Finally after seeing all those pictures I found a video of them on the same float. Life is made.

Introducing the Delux Princess Fashion Doll, GALACO,
the only girl with a closet as infinite as space itself ™!

GALACO is ready for you to help her dress up for any occasion, be it a galactic ball, a trip to the frozen lava planet, summer fun on the Sun, or a pajama party with her other VocaFriends™!

Like all dolls in the Delux line, GALACO stands at a super realistic 1:1 scale, with fully articulated limbs, reusable Gleaming Sparking cheek stickers©, and brushable, styleable hair. Delux GALACO comes with one very stylish ready-to-wear outfit and a premium styling comb. *Other clothes and accessories sold separately.

((This is my first attempt at an ask-style blog, so forgive me if things are a bit shaky at the start! Feel free to submit whole outfits, styles, genres, or color palettes. (Or interact if you’re so inclined!) If it’s fashion related, galaco will wear it, as long as it’s SFW!))