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do you know any good games like magical diary horse hall? preferably ones where you can create your own character :3

Let me apologize first for the late reply. I didn’t forget about you! >_<

I assume you are asking for Otome Games similar to Magical Diary. To be honest, I’m still looking for one myself (I’m on the edge to tears about the lack of English (translated) Otome Games featuring Teachers/older guys).

So far, Magical Diary is the only Game I know with the possibility to create your own character. As for Otome Games in general, I can give you a list of my favorite ones (preferable English Games. I only played a handful of JP ones, though all of them are recommendable: Angelique series, Harukanaru Toki no naka de series, Kiniro no Corda series, Starry Sky series).

1. Frozen Essence (Free)
BEST STORY, seriously. Haven’t played it yet? Hush, what are you waiting for!

2. (P)lanets - the life of normalcy has ended! (Free) 
This may be the closest one I can find to Magical Diary, if we  consider the school theme. I get the feeling you’ll greatly appreciate this one.

3. RE: Alistair++ (Free)
Okay, this one is rather short (and status-raising too) but I  identified myself a lot with the main character. I enjoyed the MMORPG-themed story. Plus: the CGs are eye-candy.

4. Always remember me (Commercial)
Hands down: the story’s pretty much cliché, but somehow the characters grow dear to my heart. Status-raising game.

5. Date Warp (Commercial)
I had mixed feelings during my first play-throughs, but I got to love the endings. Don’t play this one if you are looking for “happily ever after” love endings (plus: puzzles, yay!).

Games that caught my eye:
Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom
I watched the anime so far and I’m excited for this one. I mean really, really excited. Hakuouki is my favorite Otome-Game-turned-into-Animation (don’t let me start my rage about Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique. I SWEAR TO GOD, this Animation is the only reason I didn’t touch Angelique Etoile for PS2). The PSP release is announced for Valentine’s Day in North America.

The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook
I played the demo only, but TFS:WIF looks more than promising. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one whenever I have money left to spare.

OSC for May

I’m doing things a little differently. And this is to see if this will help with the activity level. If not this will be my final month! No voting this month. I just picked randomly. (No none of these are my biases etc. for those who will probably be concerned).

There are three choices this month. You can pick just one. You can pick all three or 2 or etc.

Mobile Otome Route of the Month

PSP/3DS (PS3 got pushed back till May 20th in the states) Route Of the Month

(Okita Souji - Hakuouki however you prefer to write either of those)

FREE PC/Mac/Linux Game of the Month (yes game)

You can find this game to download here

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You may do review, analysis, fanfic, fanart, fan edits, fanmix, etc.

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Any questions ask away (anon is always on with this blog.) 

Frozen Essence Art Dump thing...

With almost every picture I tried to practice some element I’m weak at. Particularly, not having people floating in empty space, perspective and lighting….and drawing. I also wish I had a style…

Spoilers, ho?

On the game:

First, the elephant in the room. The art isn’t exactly professional, and that kept me from wanting to give it a go when I played it a couple years ago. I’ll openly admit that I normally don’t listen to n game music. I get songs in my head easily so typically I’m playing something else, so I can’t judge the music or the sound (apart from the strange clapping sound). While there are grammar and spelling mistakes, and the writing could be stronger, it’s obvious this game had a lot of heart put into it when you consider it was largely constructed by one person. Each character has personality, though some get more development than others. Every route has some facet of the whole story which encourages more than one playthrough, not to mention each route has a light and dark path.

The following are the descriptions for each route I came up with giving myself only a few seconds to think about it.

Death-Mina’s “alone” route. Reveals next to nothing, most head canon potential in my opinion. Favorite.

Life- Rune. Seems like generic nice guy, constantly has stick up his ass though justified. Has the true end, but still doesn’t reveal everything.

Earth- Caius. Says what he means, tread lightly. Killing is his business and business is good, sort of. The jealous type.

Fire- Varian. Seems like an okay guy, isn’t. Route consists of doing just about nothing. Doesn’t hook up with Mina–justified.

Air- Aurelius shared with Aysel. Bit of a flirt. Doesn’t know when to quit, relies on intuition. Turns a bit badass at the end. Humanizes the antagonists–a bit.

Water- Oracle. Osananajimi, literal BFF and closet yandere, tread lightly.  Tragic back story, bittersweet end, final boss.


The first one I drew was Caius, and I spent way too long trying to figure out how his shirt should go. So I put him in placeholder clothes. I’ve also been playing a LOT of fire emblem.

So naturally, I followed up with this.


(To FE:A fans, yes I know that’s not a sorcerer, I drew in the rest of it when I realized my error but dem legs.)

Have some scratches I put down as reactions while playing this game. May put them up but am I lazy after churning these out…

What's wrong/missing in my otome games?

Hello everyone. As you know, I’m still working on Princess of Ruin. It’s very early in the works. That gives me the freedom to change things if I must.

I’ve already taken feedback from my old works so Princess of Ruin can be as good as possible, within our current team’s power.

I found 80% of that feedback using Google to search reviews and discussions elsewhere. Mixed with the positive thoughts are people who aren’t happy with my early works. A lot of what they say are legit. I will never find that out without search engines.

Some of the things I’ve already done is:
1.)Upgrade my art.
Reason: inconsistent, and even laughable art.
2.)Get editors.
Reason: People mention how English mistakes hurt their head.
3.)Have actual musicians to do music.
Reason: Some of the tracks people mention that annoyed them are mine. It also takes me 3-5 times longer to make a track compared to an actual musician.
4.)Disliking Heartstring Bugs’ length.
Reason: This one is a tad mixed. A lot of people liked it and a lot of people disliked it. There are positive reviews for this too. The critique is that it spans too long, repetitive clicking, feels like the game’s going nowhere, etc.
5.)Write more Appealing Characters.
Reason: People express no interest in many of my characters. I honestly have to do this one better but this is a little tough with little information.
I also remember people saying my guys appear so grim and dark. They don’t want to play a depressing game. This is never a direct reply to me

Because of the fifth reason, I am very unsure if there’s other things people are unhappy about. There are current reviews for Heartstring Bugs that people aren’t happy with. I’m glad they wrote it. I will not understand their frustrations otherwise.

Most feedback are never emailed directly to me. I’ve been hunting down people’s thoughts through Google all this time, so I’ll like it very much if people can email directly with their thoughts.

One of the reason we play otome games is for the guys. It’s why I play them too.

I want Princess of Ruin to be really good, but I might put in some old things that people just aren’t happy about. Please email me all your thoughts before it’s too late. It’s too late when I finish all CGs and finish writing all the routes. I haven’t done that yet. =)

TL;DR I want to make Princess of Ruin as good as possible. I can’t do that without proper feedback from otome game lovers. And a lot of it has to do with what you look for, what works, and what’s wrong with my past works.

Edit: I’ve enabled the anonymous part of Tumblr’s ask me section for those that wish to remain anonymous. The reason I had it disabled is because I can’t answer them privately. Answering them takes up space on my blog but I guess this is what Tumblr’s for. If anyone knows how I can make them show up on a separate page instead of my main page, let me know!

Thanks a lot for your time!

Frozen Essence Review+

Original Description:

In a world balanced by essence, you play as a girl unsealed from her crystal prison. Without a memory and with dark powers feared by many, will she get by? Will she find love? With the guidance and protection from the oracle within her realm, her journey begin. 

This is an otome visual novel, an interactive story with choices that affect the ending. You start off inside your realm with a few bodyguards to protect you. Whatever you decide to do, you may find love, or it’ll end differently. There are four guys you may obtain as well as a hidden character.

Creator: Unbroken Hours + more credits found here.


  • English
  • Medium (10 - 30 hours)
  • Nameable heroine
  • TWELVE+ different endings
  • FOUR love interests + ONE hidden character
  • Contains save system (that double checks when overwriting a save file), CG gallery, and music list

Review (may contain spoilers):
Let me start off by saying that I am somewhat picky when it comes to the artwork of a game. So when I browse through some otome games and saw Frozen Essence, the artwork on the “About” page of the Unbroken Hours website (here) did not really catch my eye. I totally ignored it, but then fuckyeahvisualnovels here on tumblr recommended it to me with a comparison to The Second Reproduction, exact words: “I cannot recommend Frozen Essence enough if you liked The Second Reproduction.” And I believe The Second Reproduction to be, hands down, one of the BEST otome games out there. Thus I was persuaded enough to play it.
The story puts the player into the role of a nameable heroine who has been sealed within a crystal-like prison. One day, the seal breaks due to the oracle who frees the heroine. They escape to a realm created by the heroine’s powers, though the heroine herself has lost her memory and no longer has knowledge of such powers. Because people fear her existence and her release from her prison threatens their lifestyle, the heroine has some bodyguards and is often told to stay within the created realm for her own safety. Being imprisoned for hundreds of years, the heroine has become physically weak and unable to use her powers to their full potential. She needs life essence harvested by her bodyguards in order to survive. Each of her bodyguards have a reason for escaping the outside world and seeking refuge in the heroine’s realm, which is why they willingly go out and harvest life essence. Without her, the realm ceases to exist.
The four love interests include the heroine’s bodyguards Rune and Caius, the Air Hex Guardian Aurelius, and the low-ranking White Order member Varian. There is also a hidden love interest. The first time I played, I ended up on the hidden character route. And let’s just say, wow what a plot twist. Curious to find out what it is? Definitely play to find out. There is A LOT of endings, the most I have ever seen in an otome game yet. There are “true” endings (though it appears only Rune has that kind of ending), “light” endings, “dark” endings, alternative endings, etc. At this point of time, I have gotten the light ending of the hidden character and Rune as well as Rune’s true ending. Somehow Rune’s dark ending eludes me.

WARNING: Frozen Essence is very text heavy. Even if you go back for another game play and skip seen text, it may take you a while until you reach a point with options available. It explains why the game falls under the “Medium” range of game length, meaning it takes between ten to thirty hours to fully complete the game. But it also shows the amount of thought that went into the production of this game.

In all honesty, I find the quality of the story offsets the quality of the artwork. I mentioned earlier that I was picky when it comes to game artwork (and with the quality of the artwork from The Second Reproduction, need I explain my picky behavior?) The artwork is pretty nice though, definitely better than I expected. It is kind of amateur but is the type to grow on you after a while. It is like reminding you that this is the work of a regular person (with potential for game developing), not a gaming company, but at the same time, blows your mind away with the quality of the game as a whole.

Also included with the game is a list of music. The music is used to match each situation, further encouraging the player’s emotions to be in tune with how the game is being played out. The list recalls all the different tunes heard through game play and can be brought up through the “Music” section on the title page.

Anyway, this game is definitely one of the more challenging otome games out there. I am one of those people who are addicted to achieving all endings and filling up the entire CG gallery. What do you call those kind of people? Perfectionist? Completionist? I do not know, but this game seems to challenge these kind of people the most. There are at least twelve possible endings and a HUGE (and I mean HUGE, the creator says there are 75+ CGs) CG gallery. Challenge accepted.

Even though Frozen Essence is highly recommended and I have seen the game being recommended multiple times when people ask what otome games are good, I find the game somewhat dull at some points. Maybe there was too much text, maybe there was too much for my brain to handle…But it is quite obvious that Frozen Essence has a plot and depth to it, unlike the typical school-life otome games out there. Definitely character development too!

My irks with the game are not necessarily the same as other people’s, so I too recommend Frozen Essence. Who knows? You may enjoy the game more than I did.

I rate this game 8.5/10.

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