The Americans Want What? (Part 2)

Fandom: Frozen (mAU, Pin My Wings-verse)

This part is still a WIP, but felt like posting anyway

Part 1 is here

Anna had never been so hot.

The heat didn’t so much slap her as reach out and grab her, wrapping her in a stifling wet blanket of humidity.  Her every breath felt as though it was being sucked through a face-full of hot soup, and she wondered if her lungs would just give up and leave her to suffocate.

And the only thing she’d done so far was descend the stairs from the American C-37 aircraft to the tarmac.

She looked across the heat-rippled asphalt at the single-story terminal, where a corrugated metal sign read “WELCOME TO KOHRO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.” The walk from the plane to the shabby cinderblock building couldn’t have been more than fifty yards, but it would feel like fifty miles in this thick air.

The others didn’t seem to be faring any better, if the muffled cursing around her was any indication.

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In the Royal Gardens

Yes! I can finally show some more photos of our 1840s Frozen coronation gowns. This time photos of me as Elsa and Laccali as Anna! <3 The day was great! We had fantastic weather and it was so much fun! Next batch will involve some pictures with Hans as well.

I can’t wait for MCM London next weekend! We’re taking these costumes there!

Photos - Caté Photosis

Pillows, Snow and a bit of Sisterly fun

Elsa and Anna is having a fun-bonding time!
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Oh yeah, just wanna tell you guys I accept art requests

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