It doesn’t matter who you are - what matters, is that you matter. So if you ever feel alone, scared or just lost… Remember that there’s always someone out there who cares. And there will always be a reason to smile.

This is for everyone who ever feels alone. But I also found out it’s Frozendrea’s birthday, and so I want to dedicate this to her especially. Give her lots of love, people! <3

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Awwwwh, sempai ;n; Te voy a extrañar. Que te vaya bien en el viaje, suerte! c’: ♥

;n; yo te voy a extrañar mas, kouhai. muchas gracias! A ver como me va~ 

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Have fun stay safe!

;u; thank you! 

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gonna miss yaa’  ; 3 ;

;u; miss you more! 

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larimii, mashumaro, frozendrea


Following them? Yus. Following me? Yus.

I’ve only spoken to them a couple of times. Hahaha I feel awkward calling them lari because in RL my nickname is lary and it feels like I’m talking about myself. SO I CALL THEM RIMI IN MY HEAD. Anyway, Rimi is really nice. She is so talented and all the edits she does are suuuper beautiful. dlkañsd. Amazing gurl.


Following them? Yus. Following me? Yus.

Mashu is THE CUTEST thing ever. she is so polite and sweet and perfect. she is so kind to me and the times we have talked have been so wonderful. really she is as soft as her theme. the perfect cute little japanese girl. ;u; /smooch


Following them? Yus. Following me? Yus.

I have been following Andy for forever now and not once have a thought of ever unfollowing her. She is such a great person and I love talking to her. Even though her blog is radically different from mine and her posts differ a lot, I can never unfollow. She means too much to me. ;u;

frozendrea answered: omg, could you please draw Rapunzel for me? please, tomorrow’s my birthday and I would love to see a drawing of her ;u; thank you so much!

gasps i didn’t know your birthday was coming up alsdkjf

so yeah happy early birthday have some punzie art

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Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and wonderful sempai ever! :3 Te quiero muchísimo, Lary. Sos una persona muy dulce y quiero que sepas que te admiro un montón c': Congratulations, darling!

Muchisimas gracias, mi vida. ;u; yo tambien te quiero mucho! You’re even sweeter than I could ever try to be, thank you so very much!