Wake up #m5 , who knows how many days 70 degrees will grace Pittsburgh this year #f10 #bmw #frozengrey #musictomyears (at P&W BMW)

BMW M3 Frozen Black

The great German crew at BMW have been hard at work, or so it would seem and have graced the “Elite” M3 customers with this new bad boy, it’s called the M3 FROZEN BLACK Edition. If your a fan of the M3 like me you’ll not be told off for thinking this version is exactly the same as the previously released Frozen Grey. Same tech spec, same power, but now with the all too common Matte body work, and with added red trim where possible. Still, who would say no to owning on of these limited edition badboys which you can have if your pockets can afford the £80k+ bill it comes with.

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