Here is my Christmas art for the year! I made this back in September, lolol, when you get an idea, you gotta get it down. 

I wanted to incorporate Helsa, Kristanna and Flynzel Eugenzel Rapunzel and Eugene, (I don’t know their ship name ^^;)

I hope you all like! I’m really happy about this! Except Eugenes face that kinda derped…

Arendelle is a strange place
  • Anna : so why don't i have a crown ?
  • Elsa : i'm sorry what
  • Anna : why don't i have a crown ! Punzie has one, and she's a princess too.
  • Elsa : well idk Anna i don't fix traditions
  • *later at dinner*
  • Flynn : why don't you give her your old one ? Now that you've made this ice doublon
  • Elsa : ...well i can't
  • Elsa : i kinda offered it to Marshmallow
  • Flynn : Marsh-my what ? Is he a prince or something ?
  • Anna : *burst in laughs*
  • Elsa : oh uh no it's a snowman
  • Flynn :
  • Anna : alive
  • Flynn :
  • Anna : like huge and alive. Both.
  • Punzie : that's... a funny name. How did you come with it ?
  • Anna : oh that's Olaf who gave him that nickname.
  • Flynn : Olaf ? Let me guess, another talking snowman ?
  • Elsa : how did you guess ?!?
  • Flynn : *spit all the wine that was in his mouth*