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10 Meal Ideas for Broke College Students

Long hours on campus can be grueling, especially on an empty stomach. Cafeteria and vending machine food is always extremely pricey, and it’s almost impossible to get a decent, affordable meal on a budget. I’ve created a list of 10 meal ideas for college students to bring to school with them to stay fed and sane. Each meal should cost $2 or less, an average of $10/week.

The ingredients listed are meant to be bought in bulk and parceled out to save money. Tupperware containers are also assumed to be available. Check the Dollar Tree for great deals on Tupperware!

10 College Meal Ideas for under $2

~ Canned soup ($1.25), ziplock of mixed veggies ($.25), tbsp hummus ($.25)

~ Egg salad sandwich ($1.25), handful of mixed nuts ($.75)

~ Protein bar ($1), tbsp peanut butter

~ Caesar salad (from salad kit, bring half in Tupperware save other half for dinner) ($1) , add ½ avocado and fresh tomato slices for ($1)

~ 2 Baja Cafe burritos ($1), ziplock of tortilla chips ($.25), tbsp salsa, dip or hummus ($.75)

~ Grilled cheese ($1), tomato soup ($1)

~ Small grilled and sliced chicken breast ($1.50), roasted veggies and brown rice ($.50)

~ ½ cup cottage cheese ($.50), hard boiled egg ($.25), slice of whole grain toast ($.25)

~ 2 slices of pizza (from frozen) ($1), ziplock of baby carrots ($.50), tbsp ranch dressing ($.25)

~ Frozen entree (Lean Cuisine, Hungry Man, etc.) ($2)

I have been struggling trying to budget for this upcoming school year, so I hope this helps out some other starving students (and everyone else!)

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How can I be vegan on a budget?

A huge misconception people have about the vegan lifestyle is that its expensive or they cannot afford it. Thats just not the case, I’ve gathered some links for you to help further explain.

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Zodiac Signs As I Know Them

Aries: Tall, obnoxiously loud, always having a new girlfriend/boyfriend, calls you a “little bitch” because you broke up, bright, not too emotionally smart, makes bad decisions, stubborn, great smile, Slytherin/Gryffindor.

Taurus: Dad jokes, explains what Ariana Grande’s song lyrics are about to me (specifically “Side to Side”), happy, frugal, cheap eats guides are their best friends, loves K-Pop, sunshiny, cute, hyper, don’t let them drink caffeine, duck tales, dickies and docs, Slytherin/Ravenclaw.

Gemini: The sweetest bean to exist, friendly, has a tendency to shut themselves off when they’re sad, little drummer boy (Buddy Rich is an icon), loving friends, they give the best hugs on the planet, loves YTPs (specifically for Les Mis), puns galore and doesn’t feel they deserve to get a high five afterwards, makes amazing sugar cookies with peppermint, close to his mother and father, porkpie hats and scarves, Hufflepuff/Slytherin.

Cancer: Tumblr trash, glitter, copic markers, amateur artist, really likes Tim Burton and Jhonen Vasquez’s work and will become jealous when you bring up the fact that both of them are Virgos, watercolours, black mesh and anime buns, hot chocolate, tea, irrational hate of coffee, instagram stories, cute laughs, good times, swimming at their birthday parties, dark horse comics, INTJ, modern dance, doesn’t want to be mistaken for their twin but understands, writing poetry in a cafe during winter break, sweet bean, Slytherin/Ravenclaw.

Leo: Puns, walks into class during a test yelling “It’s ya boiii!” then walks to his seat in shame, works at Trader Joe’s part time, media tastes very frequently, nerdy memelord, Dungeons and Dragons, looks immensely more attractive with bangs than without, gives the literal best advice, makes good food, believes that “no mistakes should be regretted, they are only lessons to be learned from”, total Hufflepuff, went to Catholic school and came out Atheist.

Virgo: Has the best cheekbones, identifies as a Capricorn because it’s their dominant sign in their chart, hogwarts scarves, a legume with extra leg, kissing your crush at 1 am, likes makeup a lot, does full IB, choir kid, theatre kid, legitimate goals, everyone wants to be them, stressed out, great hugs, they might seem intimidating at first but once you know them they’re a huge freaking nerd, shows you memes on tumblr, wants to read the whole book of Les Misérables, so talented and the best friend you could ever ask for, Slytherin/Ravenclaw.

Libra: Super gay, sunflowers, flower crowns, blue hair that’s shaved underneath, naturally curly, low-key meme trash, the most adorable little ace, please go out with me, best friend ever, the kindest bean, self doubts, is an amazing person, worries a lot about what others think, crushes on people and doesn’t know why, eating cookies, loves sweets, flannels, can’t pull off snap backs to save their life, Hufflepuff by nature, INFP “The Dreamer”, has a vocal coach, does Speech and Debate, just wants someone to love (but not just anyone), an adorable collection of paradoxes, panic at the disco and the rest of the holy emo trinity, still identifies as an Emo kid.

Scorpio: Severe, pointed nails, all black wardrobe all day everyday for the past 3 years, combat boots, Victorian jewellery, copper coloured hair, perfect catholic school girl cursive handwriting, ran away from home at 17 and didn’t look back, Tom Waits, country folk music, but loves “her raps”, Slytherin af, can’t play any instruments but is an amazing singer, family music nights, sex jokes about your stepdad at the dinner table, makes the best lasagna known to man, disassociating.

Sagittarius: Best Friend from years ago, I’ve known them as long as I can remember, truly a great friend, Lou Reed and John Lennon, is still friends with the same people he went to elementary school with, squad goals, getting high and sitting in the middle of the road listening to The Beatles, staying up till one buying fur coats off amazon and chugging caffeine while listening to music from the seventies, not huge on Kendrick Lamar till you show him “King Kunta”, got legitimately voted “Most Likely to be a Couple’s Therapist” in 8th grade, drinks alone.

Capricorn: Pieces of shit. I’ve not met a Capricorn Sun who didn’t rub me the wrong way or do me wrong.

Aquarius: Slightly problematic friend, lil’ intense, sweetest bean, will be your papa, gives you a blanket for Christmas, ride or die bitch, doesn’t know how to use the broiler but loves to bake, once set a Meringue on fire, but soon figured out what they did wrong, Slytherin/Hufflepuff, immensely loyal but sneaky af, Urinetown trash, choir Boi, theatre nerd, dream roles include Bobby Strong and Grantaire (Les Mis) but ended up playing Combeferre in our production of Les Mis, will go to see The Conjuring 2.

Pisces: Pretty Boy Memelord, asks you why you’re buying clothes at the soup store, loves Steven universe, plays ukulele, adventure time, would so be Marshall Lee the Vampire King, extroverted, best queer ally ever, stubborn, good kisser, filthy frank is an icon, loves to patronise and tease you, says he loves you because he really does, Franklin trash, bass singer, wears a suit often and looks damned good when he does.

Belly Fat Bank Account

by  Saṃsāran

In human evolutionary history 98% of the time we were hunter gatherers who were constantly on the move. We had to carry everything we owned including any extra food we might acquire. Food spoils and it can be lost or stolen. So, we gorged in times of plenty and carried our excess food around our abdomen as fat. It was our reserve. Our lifeline in times of scarcity and there were lots of times of scarcity.

Today our food supply is constant but our bodies don’t know that and we still store the extra groceries around our midsection. These rolls of fat are something we dislike now. However, there is another way of looking at it. A fast food meal costs about $8.00 and provides about 1600 calories. One pound of fat is about 3200 calories. So every pound of fat represents $16.00 in stored food. 20 pounds of fat is $320.00. That’s some new clothes, a car payment or really nice computer tablet. 

So, cash in! Avoid those fast food meals. Eat frugally and save the money you would be spending on pizza or burgers. In no time you will have gone through your belly fat bank account, be slimmer and richer. It’s win win.

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I want to move to Seattle from Philly, how much would be a good amount to have saved beforehand if I don't have a job already lined up?

a good rule of thumb for moving anywhere is 3 months worth of all expenses. a lot of ppl i know are having trouble finding a job here right now.

i’m going to assume that you will be renting a room in seattle so i’m going to say $650/mo rent

Rent: $650 x 3 = $1950

Transportation: $100 ($2.25 per bus ride x 2 times a day x 5 days a week) x 3 bare minimum if no car = $300

Food: $120 (if you’re frugal and never eat out) x 3 = $360

Insurance of assorted things: $150 (probably more, realistically) x 3 = $450

Cell phone: $50 x 3 = $150

Misc expenses (sundries, paper towels etc, emergency transportation): $75 x 3 = $225

Total: $3435


Rat Farm Lunch Platter: homemade bread from fresh ground wheat, brats, hard boiled eggs with paprika and parsley, Brie, apple, grapes, sweet bread and butter pickles, sourkraut, yellow mustard, butter (molded like a fish).

Rat Gourmet/Eating Frugally: eat well on a budget by buying wheat in bulk, grinding your own flour and making bread. Make whole wheat bread the bulk/basis of your meal. Slice bratwurst for single servings, 2-3 slices per brat (which means 2-3 sandwiches per brat). One apple and a small bunch of grapes, along with small portions of cheese and condiments adds interest to a meal without great cost. Contrast flavours and textures. This plate served three.

Your time is valuable, don’t cook something elaborate for every meal, everything here is served cold from leftovers/food on hand, I just gave the butter and Brie time to warm up to room temperature so the texture/flavour of the cheese could come out and the butter was spreadable. I always cook a substantial warm dinner but all other meals are from cold leftovers or relatively quick food on hand. I bake fresh bread a few times a week and the whole grain keeps us fuller longer, doesn’t give insulin spikes/sugar crashes, and eliminates digestion problems we experienced on other diets.

There has been a major fuckup with my student loans.  Instead of dispersing tuition and cost of living loans per semester, they did a lump sum at the beginning of the academic year, and made no indication that was what was happening.  I was told that it was to cover full-time tuition for the semester (which is about the same as two semesters of part-time, and I was supposed to be full-time), but I had been billed for part-time, and the money was fine, it could sit on my account, no problem, and my loans for the spring would disperse as normal, including cost of living.  Imagine my surprise when I get a bill this semester not with tuition and cost of living dispersed, but with a $693 charge that I owe to the university!  So now, my husband and I have exactly $6000 to get us until the next student loan payout in September/October.  Our rent is about $1100 a month, and that’s not counting food, bills, or anything like maintenance on our car or emergency funds for when one of us invariably has a health crisis, because that’s what happens when you’re chronically ill.  Do the math.  It is grim.  It is very, very grim.

We’re both disabled marginalised people, both living with the same degenerative genetic condition that is stealing our useful lives from us.  He works from home doing freelance writing, editing, and research.  I tutor on the side, about two hours a week, I freelance edit and write, I do research for pay, and I make crafts to try to sell to add to the pot.  I had to drop TAing and the extra $2000 that made me a semester because I am too unwell to carry the teaching load, and because I’m not Catholic, I don’t qualify for the fully-funded fellowships with living stipends from my university, a policy that is unwritten but strictly enforced.  Neither of us is well enough to take on another part time job or two.  I’m still taking PhD classes and trying to finish two translation projects so that I can sit my comps in the fall and finally get to the dissertation, a process that has taken me forever because of my disability, which is progressive, degenerative, and causes me daily, painful joint dislocations.  Obviously, if you’ve been following my Tumblr for a while, you know these things about me.  You know how hard I’m working, the amount of side-hussles I’m trying to keep afloat while maintaining the grades I need to remain viable to be admitted into candidacy, the last step before the dissertation.  The process of getting disability is long, drawn-out, and expensive, and the government doesn’t recognise Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome as a disabling condition, making it even more unlikely that we will get disability, even if we could afford the lawyers to make the case for it.  In short: we are struggling, just like we were struggling last summer, only this time, I suspect that if we don’t come up with some extra money, we are going to get evicted around June.

I don’t like to ask for help.  I am humiliated to do this again, as if getting slammed by medical debt once wasn’t bad enough – we never recovered from last summer, and with @the-lion-machine having ER visits and a frightening three weeks of neurological symptoms caused by fucking meds interacting, we’ve racked up even more, because who can do the “eat frugal” and “don’t buy meals out” when you’re in and out of hospitals, trying to figure out if your spouse has brain damage?  But I’ve set up a tip jar on my writing blog under my pen name, @indiavalentin.  If you can help, please do.  If you can’t, please circulate the link:

I feel like one sob story after another.  But this is what capitalism is.  People like me, who come from working class parents with no comfortable wealth to fall back upon, when we become disabled, we become disposable.  And disposable people are intended to fall through the cracks and die so that society remains productive.  I refuse to fall quietly.  I’ve come this far.  I won’t fall quietly because my broken body can’t earn enough money to pay for food and shelter at the same time.

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how the heck are u able to afford tickets to so many of their concerts + cost of traveling and just be able to see twenty one pilots like you do?? i hope u dont mind me asking i just think it's the coolest thing :-) i'd love to be able to do something like that one day

this summer is kind of something ive never done before but basically twenty one pilots usually do festivals over summer but when we saw that they were doing a summer tour…we kinda just planned out the best summer of our lives. we had just enough money for all the tickets when it came down to it so bought the tickets and then worried about travel expenses later and we had 8ish months to save up for travel expenses and like it doesnt cost as much as people think…we went on 3 “legs” this summer and we drive everywhere and my car is really good on gas so for each leg its cost us probably $100 altogether for gas and then we’re frugal with where we eat and what we do. theres 3 of us so we split the cost and when we buy hotels we get the cheapest hotel that doesn’t have reviews of bedbugs, like on average we pay $55 to stay in hotels but also a lot of times we end up or our parents end up knowing someone in the city we’re staying in and can usually save a lot there by staying with people. all in all it costs around $350 for 2 weeks of “touring” and honestly…if it weren’t for my credit card and saved student loan money i wouldn’t be going but i mean you only live once right?