D10 SOUTH, D10 SOUTH, D10 SOUTH! :’D WE WON THE SPIRIT STICKKKKK!!!!! OMGGG. :’))) so proud to be in this division <3 through all the pain of walking and the process of losing our voices, we’ve managed to win that spirit stick! screaming at the top of our lungs, our enunciation, practice rounds at almansor for hours; totally worth it. if a single one of us wasnt there, it wouldnt be possible. with our individual spirit throughout the day: fighting spirit battles, telling people how we feel; our spirit finally united at the last rally session brought it home. there isnt much that i can say to explain how happy and proud i am for this division. 2 years ago we didnt even make it into the 1st round, and look at us now. as long as im in division 10 south, there isnt a day, time, year, or second, that i wouldnt be able to tell you how i feel if you were to ask. there isnt a division more perfect, and family oriented than this one <3 and i couldnt have asked for a better LTG to lead us all through this, this year. L-O-V-E WE LOVE OUR LTG! thank you kelly lau for being an amazing lieutenant governor for d10 south, and thank you diana liu for being the best possible mkhs key club president you could be :’) i love you guys so much. and thank you, all the key clubbers out there for doing what you do. <3 thank you all the members of d10 south for making us roar in the stadium yesterday, when we brought in all the glory <3 p.s. the spirit stick looks like a damn candle. BUT THATS OK.