn some fun recipes along the way! The goal is not only to accept that your body is your only one, but to let your insides thank you for feeding it such healthy, yummy things. (Oh, and for larger meals, don’t forget about homemade vegetable soups, veggie burgers, salads, or vegan tacos)! I hope that this helps someone! 🌟 and feel free to tell me your own ideas/recipes! I’d love to have some more :-)