PSA: Cost-Efficient Egg Incubating

Using the ∞ Incubator (Orange) on 2km eggs is the most-efficient use of it!

I came to this realization after sticking a 10km egg into the ∞ incubator.  I hope I can save other players from wasting the most efficient use of the 3-use incubators (Blue)!

Using the 3-use Incubators on 10km eggs nets you 30km total of walking use before they disappear!  For comparison, using it on three 2km eggs would be gone after 6km!


Orange/∞ incubator  = 2km eggs
Blue/3-use incubator = 10km (or 5km) eggs

Protip: Use Up Prepaid Gift Cards with Amazon.

Do you ever end up with a Visa/AmEx/Mastercard gift card (not a store-specific gift card like Starbucks or Barnes & Noble) with a random amount like $1.83 or $2.40?  You can reload that exact amount on your Amazon Gift Card Balance to use them up and toss.

First, contact the number or go to the website on the back of all those half-used cards in your wallet and write that sad amount on the front or back. > Your Account > Gift Cards > Reload Your Gift Card Balance and put the gift card in as the credit card payment (mine had “Valued Customer” as the name on the card and it worked and my own billing address)

I’ve got $20.69 to spend right now.  Rid yourself of half-used cards that you didn’t know the exact amount to use them up at stores!

Buy nothing new challenge update

Almost 7 weeks into it!

I have bought 3 new things though 🙄 A life factory bottle for my daughter, a Vermont sticker for my car, and a planner for the year. I’m really focusing on buying nothing new with absolutely no fuck ups.

I talked myself out of buying a diaper sprayer. Instead I’m going to use a bucket I already have and the shower head!

Wish me luck that I can thrift for shoes for my kids ! It’s hard finding the right size most of the time


I’m slowly but surely collecting plants.. And I couldn’t be more excited! Got a bunch of discount plants today for the new garden, took some clippings of golden pathos and a ficus tree that I will propagate, and I’m trying to clone this tomato cutting. And I got some aloe Vera babies from the neighbor. Can’t wait till my house looks like a jungle again :)

Subaru: I probably vape
Mitsubishi: I wish I had a Ford
Nissan: Oh shit, this isn’t a Honda
BMW: I’m a terrible driver
Volkswagen: I don’t know how to use my indicators
Renovated School bus: I’ll wear your skin on the weekends
Saab: I’m stuck in the past
Ford: Hitler was misunderstood

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(New Video Post) Fit & Frugal With @RobVincent03 [Health on a Budget]

Hey guys! I’ve started a new series on my youtube channel called “Fit & Frugal” Featuring my good friend…

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The Digi-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank
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Save, motivate, and teach; this Digi-Piggy will be the Peppa pig that your kids enjoy plus the technology (sure they don’t look alike but they are both pigs, ok). Teach your kids on how to save in a fun way and they’ll definitely enjoy pushing coins inside Digi-Piggy. Check It Out Via Check It Out Via

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