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Story of Seasons Tips !

so, mkeehls and i have been conversing back and forth, and we thought it’d be rad if i made a post for SoS tips.

  • i suggest upgrading your watering can asap, and then your hoe. everything else can wait, except maybe your axe/hammer.
  • buy the seed maker first !!
  • dive every single day, especially in the beginning. materials are easier to come by for early builds/upgrades, and fish is easy extra cash. and i didn’t realize until summer, but you can swim under the bridge south of frtiz’s and giorgio’s houses to dive in that small section of river ! also, put squid in the nurseries and feed them every day. they sell for a ton once they’ve leveled up.
  • BEFRIEND MADAME EDA. i didn’t and now i regret it.
  • in order to increase your animals’ heart levels, you must take them outside ! they are able to be outside in winter, but only on sunny days.
  • if you’re looking for the rarer ores/gems for later builds in the game, try waiting a couple of days between each time you mine ! this was actually a tip from the tv, and i’ve noticed that the random drops around the mountains (twigs, stones, etc) usually reset every other day or every two days, depending, so i think the same thing applies for the mine. if you go everyday, the rarity of the items you get goes down. and on that note, make sure to ride your horse to the safari after festivals ! i’ve mined quite a few emeralds, gold, and silver that way !
  • if you’re trying to have at least 1 of every type of crop and animal like myself, plant a lot of sweet potatoes & radishes in the fall/winter. turn them into sweet potato salad/radish salad for some quick energy to keep going in your day !

kittylover40 asked:


Mike: …..what the fuck?…

Jeremy: new baby?… 

Frtiz: well then…

Chris: ……….no comment…

Brandon: hehe~ I see~ *smirks*

me: wat…

Alex Garland Interview
  • Alex Garland Interview
  • The Frame
  • The Frame

Listen to THISAlex Garland discussing Ex Machina on KPCC’s The Frame

It was very interesting — a metal breastplate immediately made you think about “Metropolis”. It’s even stranger because very few people have actually seen Metropolis, but the images are so iconic that it doesn’t matter … A bit of gold was C-3PO, a bit of white plastic was ”I, Robot“ or a Bjork video directed by Chris Cunningham. So initially it was about avoiding stuff and then once we figured out what to avoid we could start figuring out what she could be. That was just about in this sort of post-iPod Apple world, about design that is machine-like, but also sensual in some way.
- Alex Garland on the process of designing Ava for Ex Machina