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December 1st- Kissing A Stranger

           Anna laughed to herself and pushed her hair behind her ear for the fifth time in a row. She couldn’t believe that she had agreed to do something so crazy and so intimate. Sure, she was a spontaneous person with a free spirit, but to agree to kiss a total stranger, well it was a little crazy, even for her.

           When a friend a work had mentioned the stranger project to her, and told her that they were coming to Arendelle to film, she had immediately gone home to see what it was all about. After watching every single video she could find, each appealing to her romantic sensibilities more than the last, she made the leap and signed up as a volunteer on their website. When she hit the submit button she did so simply for the thought of doing something to shake the stagnancy out of her daily life. Some small part of her also hoped that maybe it would be healing.

           Though she was fairly certain she looked presentable she wished for a mirror. Her stomach was full of butterflies and her head was a fog of memories as to how she had arrived to the current moment. Her eyes were locked on the black sheet before her, knowing that at any moment the person on the other side would be revealed to her.

           She wondered whether her fussing had smeared her lipstick or frizzed her hair, but she tried to logically explain to herself that even if she had it didn’t matter. There wasn’t much she could do about it. Regardless it was easier to worry about looks than it was actions. Looks were excusable, actions though, actions speak to who a person is.

           The curtain dropped to the ground and revealed a white backdrop to her side, extending a few feet to the opposite side of the room. Before her was a man that immediately caused her to go pale. She knew that pompous smile, expensive haircut and costly-but-casual outfit anywhere.

           “He’s no stranger,” Anna said, turning to face the man running the camera, “and I’m not kissing him.”

           “I’ve no interest in kissing you either,” Hans added with a condescending laugh as he turned away from her and started to walk off the set and to the closest door, “I don’t care what my agent said about exposure, I’m leaving.”

           There was a slam of a door that made Anna jump, and suddenly she was alone with a pair of shocked camera men and the tears collecting along the line of her lashes. They seemed to simply stand there for a moment, staring at each other in complete shock, until the taller of the two said, “Cut the tape,” quietly and strode from behind the camera towards Anna.

           She saw him approach her and finally allowed herself to unfreeze. He was tall and broad and had a soft look in his eyes that seemed to tell her that he was sorry before he even opened his mouth to say so.

           “I’m so sorry, we didn’t realize that you knew each other.”

           Anna looked into his eyes and shook her head, she somehow knew that she didn’t need to explain how she and Hans knew each other. That much at least was obvious, surely. “It’s fine, I still want to do it.”

           The man blinked and looked at her. Despite what had just happened she had a fire in her eyes that spoke to her unwillingness to let anyone or anything deter her from acting when her mind was made up. Her eyes were shining with tears she was holding back and her cheeks were ruddy with anger. He wouldn’t stand in her way.

           “Sven,” he called over to his friend who was still behind the camera, “reset the take.”

           “We don’t have anyone else to film with, so it might be a little while. I’m going to see if there’s a PA around or something, but I’m new on this project, so I’m not really sure what the protocol here is.”

           Anna simply nodded and took a step back to where she had been a moment before. This time she sat on the provided chair and watched as the man she had been talking to ran off in search of someone to kiss her.

           It was surreal. Sven, the other man, reset the sheets, and she couldn’t help but to think for the first time that she should feel mortified about what she was doing. Her sister had warned her against doing something so brash, but she hadn’t listened. If it proved anything, it was that strangers weren’t always good people. This wasn’t the first time that Hans had taught her that lesson, but this time she was taking it more to heart than the last.

           No amount of ice cream and crying was going to get rid of the memories of him, no matter how much she wished it were so. She was over him, utterly and completely, but every time she saw him, a part of her heart broke anew. For a while she had been bitter, but now she was just resigned to the fact that the pain he caused would always be a memory. She just prayed that it would eventually become a distant one.

           Without warning, the curtain dropped again and Anna was shocked into standing. Before her was a stranger in a manner of speaking, but not a totally unfamiliar face. Evidently the man who had gone searching for someone to film had only found himself.

           His face was red, and the way he fidgeted his hands along the inside of his sweatshirt pocket made it evident that he was used to being behind the camera. In fact despite his good looks, it appeared that he had never been in front of one before. When he took a step towards her, she stepped towards him in return. They walked together quickly covering the short distance until they were mere inches apart.

           “Hey,” she said softly, looking up at him once more, but really and truly seeing him for the first time. His hair was blonde, shaggy in a way, but it suited him. His eyes were cognac brown and despite the wariness evident in his awkwardness, the way he looked upon her was warm and inviting.

           “Hey,” he returned as he pulled his hands from his pocket and stretched it out like he was going to shake her hand.

          She couldn’t help but stare at it for a moment and ask herself if he was actually being serious. He wasn’t acting like it was a joke, and all she could do was smile. He clearly had no idea what he was doing.

          When he noticed her staring at his hand quizzically, he pulled it back and used it to rub at the back of his neck. He felt like he was a thousand degrees and hoped that all the sweating he was surely doing wouldn’t be noticed by her or the camera. It was probably too much to hope.

          He knew that he was bad at this sort of thing. He always had been. In high school girls hadn’t realized that he existed, not that he had done anything to change it, nor had he paid much attention to it at the time. He had been too busy fiddling with his camera and hanging out with Sven. As he had aged he had kissed plenty of women, or rather, many women had kissed him. He really wasn’t the type to initiate a kiss. He wasn’t that forward.

          “I, uh…may I? May we?”

          Anna laughed nervously and lifted her hand to catch his as it fell from the back of his neck to his side.

          “We may.”

          He blushed and squeezed her hand in a way he hoped was comforting, though he wasn’t sure if the comfort he was trying to give was more for her or for himself.

          It was a quick decision when Anna stood up on her tiptoes to press her lips to his. She wanted to kiss him, and she wanted to do so on her own terms. She so rarely was given a choice in her life, but she had chosen to press her lips to a stranger’s, for better or for worse, and in her chest she felt empowered for doing so.

          His eyes went wide for a moment, shocked by the forcefulness of her kiss, but he got over the shell shock quickly and closed his lids. He brought his free hand up to cup her cheek gently. A thought entered his head, that even though he was kissing her, she might find his touch too unfamiliar and that he might be making her uncomfortable, but there was something in her kiss and the naturalness of the way it felt for his hand to touch her so gently that told him that he wasn’t doing anything she didn’t want him to. That thought relaxed him, despite the strangeness of the whole affair, something felt right about their kiss.

          When his lips left hers, it felt too soon. Her fingers were still intertwined with his and her opposite hand rose instinctively to touch her own lips. She looked into his eyes and they smiled at each other with awkwardness and genuine happiness in equal measure.

          “I’m Kristoff by the way,” he said with ruddy cheeks and smiling eyes.

          “Anna,” she said, although she supposed he knew that already, “pleasure to meet you.”

          He chuckled and untangled their fingers to signal for his friend to stop filming.

          “So, uh, this is usually where we do a post interview and then you’re free to go, unless you want to,” he stopped himself, like he thought better of what he was about to say, but then looked back to her and sighed, “Unless you want to catch dinner with me. I mean you can say no, I just feel bad about everything that happened and you were a really great person to you know, uh, shoot with.”

          Anna laughed again, this time feeling more confident and reading between the lines.

          “I’d like to get to know you too.”

Frozen Variations: Bus Stop

What’s this?  An unannounced, non-DA!verse Frozen AU fic? :P  I’m taking a break from “Lock and Key” for a while since, except for this weekend, I lack the time and energy to write a lengthy chapter (school stuff, and all that).  And then last night, thinking about Kristanna Week, I had a sudden burst of inspiration for one of the fics on my to-write list.

I’m not 100% sure about the specifics of this modern AU: Anna and Elsa are orphans who inherit their parents’ fortune and manor house.  Anna is as free-spirited as in the canon!verse, while Elsa is more reclusive, focusing on her studies or something.  Kristoff is just an ordinary guy who suddenly wanders into Anna’s life on a rainy day.

The premise and title of the fic were mostly inspired by the song “Bus Stop”, by The Hollies (1966).  Some inspiration for the fic may have come from last October’s KA Week prompt “Rain”, which is when I added it to my list.  It doesn’t really fit with any of this year’s prompts, though “I don’t take people places” may come close.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, this is pretty short.  However, if I get at least as many nice comments as I did on my last KA fic, I may be persuaded to try continuing it—time permitting, of course.

Not sure who I should tag, hmm… How about @bulda, @frenzy5150, @jenniferjuni-per, @jessica988, @karis-the-fangirl, @kristannacenterstage, @lukin08, @upthenorthmountain, and @whitefeather79?  Can’t remember everyone. 😅

“Bus Stop”

Setting: Modern AU
Characters: Anna, Kristoff
Pairings: Kristanna
Rating: K+
Words: 675
[Also on FFnet.]

Anna hated waiting for the bus.

Well, maybe not hate, exactly, but it wasn’t fun.  Often it was because there was no one else at her stop to talk to. 

That was why she liked riding the bus instead of driving—there were so many people to talk to, and even if some of them ignored her, there was always one or two who would listen politely while she rambled about whatever was on her mind.

But the main reason today that waiting for the bus was not fun was that it was raining.  And Anna, in her haste to catch her usual bus, had left her umbrella at home.

So here she stood, getting more soaked by the minute in her rather useless hoodie.  She wondered how long it would be until the bus arrived; because it was raining, she didn’t want to risk getting her phone wet to check the time.

Then, just as she was considering returning home to fetch her umbrella, the rain suddenly stopped.  Or, at least, it stopped for about a foot around her, and continued coming down everywhere else.

Looking up, she saw an umbrella over her head.  Her eyes followed the umbrella down the pole to the handle, and all the way up the muscular arm to to face of her rescuer, a blond man maybe a little older than she.

“Hi,” he said, wiping rainwater from his face.  “You looked like you could use an umbrella.”

“Uh . . . hi!"  Anna struggled for words; he wasn’t particularly handsome, but he was at least a head taller than her, with broad shoulders.  "Yeah, I kind of left mine at home.  Thank you!”

“No problem, Miss . . .?”

“Aren . . . Anna Aren.”

“Kristoff Bjorgman,” the man said, offerend his hand, which she shook politely.  Then he frowned.  “Wait . . . not the Arendelle Arens?”

“Uh . . . yeah?"  The Arens were well-known locally as somewhat well off, if not filthy rich.  Most of this publicity came from the tragic accident that claimed her parents a few years back, and she and her sister Elsa inheriting their house and fortune.

Kristoff raised an eyebrow.  "Why in the world are you riding the bus?"  She frowned, and he quickly added, "I mean, surely you have a car or chauffeur?”

“I ride the bus to meet people,” she said simply.  “But there’s usually no one to talk to until I’m actually on the bus.”

“Well, Miss Aren, I’d be glad to keep you company.  And, uh, keep you dry.”

“That’s very kind of you,” she said, smiling.  “But please, call me Anna.”

“Anna,” he echoed.  “So, if you don’t mind my asking, where are you headed?”

“Oh, just shopping.  I was going to go look at some dresses, since I heard there was a sale, and I need one or two more because I was kind of rough on one of mine.  But I don’t know if I can keep them dry all the way home . . .”

“Let me help you out,” Kristoff offered.  “It’s the least I can do for a pretty girl like you."  He suddenly clapped his hand to his mouth, face turning red, as if he’d just realized what he had said.

Anna felt herself blushing; she was starting to like this fellow more and more.  "I’d like that . . . Kristoff.”

When the bus arrived, they boarded and sat on a seat together.  And for once, Anna wasn’t disappointed about not talking to the other people on the bus.

Anna shopped around almost all day, Kristoff with his umbrella in tow, and she did find a couple of dresses that she liked.  She even went so far as to ask Kristoff how he thought they looked on her, and was amused when he couldn’t come up with anything more than a breathless “great!”

When she boarded the bus once again to take her home, Kristoff was holding her hand.  And Anna thought, as he held her hand all the way home, that the two of them would be seeing a lot more of each other in the future.