fruit pot

I’m having the nicest day???

I caught a morning train back to Cambridge and since arriving I’ve just been settling in again. I went shopping and bought a cute basket from tiger to act as a fruit bowl and a pot to keep my new colouring pencils in (I got some mindfulness colouring books for Christmas so I’m going to make a habit of colouring before bed), and then bought some pretty clothes bc #treatyoself2k17

Then I had lunch at a cute cafe, did some admin, then did my groceries shop. And now I’m going to put some washing on and do some crafting, making wall posters out of a really pretty calendar that’s now out of date while watching Netflix :) :) :)

[John was the guy he was dating (and kind of getting serious with him too) when he had the experience that led to him becoming a ghoul and basically, he was kind of terrible at being comforting and broke up with him around March after his body really started showing the rads and Jackie is very bitter, especially since he lives in Goodneighbor and he has to see him everywhere.  Jack gets petty revenge on him by occasionally stealing fruit from the potted tato near his door.]

anonymous asked:

i saw your post about the library and i say bring some snacks like blueberries or something,, just make is look like you have food. maybe shift it around a bit to make it seem like you're eating. if they ask why you're not eating ask why they're being so critical/annoying or something? idk this works for me :/ good luck, love 💛

TYSM I’ll buy a fruit pot or something and see how that goes down :o Thank you <3 


We spent the day organizing and cleaning our deck to set up our second greenhouse, starting tomorrow. 😰 we got from home depot 2 shelving units and love them! Now I can have all our pots, gardening supplies & tools all in one spot!😁I thank my hubby, @redskins29 for getting them and putting them together! We still have plants on our deck from our father’s day free trays! All green & looking good. Will be potting them soon …our greenhouse full of herbs & veggies! We’ve been thinking of selling herbs and few veggie plants, starting winter…😌 hopefully it all come together! We are thrilled on starting a little business 😆 10/11/15