Sometimes I go to the library and I look at the books and I think wow, I’ve read all of these books. And then I just look at them a little more and remember what I love about each book and it feels like there’s a million little movies of each book playing in my head and it’s just a really beautiful feeling.

And all this, she thought, is only momentary, is only a fragment in time that will never come again, for yesterday already belongs to the past and is ours no longer, and tomorrow is an unknown thing that may be hostile. This is our day, our moment, the sun belongs to us, and the wind, and the sea, and the men for'ard there singing on the deck. This day is forever a day to be held and cherished, because in it we shall have lived, and loved, and nothing else matters but that in this world of our own making to which we have escaped.
—  Daphne du Maurier