frozencap replied to your post: Haluaisin vain hommata pörheitä lämpöi…

aina ku joku saa tietää et oon panseksuaali nii se eka kysymys on “tykkääks sit kans eläimistä?” huoh


Eka kysymys joka vitun kerta.

Itelle tuli kans terveystiedossa vastaan joku joka oli 100% varma että panseksuaalit pitää myös esineistä ja hän oli nyt päättänyt näin ja sillä hyvä hänen sanansa oli laki sitten.

Ei ole ikävä sitä koulua.

Thank you to everyone who entered my spring bots! The post got fifty notes so I added a fourth runner up. It was a very hard choice, so I encourage everyone to enter again if they didn’t win! Reminder that runners up can enter again, only winners can’t. This is your last chance to check out my winter bots. Also, reminder that my theme giveaway is still going on. Now, without further ado, here are the winners!

The Winner is...

frozencap - I was looking for aweosme marvel blogs to follow and I found one! You have awesome creations, your theme is gorgeous, and you have some amazing posts. I’m so pleased to make you my spring bots. This means that you’ll have a link in my updates tab for March-May, a custom theme (upon request), have unlimited promos (upon request) throughout spring, and of course, my love and friendship.

The Runners Up are...

doctormuggle - Teph, I can’t put into words how much I love your blog. Your graphics are amazing, your entire blog is so pretty, and you’re such a nice person.

impossiblekaren - you have such a quality blog. I just love it! Your theme is so pretty and your posts are awesome.

braveheartegan - Leticia, you’re so sweet and I love your blog to bits. Everything about it is amazing.

marcasite - wow, you make some kickass graphics! I’m really happy I discovered your blog during my tumblr awards, it’s fantastic!

All three of you win a symbol link in my updates tab for the whole spring, and three promos upon request. And, of course, my eternal love and friendship.


My very first follow forever because I got bored and made a poll and this is what you guys told me I should do(and because I’ve been meaning to do one for awhile now). Thank you to my wonderful Bucky for making the header graphic when I was too lazy to do it. This was really hard considering I love everyone I follow, but I think I got it down to a good number of people. 

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I i was tagged by starkactual!! thank you  <3

  • Why did you choose your URL? bucky makes me go ew
  • If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? bubastis from watchmen because it’s technically a massive cat so??? i see no bad points in this
  • Favorite color? pastels
  • Favorite song? atm it’s irresistible by fob
  • What are your top three fandoms? marvel
  • Why do you enjoy tumblr? oh man well i guess i’ve met a lot of cool people on this site so?? also i love the way i’m up to date on literally every piece of comic-book news so
  • Tag some of your tumblr crushes. noo that would be favouritism

One song:

  • atomic (she)
  • i come with knives (iamx)

Two movies:

  • watchmen
  • captain america: the winter soldier

Three TV shows:

  • the musketeers
  • buffy the vampire slayer
  • the casual vacancy

Four people (real, fictional, whatever):

  • sebastian stan
  • natasha romanoff <3_<3
  • anthony mackie
  • pete wentz

Five foods:

  • hotdogs
  • apples
  • meat
  • good-quality chocolate
  • asparagus