lilmizzkrazie  asked:

FrozenStrong baby??

Frozen Princess, that’s her name.

How was she born? Susan Strong and Ice King began to hang out, they had fun doing cutesy and silly things together. Love bloomed from the two, and that love made a baby princess.

Frost Princess, lacking any magic of her own, she makes up by using her mad super strength and sword fighting skills (taught by Uncle Finn)

She’s just as goofy and fun loving as both her parents, but sometimes kinda chaotic like her dad. She has shown some personality traits to Ice King’s former self. Which is a curious detail. 

While very curious and loves to collect a bunch of stuff, she isn’t as smart as her father for combat, using raw strength, similarly to Finn.

She is sometimes a spoiled entitled little brat, being Ice King’s special snowflake.