France: So you’re in love with me?

England: Well, “love”– see– what does that even mean? Love is just a bunch of chemicals–a propagation of the species– a survival note– an easily manipulated aspect of biology. It’s nothing special. Just science. 

France: So you’re in love with me?

England:…. at this point in the proceedings, it would be imprudent to claim otherwise. 

taylor knew there was a point where i was posting some variation of “WHERE IS SHE” or “WHAT IS SHE DOING” every single day and she thought it was hilarious for some reason she said something like “i was thinking ‘you’ll see’” abdjsjkssk and i was like people would send me so many angry messages like ‘POST SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ and she SAID something along the lines of “whenever people would send you mean messages i would really relate to it because people say mean things about me too” what the FRUCK and i was like “ARE YOU JOKING??? i kept telling people i knew you were up to something and i was right” anyway i feel loved

Okay, pumpkins, lets sit down for a second and discuss something—or rather, someone.

I will not be saying anything below that is not true.

I will not be saying anything below without /screen shot evidence/ of this truth being said.

The screenshots in the post are extremely graphic but I have experienced the straw that broke the camel’s back and I refuse to keep my mouth shut anymore than it already is.

So let me just add some warnings.

[[ Eye gore, gore, surgery, tumor, rat death, broken bones, bones, idiotic behavior ]]

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If Hetalians talked about Hetalia ships in real life to other actual people with actual spoken words would they pronounce the France x England ship like this:


Like this:


Or like this:


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consider this: someone from bfu crew has a child and they hopelessly need a babysitter but they cant find anyone so ryan is like ok we'll take care of this and they end up filming with the baby bc they dont have time but they also dont want anyone else to babysit their new adopted ghosthunter™ and then the whole investigating turns into a babysitting extravaganza

@realitybanana was telling me about their child au earlier today what is this sorcery

i’m dropping it here because it’s relevant (not exactly the same but relevant)

Hey you know how people sometimes have those reactions where they’re terrified but someone they love is in trouble so the love and feeling of protectiveness kinda outweighs the terror. I kinda imagine that with this AU. Single dad Ryan IS TERRIFIED but when his daughter gets scared he like…Jumps into Action.

So I’m imagining…………..Ryan and Shane work at BuzzFeed and still do Unsolved the only difference is that Ryan’s got a daughter who’s 4, so hes been in like… 2 videos about fatherhood and all and people Love His Daughter (I’m naming her Aisha)

So like one day!!! Maybe!!!! Ryan can’t find a babysitter and he has to go with Shane to Canada for a week and whoop Aisha wants to come along, and Ryan’s a pushover involving his girl so he says yeah and HR is cool with it, so….Family Road Trip. Aisha is a True Believer and Shane is Tired and Amused. Okay so when they’re heading out to actually film on location they can’t leave a 4 year old at home obviously!!! So Aisha comes Along as an honorary ghost hunter for an episode. The Fans Love Her So Much She’s So Cute

They’re walking around the haunted park when Aisha literally sees a frucking deer and pulls Shane along with her while Ryan’s just having a crisis like “OH my god Shane don’t go there bring her back its dangerous” “Dude relax its a deer its more scared of us!!” “If that thing bites my daughter I will kill you” “Okay you know what I’ll let you” Aisha just wants to see a deer and not think about the possible ghosts in the area.

Okay but I’ve never been to Canada idk if they have a haunted park but imagine Aisha getting scared and Shane trying to get her to laugh like he does with her dad and it works and boom! Like you thought Shane was smitten before, he loves this girl and her sunshine smile and Ryan with his wheezing and I’m emo

also my dudes maybe consider dropping your prompts over at @bfuwritewithme and maybe someone might write it!!

Edd: I do have a housemate actually! You guys should meet him. But ah, he doesn’t know about Tom and you guys can’t tell let him know.

Edd: Here we go. Hey, Matt! The internet wants to meet you!

Matt: W-wait! Don’t come in! I- I- uhhh… I’m not ready!
Edd: You look fine like you always do. I’m coming in!
Matt: ???

Edd: Say Hello to the internet, Matt!
Matt: H-hello internet!

Matt now available for questions!

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