“I always get choked up during the reprise of For The First Time In Forever. In my country’s dub Anna has a line about how she’s sorry for whatever she did to make Elsa mad at her in Do You Want To Build A Snowman that she repeats later and it reminds me of my mother, who always thinks everyone’s problems are her fault somehow and blames herself for not being a perfect mom even now that I’m grown. It’s a movie about sisters but it makes me want to go hug my mom every time. She is my Anna.”


This time I will show you something that I really like doing beside drawing: creating dolls’ dresses! Everything you see is designed and sewed by me. For my OOAK Elsa and Anna dolls’ outfits I was inspired by the Norwegian bunad, the gorgeous traditional dress which I think suits our sisters perfectly. The wool effect is recreated by a very subtle variety of felt, while the shiny parts are made of satin and decorated ribbons. The shirts and the tights are made of white, elastic fabric; I still have to learn how to create nice shoes 😛.
I would love to hearing what you think about them! I tag @queenelsawestergaard because she is a great dolls’ fashion designer!


i cannot fucking believe

Santino Fontana and Jonathan Groff (aka Hans and Kristoff) sing “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”

(stick around for the surprise ending)


Frozen modern!AU in which… well nothing really changes Anna is still a huge dork

Bonus :

When I think that three years ago I didn’t go to watch Frozen in cinemas because I was too skeptical to give it a chance and then I think about how this movie has changed my life in such a better way, all I can say is thank you for these three years of dreams, art and wonderful people that share my love for Frozen everyday!