Kristelsa >> The cold never bothered them anyway.

This was my OTP long before Frozen premiered … and it still is to this day hehe. I like to think they kind of grew up together - and Kristoff always knew about her powers because of the troll incident. So he told her he loved them, ‘cause you know, “ICE IS MY LIFE!”. So whenever she felt like “letting go” (shot) she’d turn to him; and they’d just be the coolest (shot again) duo ever.

R5 Preference #11- He Comforts You After Hate/ Paparazzi

Ross: Being Ross’ girlfriend brought a lot of hate. A lot of people wanted Ross to date Laura or Maia, and they just couldn’t learn to keep the rude comments to themselves. Some days were worse than others, and today was just a really bad one. You had posted a picture of you and Ross on your instagram page, and seconds later the hate comments started rolling in. Ross told you to ignore them, but you just couldn’t. He went to the kitchen to grab a snack, and you started reading each comment. Some were nice, but mostly bad. By the time Ross got back, you couldn’t keep the tears from rolling down your cheeks. He quickly took your phone away, knowing that’s what you had been looking at. He sat down next to you and pulled you close in his arms. He rubbed your back and pulled you closer, telling you over and over that he loved you. Eventually you calmed down, and you and Ross laid on the couch and watched movies together for the rest of the night.

Riker: You and Riker were at the Frozen premiere. This was your first time going to a premiere with Riker, and you didn’t expect things to be so hectic. Paparazzi was everywhere, and everything got a little overwhelming. A few paparazzi got a little pushy, and swarmed around you and Riker, spitting out question after question. Some of them started to bash you with hateful comments, about your appearance, about rumors that had been spread, and much more. You felt tears brim your eyes, and Riker quickly pushed through them and pulled you away. Riker pulled you into your chest, hiding you from the paparazzi. He felt your wet tears through his shirt, and decided that it was time for the two of you to go home and cuddle. So that’s what you did. He took you home, and you two cuddled in your bed and decided you could see Frozen another time.

Ellington: Ellington had brought you along to Japan with the rest of R5. There were tons of more fans at the airport than any of you thought there would be. You weren’t really used to all the people, so you pretty much stayed glued to Ellington’s side. Since it was the bands first time coming to Japan, the paparazzi was everywhere. There were camera flashes all around, and people were constantly yelling things at you. Most of the paparazzi were nice, but some of them weren’t and yelled out hateful comments. Some of them really got to you. Ellington noticed this, and he slid his arm around your waist and pulled you against him. He tried to keep you away from the paparazzi as much as possible, and kept whispering sweet things in your ear to get your mind off of them. You smiled to yourself, and the paparazzi really didn’t bother you as much anymore. Ellington smiled and kissed your cheek, and you were glad you had such a sweet boyfriend like him.

Ryland: You and Ryland had just come out about dating, and some of the fans didn’t take it well. They kept comparing you to Ryland’s last girlfriend, Savannah. You were helping Ryland with the merch table at an R5 concert. Most on the comments the fans said when Ryland was around were usually nice, but as soon as Ryland left to go D.J., some of the fans got a little mean. You tried not to pay attention to the hurtful comments, and continued helping people with the merch. When Ryland got back, he noticed your mood had dropped. He pulled you off to the side, and asked what was wrong. You told him about the fans, and he got Andre and his dad to take over the booth. He led you backstage, and he sat on a couch and pulled you onto his lap. He held you close and found some Instagram and Twitter pages that shipped you two. Both of you read the nice comments, and it instantly brightened your mood. You soon learned to ignore the haters, and realized more people liked you than hated you.

Rocky: You and Rocky had been dating for a little while, and most of the fans didn’t really approve of you. Every single picture you would post, ninety percent of the comments were hate. You usually didn’t look at the comments, knowing it was all just hate. One day though, you decided to see what the fans were saying about you. You went through a bunch of the comments, and you couldn’t keep from crying. The tears kept rolling down your cheeks and you kept reading comments, and you didn’t even hear Rocky walk through the door. He heard you crying, and quickly pulled you into your chest. You held your phone up to him and he read a few of the comments, his face instantly  dropping. He took your phone, and made all of your accounts private, that way only people you accepted could post comments. He pulled you on the couch next to him, and held you close while rocking you back and forth.

The Disney fandom right now is “OMG! Honey looks like Rapunzel! Disney why you so lazy!” and I’m like “Didn’t this already happened with Anna BEFORE "Frozen” premiered?“ 

And then I realized something… and now I just LAUGH when I see posts like that because people, you want to complain about look alikes? Because you have NO IDEA about look alikes.

Have you ever heard of Hiro Mashima?

Have you ever heard of his manga/anime works "Rave Master” and “Fairy Tail”? No? Let me enlight you…

This is Haru Glory (Rave Master)

This is Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

This is Elie (Rave Master)

This is Lucy (Fairy Tail)

This is Musica (Rave Master)

This is Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

And my two favorites…

This is Sieghart (Rave Master)

This is Jellal Fernandez (Fairy Tail)

And finally… 

Plue in Rave Master:

Plue in Fairy Tail:

This character even has the SAME NAME!

So, Diney fandom… if we, the Hiro Mashima/Rave Master/Fairy Tail fandom survived this look alike madness WITHOUT bitching about it and WITHOUT sending stupid hate, then you ALSO can survive your look alike situation tHAT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK ALIKE.

Just be grateful that a company decided to animate your favorite story. Be grateful. Concentrate in the amazing story being told and forget about the characters looks, cause that’s secondary. Just do that and Shut Up.

*drops mic*

//Okay, but how about:

It’s the premier of Frozen 2. Hans is working the bad guys, trying to get himself some revenge on Anna and Elsa, maybe somehow take the throne. All is going according to plan, Arendelle is nearly conquered, and with a smug grin on his face, Hans leans close and–

“Oh, Anna. I would never make the same mistake twice.”