“Thanks to Sasha”

When Sasha wants to find a bf for her friend

This was sketched time ago and never upload it from my RivamikaAU (really old au and never used it…fuck).
I dont know how comics work so forgive me. Also, I´m waiting for good ideas and free time to draw more. 

Interesting quotes from Dan and Phil play gang beasts

-“get off my butt”

-“I’m gonna bang you”

-“I’ve got you by the fuckin dick”

-“oh shit, he’s picked me up”

-“pick up Phil. Lift Phil.”

-“it looks like we’re breeding”

-“what the fruck”

-“I’m all about the role playing”

-“oh. OH.”

-“stay away from my timbers”

-“get off my frill”

-“yes-YES. Grab. Grab. LiFT.”

-“oh shit we’re together”

-“get your hand out from underneath my legs”

-“I’m holding you by the ass”

Fun things to say to your partner just before you climax ;)
  • Fire in the hole
  • It’s high noon
  • Let the dragon consume you
  • Nerf this
  • Justice rains from above 
  • Hammer down
  • Teleporter online 
  • Molten core 
  • Fire at will
  • Pass into the iris
  • FUckin Bastion getting fuckgn play of a game ficken damn shits aint fair fuckening robot shitlord fruck