Frozen AUs Week for Frozen Fandom Month

PunzelAnna AU: Anna Meets The Big FourRapunzel brings Anna to meet the rest of The Big Four,
all most of whom have been trying to find ways to undo
the storm caused by Elsa’s magic.

Anna and Elsa in chemise de la reine as suggested by karis-the-fangirl.
Here is the whole thing as it is now. This got a little (a LOT) more involved than I originally planned. It’s watercolor and gouache on fabriano paper (you can kind of see the watermark to the left). When I read Karis’ suggestion I immediately picture the two sitting in a field or someplace green. Anna’s flower crown is supposed to be made of ice and snow (I don’t know that I fully made that come across) and Elsa is getting some little pink flower accents woven in to her hair.

I like how their faces came out and the technique I used seemed to work alright.

Okay, for now I am going to move on to posting other things. I do want to work a bit more on this, but it will mostly be background stuff that I need to fix so it doesn’t bother me as much. There are still a few more days of AU week left and I have a few more suggestions to get through!

But before that! I have heard there is interest for some prints of this. I have two that have asked so far, but just want to check if there are any more? I don’t know how much I will have to charge for them since it depends how and where I print them. The original is 11 x 14 inches, if you want it the same size of the original (or bigger) that will be the key factor in deciding the price of the prints. If you are interested please message me or comment on here.

Thank you and enjoy!

Frozen AUs Week for Frozen Fandom Month

PunzelAnna AU: “I was always told that the world is dangerous, and it’d be better if I just stayed in…”Anna finally has someone she can talk to about Elsa,
and Rapunzel knows all too well what it’s like
to be isolated in your room for years.

So, you know, listening to the dconstructed Let it Go remix one day in the car and was like, ‘sounds like something from Tron: Legacy.’ And so, here we are. 

Poses are based on promotional images for the film.

Hmm, okay this is…not entirely a crossover? Well, it was. It started as a crossover. But I ran out of time, so…alright. Originally intended to be a Clockwork Century AU. (Google it friends. It is alternate history, steampunk, civil war zombies.) I had planned on like, full on steampunkery. But as we can see, I only got as far as oil/grease stains. SO. This can double as just a diff. period AU. (Specifically several decades later than the setting of the film.) So…yep. There ya go.

Frozen AUs Week for Frozen Fandom Month

PunzelAnna AU: “She’s a princess! Why would she like you? Come on, now, really?”Anna and Rapunzel spend their first day of freedom together,
and by the time Mother Gothel catches them
they’ve already begun to fall in love.