but imagine if you were a youtuber and after going out to a mall with your friends, you’d come home to see your boyfriend, niall, sitting on the couch with his macbook on his lap watching your vlogs and videos from last month and he’d laugh at a joke you did or a funny face you pulled and he’d remember things and be like “oh right this was that day in erm, Brighton, yeah babe?” Or “sick!! haha how many weeks ago was this babe?” and he’d invite you to watch with him and you’d hesitate at first bc you get shy about your channel but he makes you feel comfortable and you guys start to laugh and then he self-invites himself to make a video with you on your channel and you just sit there making excuses about how lazy and tired you are by he doesn’t take no for an answer so he gets up and scavenger hunts for your camera and starts recording himself, talking to the camera with you in the background until you’ve had enough laughs and decide to join him

Funky Monks movie night

tomorrow (aug. 25th) we’ll watch Funky Monks with the squad

everyone is invited!

I’ll share the link to the meetup at roughly 7pm, UTC-4 time

(0:00 am, GMT+1 time for me)

you can look up when that is in your time zone

get ready, get together, get frucked up

spread the wooooord!

my weeks comin’ up wowwowwwwow:

today (25) - finish all 12 pages of geog paper idgaf-style, register for classes, apply for OSAP, tidy up kitchen and do groceries
tomorrow (26) - work 8-2, work on/finish phil paper, message lee. 
thursday (27) - dental surgery..? finish up any summer school loose ends :s
friday (28) - day off- paint bedroom and go out to emo nite. don’t drink? 
saturday (29) - work 9-5 and chill. catch up on Healthed training book, set up apartment stuff w kyra (decorating)   *hailey in town*
sunday (30) - work 11-7, prep for health education training week *hailey in town*

Monday-Friday (1-4) - health ed training days, 

Friday (4) - Ottawa friday night straight after training *find costume 4 bday*
Saturday (5) - brunch w ames and hailey’s bday :) 
Sunday (6) - chillllll and BFFFFFF SARAHHHSSS WEDDING (!!) !! 
monday (7) - chill and see folks, maybe  head back to Toronno p early 
tuesday (8) - TBLGAY board meeting – ???!!!!!!?!?!?!?!? 
wednesday (9) - day ‘off’? don’t know yet. 
thursday (10) - first day of classes, but I don’t have a thurs class
friday (11) - two classes, and idk what else. 

note:  HEALTHED events 4 frosh week probably 7th -11th 
note: meeting on the 14th? healthed + tblgay 
note: figure out yer money shit cause it’s fucked. somewhere down the line. 
note: tblgay welcome week 21-25th. healthed event 4 it date tba.
note: book more dental surgeries into oct/november. like all of them. crowns++



So I wanted to make at least a reference pic to Tyranny, which I sorta started in the first page. What ended up happening was this really shitty power/noun swap idea that kinda took me for a day or two.

Anyway, to add to Tyranny’s canon stuff, I’ve decided to change her jeans to cargo pants, though you don’t get to see it right now thanks to my dumb brain. Tbh Diana’s is the most unique swapping because she has so many clothes. Nife has a ton of shirts and ink powers. Felix is all suits and arrogance. Tyranny’s just insane.

Also… FLUFFY BATS~ Trarinac’s flightless bats are supposed to be adorable.

Guys Chloe is 14 has a boyfriend and a great surfboard a long w/ tons of  cool friends, why the fruck you all still being so obssesive and desperate towards maddie (12yr old that is totally different with different mind/life)? She doesn’t need to congratulate Chloe. They’re not friends anymore, they are not related.

G-Dragon Contest Airbnb

So G-Dragon made a page on airbnb with a contest to win the chance to fly all the way to his studio and stay 2 nights and hang out with him, with him as the host and like!! (5 winners total)

I read the rules and even though I probs wouldn’t even have the guts to even go, I was bummed when I realized it was only valid for residents in Asia ;-; Which makes sense but STILL MY FEELS OH MY GOD. Imagine just chatting. Frick.

heartsickhowell asked:

br:) i hate avacados i dont understand how people enjoy them?????

Fun fact: sorry i fell asleep when i was doing blogrates i am going to finish them all now :) 

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