GUYS IT’S POPSICLE WEEK. It’s #popsicleweek. Did I mention, also, that it’s P@P$!CLE WE%K?!? Did I mention, also also, that I am incredibly excited to be participating in popsicle week? Because I am. Because there are popsicles in every shape and hue and flavor bopping around the internet like it’s Christmas and the brilliant Billy of Wit & Vinegar is our Santa Claus Popsicle overlord. UGH. I’m so excited.

Also, apparently I’m a Jewish Buddhist who believes in Santa Claus Popsicle overlords. ANYWAY.

I have nectarine olive oil greek frozen yogurt popsicles for you! Laced with honey and ground cardamom. And topped with fresh mint and sea salt. Omg they’re so good.

Read more about these summer gems and get the recipe—also for my Intuitive Eating column on Sonima—right here!


Yum frozen berry vanilla yogurt Popsicles!

The Greek yogurt is not as sweet so I would recommend adding some stevia to taste!

You can always buy a sweeter brand.

These have about 50 calories per Popsicle, 5 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat, and 2 grams of fiber depending on how much fruit you use!


🍧🍨 Yogurt Date Night! 🍨🍧